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Issue 17383: Dialer stuck in partial wakelock
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Status:  WrongForum
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Closed:  May 2013

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Reported by, Jun 3, 2011
The issue is triggered by a phone call, on a cold restart the issue does not occur until the trigger happens.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Make or receive phone call.
2. End phone call.

Dialer acts as normal and remains in the background.

Dialer is stuck in partial wakelock, consuming resources and battery power. Battery usage shows Dialer and Android System slowly increasing, with an almost 1:1 ratio to each other.

Restart phone after every phone call. (As you can imagine this isn't realistically feasible)

Device: Multiple. OP can confirm it occurs on HTC Desire HD, running 2.3.3.

Note: This issue has also been reported here:

Given this affects a variety of handsets and ROMs but are all based off Gingerbread, I would surmise this is a GB issue.
Jun 19, 2011
Just an update; using monitoring tools we've discovered that part of the reason the wakelock occurs is to do with the sensor. After a call is made or received, it appears the Dialer will constantly poll the sensor (unsure which sensor) and will not stop. Sensor usage will over time approach 100% for the Dialer.

Several users have reported that if their ROM has the option to enable/disable 'mute incoming call when phone face-down', disabling this option will resolve the issue. However this behaviour appears to be coded in to the dialer and many ROMs, including some stock ROMs, may not give this option and instead have this enabled by default.
Jun 30, 2011
I observed the same issue with FroYo (stock rom) on a Samsung Galaxy S - are you sure the problem is based on GB?
Jul 5, 2011
Could be, but that just makes it worse, doesn't it - it may mean the problem is in the base code of the Android Dialer, functionality that may not have changed in the last several versions of Android, even. 

I'm not sure if it is fixed in 2.3.4 as I haven't been able to test on it yet. I am, however, hoping that with visibility on this issue, some dev out there may be able to look further into this and at least identify where the problem is exactly in the code.
Aug 3, 2011
I can confirm this for the HTC Chacha aka Status. Battery life is reduced to 2 hours total after a call has been made. Only after a reboot and no calls made is the battery life at 7-9 hours.

HTC Chacha is running 2.3.3 and HTC Sense.
Aug 3, 2011
ckiw... Try turning on Bluetooth. In my case, the drain seems to be while the dialer is trying to access a non-present bluetooth radio. Bluetooth draws a little power, but much less than the Dialer app.
Aug 11, 2011
Just got a new HTC ChaCha. Tried a phone call before going to office. Now in the evening 5pm, having less than 5% battery life. On checking About > Battery, Dialer is using 92% Since the call I made in the morning!!! Omg...

And, the worst part, I did not bring my USB cable to charge. It's gonna be a rough day for me!!!
Aug 12, 2011
Guys, any other workaround than restarting the phone? It's kinda annoying... to restart. Any way to kill or restart the dialer using apps?
Aug 12, 2011
having the same problem here with my gf's ChaCha!
Aug 12, 2011
Have you tried enabling Bluetooth? That's what fixed it for me :)
Aug 12, 2011
I have this problem too. I didn't found any workaround (bluetooth is always enabled on my phone)
Aug 12, 2011
I'm having the same problem on my HTC Incredible S after update to Gingerbread. I use Fast Reboot app ( ) to quickly finish all active apps and processes. Seems to fix the issue until the next time the dialer is used.
Aug 12, 2011
I found that "Android OS" was being reported as a power hog and the "Dialer" came close behind. Apparently the dialer was awaiting for the OS to respond to a request. In my case, this turned out to be a Bluetooth request, and both 'Dialer' and 'Android OS' disappeared from the power chart when I enabled the Bluetooth service. Presumably the Dialer was asking about whether a handset was present. Are there any peripherals or services disabled in your phone configuration?
Aug 12, 2011
I am running CyanogenMod 6.1.1 on an HTC Desire and had this problem as well (exactly as decribed, after a call Dialer and Android OS start consuming battery until Dialer and Dialer Storage are force closed). I also observed it on a few other stock HTC and Samsung handsets. The solution for me was the suggestion in "Comment 1 by" of this thread, to disable the 'mute rnig when phone is flipped'. The exact wording on the option in CM6.1.1 is 'Turn over silence' in the 'Call settings' area of the Settings menu. 
This is indeed a bug and i was fortunate enough to be running an OS that had the option of disabling it, so i hope the google devs take a look at the cause.
Interesting that a few people also report that turning on bluetooth also resolves the issue. I did not try this as turning off 'Turn over silence' resolved it for me, and i did not actually ever use that feature anyway.
Aug 12, 2011
I'm having same problem on HTC Wildfire S with 2.3.3 Gingerbread, on battery consumption Dialer shows around 90 percent.

