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'''TrimSpreadsheet''' is a lightweight open-source JavaScript spreadsheet engine. It let's you work with spreadsheet data right in your web browser. As with all TrimPath components, the '''TrimSpreadsheet''' engine is written as 100% standards-based JavaScript and CSS. Spreadsheets are stored as HTML

markup, so it's easy to understand and embed into your own web pages. Merely assign a class of "spreadsheet" to your
, and the TrimSpreadsheet engine will do the rest. Anyone familiar with CSS can also easily create their own spreadsheet themes.


Want to see TrimSpreadsheet in action? Here's some demos...

Note: these demos run the latest, most featureful development code. Please see the download page if you want a stable prior release.


  • Formulas.
    • Math operators /+-, parenthesis.
    • Any JavaScript expression.
  • Styling And Fonts.
    • CSS styling fully supported.
    • Bold, italic, underline, left/center/right, etc.
  • Recalculation Engine Features.
    • Automated recalculations (by default).
    • API-controllable recalculations, for firing off big recalculations just when you want.
    • Cycle detection, so no infinite loops during recalculation.
    • The recalculation engine is '''cooperative''', so you can optionally programmatically split a large recalculation into multiple phases. If you expect users to have huge spreadsheets, this can help ensure that the engine does not lock up the browser UI.
    • The recalculation engine is a separate sub-component that can be used without the UI component.
  • Simple
    • TrimSpreadsheet follows unobtrusive JavaScript design principles, so a spreadsheet is as simple as an HTML
  • TrimSpreadsheet markup is human readable, highly semantic and search indexer friendly.
  • The TrimSpreadsheet engine is smaller than most Excel spreadsheets.
  • Hypertext Cell Contents.
    • HTML fragments are supported in your spreadsheet cells.
  • Cross-browser.
  • Configurable.
    • Scrollbars, row/column header bars, and formula controls are all controllable thru simple HTML markup.
  • Cool Only In A Browser
    • Only those who've programmed against DHTML/DOM would think this is neat, but regular spreadsheet users will yawn...
      • Header Row & Column Bars that (try) to stay put during scrolling.
      • Resizable Rows & Columns through mouse dragging.

    More information

    { TrimSpreadsheet home -- download | community }