Turning bluetooth on and unticking some options also didn't work. 
Aug 12, 2011
Unfortunately I've the same problem :( will try the BT trick
Aug 12, 2011
I go to Settings > Sound and disable the following:-
- Quiet ring on pickup > uncheck
- Pocket mod > uncheck
- flip for speaker > uncheck
Then restart your phone.

Seems to have resolved for me. HTC ChaCha. Dialer battery usage is 3% after receiving a call. After that, it remains... Seems to have resolve. Others, please verify. Bluetooth is always disabled for me. Even enabled doesn't seems to resolve.
Aug 12, 2011
I have Froyo with Cyanogenmod 6.1. None of those options are in my "Sound" menu :) I think the take-home-message is that when "Android OS" starts being a hog, look at the interaction between sensors and the dialer :)
Aug 13, 2011
"go to Settings > Sound and disable the following:-
- Quiet ring on pickup > uncheck
- Pocket mod > uncheck
- flip for speaker > uncheck
Then restart your phone."

still didn't solve the problem.
Aug 13, 2011
Same issue ego 4g latest sprint ota. 
Aug 13, 2011
I go to Settings > Sound and disable the following:-
- Quiet ring on pickup > uncheck - Pocket mod > uncheck 
- flip for speaker > uncheck Then restart your phone.

Then, I enabled Bluetooth. After getting a call and ending it. Seems to be working!maybe Bluetooth plays an important part as well. Guys, do try the above and verify whether it works.
Aug 13, 2011
1. Turning on Bluetooth, cycling it etc. does not turn solve the issue for me. I thought maybe, as another 'sensor', it might override the Dialer's sensor polling, but it appears not to have an effect.
2. 'Fast Reboot' also does not resolve it - it's the same as killing the Dialer app in a task killer; it doesn't actually solve the issue. Is there an app which resets sensor usage, or would it even be possible to write an app that resets all current sensor usage? Restarting the phone is quite tedious.
3. The issue here is that 'Dialer' shouldn't even be 1%, as it's just the bit that you input a phone number to. The actual battery statistic when being on a call is simply 'Voice Calls'.
4. I can confirm this occurs on the Samsung Galaxy S 2 as well, but the fix is to disable the options in the 'Motion' (or similar) menu in Settings.
Aug 14, 2011
Exact issue as described above on HTC Desire S running stock Android 2.3.3.  I have disabled:
"Quiet ring on pickup"
"Pocket Mode"
"Flip for Speaker"

and enabled Bluetooth.

The first time I turned on Bluetooth it *did* appear to resolve the issue; dialer battery used stopped increasing.  I disabled Bluetooth and things were fine.

After making another call however dialer usage continued to increase and enabling or disabling Bluetooth appeared to have no effect (it's polling for some other sensor?).

This defect is a real P.I.T.A. - I don't want to use my phone as a phone because I have to restart it every time.  If I forget then it's usually 30-40% battery gone by the end of the day.
Aug 14, 2011
No matter how many zillion times I turn off and on, or restart the entire phone, the dialer app will always run immediately when the phone is on :k :k :k
any tips guys?

Aug 14, 2011
kibdachi, it doesn't matter that it still says dialer in battery usage, soon as you restart your phone dialer stops eating your battery, what you are seeing after you have restarted is what dialer has already used.

Aug 14, 2011
Oh i see. Thanks alot :)
so during which circumstance will it disappear from the list (it happens once in a while, but can't figure out how ;s)
Aug 15, 2011
dialer won't go from battery info until the phones fully charged again, then the only time you'll see dialer is if you make or receive a phone call. 

Aug 15, 2011
Tried the bluetooth enabled and smart sensor notifications disabled as well. Seems to fix the first phone call. But after a second call, dialer keeps consuming battery life. This is bad... The only fix is to restart your phone after a call or charge the phone to maximum life. Bring your charger with you and keep it charged!!! That's the only way the phone can last a day. Guys, spread this issue in various forum and vote for fix!!! It's a irritating bug!!!
Aug 15, 2011
Having this issue on my HTC inspire 4g.
Aug 16, 2011
My dialer is using 99% on HTC ChaCha. Very very bad battery life even in standby mode!
Aug 16, 2011
my dialer is stuck at 95%
I'm using a brand new wildfire s with android 2.3.3
Aug 16, 2011
Having same issue on HTC ChaCha, 2.3.3 (1.18.401.1). Couldn't fix it anyhow.
Aug 16, 2011
Same problem for me on Wildfire S, Android 2.3.3. Only restarting the phone helps.
Aug 16, 2011
Using HTC Inspire with GB upgrade, this SUCKS! 
Aug 16, 2011
how can we make HTC fix this problem? is it a problem about android 2.3.3 or device? will we wait until official release of 2.3.4 for our devices? will this problem continue on later versions of android?

i need answers.
Aug 17, 2011
I have the same problem with my HTC Inspire on AT&T. Never had this problem with Froyo. As soon as the GB update came thru the Dialer gradually starting using up resources and my battery life is horrible unless I restart the phone after every phone call. this is beyond inconvenient. PLEASE FIX THIS. GB was supposed to make battery life better. It has only made it worse. Someone help!!
Aug 17, 2011
#39 blahblah676
Happening on HTC Desire Z after 2.3.3 update. From the comments above it seems to be all HTC phones, so it may be a bug in HTC's code.
Aug 17, 2011
Not just a GB issue.  I have this issue on my Casio Commando running 2.2.1. Right now, I'm looking at System 48%, Dialer 44% and everything else (Cell Standby, Bluetooth, Phone idle) at 3%. I'm going to get less than 12 hours out of this full charge. Typical is around 12-14. (Had the phone only a few months.)  
Aug 17, 2011
I have the same problem with brand new Wildfire s running 2.3.3.
Right now the dialer is at 98%, and rebooting the phone, turning it off and turning it on again, even with a hard reset dialer is still running at 98%...
Only time it turns off is when my battery is fully drained and then recharged again, and ofcourse it starts again when I receive or make a phonecall...
Aug 17, 2011
once you restart your phone the dialer stops draining your battery, all you are seeing is how much the dialer has already used so it won't just disapear will it.
Aug 17, 2011
This has been plaguing me as well. I am running a rooted LeeDroid ROM on my HTC Desire, and his Froyo ROMs never had this issue, but as soon as I load up a GB ROM, my Dialer goes crazy!
Aug 18, 2011
#44 blahblah676
Is this actually a problem? Even though my dailer is at the top of the list on my battery usage, I still got almost 6 days from my Desire Z after the last charge, which is better than before upgrading to GB (previously I got 3-4 days normally).

Note that the battery usage is NOT % cpu. If you click on the item (e.g. dialer) it will show you the total cpu used. Although my battery meter is showing Dialer at 40%, it has only actually used 11s of CPU in 23h (that is 0.013% of CPU!)

My guess is that the dialer has always used a lot of battery power when making/receiving a call, but we are only seeing that now because GB calculates battery usage more accurately. (Or perhaps there is a bug in the battery calculations). Either way, it doesn't seem to be affecting my actual battery life. Note however that I only make/receive about 5 mins of calls a day on average, so it may be different if you are using the dialer a lot.
Aug 18, 2011
Yes, this is really a problem.  Many of us with the issue are lucky to get 5
to 6 hours before the phone dies.  It will even die in this amount of time
sitting on the nightstand not being used.
Aug 18, 2011
Same problem here with a HTC Chacha (Status)
Aug 18, 2011
Is there any way we can have more visibility on this issue? Has anyone attempted to contact, say, HTC about it?

Also, please link to this bug in other forums, if you can, in order to increase awareness of the issue and hopefully bring it to the attention of people who can help resolve it.

Regarding the Dialer's usage in the battery viewer, you may note that the Dialer only looks like it's used, say, 11 seconds or up to 1 minute, and it's still one of the highest-consuming functions. This is because the battery stats only count the app while it's active. Since the issue is the Dialer is staying in a partial wakelock, it won't contribute to the battery stats.

Download Battery History for GB, and sort by "Sensor Usage" - you'll see the actual time the Dialer's been on for, mine currently says 7 hours (because that's all the phone will last for without a recharge, thanks to this bug).
Aug 18, 2011
.and I got 97% just by not picking up a missed call while testing with HTC chacha. And after that, took out for a spin with causal sms and it died at mid day from full charge in the morning. That's the first impression I got from first factory usage. New from the package.
Aug 18, 2011
#49 blahblah676
Although I haven't contacted them about this bug, HTC are generally very responsive when you report bugs through their website. I reported another bug and got a response by a human being within a day or two (which is unheard of for large companies, in my experience!) If you contact them, mention the url of this bug report.
Aug 22, 2011
Got HTC Cha Cha yesterday. One 5 minute phone call and I see Dialer jumping to 95% after that. 50% battery was consumed with an hour of calling.
Aug 22, 2011
AT&T HTC Inspire 4G, updated to 2.3.3 yesterday.

I barely use my Android.  Unfortunately in my locaiton the call quality sucks and I spend most of my time on a backup phone.  It's a glorified alarm clock, and I usually only pay attention to it in the morning, then plug charge it during the day before taking it to bed (I know).  I used it for one call yesterday after updating to GB (then it charged to 100% in the evening).  This morning its battery was at about 60% when I woke up.  Those indicating that this is only a stats or usage monitoring issue are wrong.  It took most of the day to bring the charge back up to 100%.  I've disabled the 3 sensor features and enabled BT, then made a call to test, and dialer usage is at 24% now (it was showing 47% this morning so maybe some improvement?).

Hoping somebody's paying attention.
Aug 22, 2011
I can confirm this issue is a problem on my HTC EVO Shift 4G (Sprint, not rooted).

Android: 2.3.3
HTC Sense: 2.1
Software: 2.76.651.5

I posted the issue on Sprint forums at
Aug 23, 2011
I can confirm this issue on HTC Wildfire S (Android 2.3.3, HTC Sense 2.1)
Aug 23, 2011
I can confirm this issue on HTC Wildfire S (Android 2.3.3, HTC Sense 2.1)
The battery life is pathetic because of it barely 8 hours.
Please help
Aug 23, 2011
I can confirm this issue on HTC Wildfire S (Android 2.3.3, HTC Sense 2.1)

JuiceDefender app is helping a bit, but it is really pathetic. Is it possible to install former versions of Android? 

I disagree with the priority of this problem being labled as Medium. This problem makes device unuseable. Battery went from 85% to 35% in aprox 3 hours.
Aug 23, 2011
So how many 'XXX people starred this issue' do we need before it can get 'their' attention :s
Aug 23, 2011
No one is listening. HTC said its nothing big....
Aug 23, 2011
I talked to some htc stuff and they told me that they know about the problem and are aware of it and  they are working on it , and its gonna change with new FOTA. so , all we can do is wait and charge batteries on daily basis :)
Aug 23, 2011
<Thank you for contacting HTC regarding your HTC Wildfire S.
<We understand that there are currently issues with the battery life.
<We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. 
<To help determine what issue is causing this, we have a specific test to try. Please 
<charge the phone until the green LED light is showing. Once charged, take a note of 
<how long the battery life last for under the following conditions:
<With Wi-Fi turned off
<With Bluetooth turned off
<With GPS turned off
<Not running any non-vital applications
<With minimal usage
<Once the battery is completely drained, please log down the amount of time it lasts 
<for before battery life reaches 0% and let us know the results.
<Please note that this is not a permanent fix, we are just testing the amount of time 
<the battery lasts for under these conditions.

This is response I got from HTC, I urge you to write them too. Contacts are on their page, it came 10 minutes after I wrote them, I guess it is automated response.

I am off to test it and report back with response from HTC.
Aug 23, 2011
I can confirm this issue on HTC Wildfire S (Android 2.3.3, HTC Sense 2.1)
Very annoying, have adjusted the settings to be as conservative with battery as possible. Hope this gets fixed soon.
Aug 23, 2011
Please bump up the priority of this bug. I have been able to manage only one day of working with this phone with Juice Defender, Task Killer, disabling sensors and reboot after each call (with 1.5 hours of total calling).

Any app that feasts on battery should be fixed on highest priority for a mobile device.
Please bump up the priority. Please.
Aug 23, 2011
1. The auto-response from HTC I'm fairly certain doesn't get looked at by anyone, so I'm not sure if they are aware of the specific /Dialer/ problem and will probably keep insisting we check our Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G etc. isn't causing the issue. Also, it's been confirmed it isn't just an HTC issue, which would suggest it's part of the Android base code.

2. I'm not sure how to increase the priority of the issue. I'm equally not sure how to escalate it or in any other way get someone to actually *look* at it - the issue is still classed as 'New' - i.e. not assigned to anyone. I'm hoping with more comments and more 'X people have starred this issue' it will be noticed. Nor am I a developer else I would be looking at the Android code myself (at least the open source parts).
Aug 23, 2011
Response from HTC:

Dear xxx,

You were having issues with the dialer application using a large percentage of battery on your HTC Inspire 4G after the recent upgrade. I know this situation can be aggravating when you have a particular application to consume battery life on your Android device. According to Google, this issue might be affiliated with the Dialer application getting stuck possibly coming out of hibernation mode. Unfortunately, I do not have any information about an update for this particular issue. I would suggest that you consider clearing the data in the Dialer application on the Manage Applications screen.

1. Press Home > Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications 
2. Clear data from the Dialer application in "Manage applications" 

When the screen opens up, you will come to the Application Information screen. You will find several selections on this screen but you are looking for clear data. If the button is green, you should tap on the button and there should be a confirmation window afterwards. You tap on OK to confirm and this step should clear the data in the Dialer application only. After your screen comes back up, you need to soft reset your device.

If there is no resolution after completing these steps, I would suggest you consider completing a factory reset on your device. The reset should allow the new software to re-load onto your device properly. You should be aware that this process would delete all of your personal information from the device memory. You need to consider backing up your information. If you have Google Contacts and Calendar, you need to confirm that your information is synchronizing with the Google server.

If you happen to use Outlook on your computer, you can use the sync software so you should download the software from the HTC regional website ( You should install the appropriate version of the sync software depending on your Android device.

Performing a factory reset using phone buttons
If you cannot turn on your phone or access the phone settings, you can still perform a factory reset by using the buttons on the phone.

1. With the phone turned off, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then briefly press the POWER button.
2. Wait for the screen with the three Android images to appear, and then release the VOLUME DOWN button.
3. Press VOLUME DOWN to select FACTORY RESET, and then press the POWER button. 

If you feel you need more information about this issue, you are welcome to send us another email for further troubleshooting or you can contact the HTC Technical Support team at 1-866-449-8358 daily from 6:00AM until 1:00AM Eastern.

To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number 11USCW35ENA000796.




Aug 23, 2011
#65; given multiple people have experienced the issue after a factory reset (I know I have), it might be worth replying and letting them know it does not solve the issue, nor does clearing the Dialer local data. Perhaps they will re-advise, although it's good to hear "According to Google, this issue might be affiliated with the Dialer application getting stuck possibly coming out of hibernation mode" - which implies they are at least aware of the issue.
Aug 23, 2011
HTC follow-up response after doing as suggested:

Dear xxx,

I appreciate you bringing this information to our attention about the Dialer application on your Android device. You might check and make sure that your device is not sticking in Fastboot (Press and hold the Volume Down button then press the Power Button briefly). This is the white screen where you find the three Android guys skateboarding at the bottom. You should find Fastboot in the list. I would make sure that this selection is not highlighted. I thank you for your input concerning this issue.

<snip form response>




Aug 23, 2011
I am currently 8 hours in on my test with gps/wifi/bluetooth turned OFF with 70% of battery left. Dialer 97%, Cell Standby 2%, Phone Idle 2%.

Anyone, anyone experiencing these very same problems, email support at so they can get enought "calls" to make it better.

If there is anyone, who is member of some sort of android forum, or htc forum, tell your fellow users to report this bug. 

Only quiet thy, silenced shall be.
Aug 24, 2011
I can confirm this issue on HTC Wildfire S (Android 2.3.3, HTC Sense 2.1) Android usage: 49% Dialler 47% in sound, quiet ring, pocket, and flip all disabled. BT is disabled too awaiting a full battery recharge to reset bat stats. Will try a day with BT on too in 24 hours if the battery lasts that long.

Girlfriend has same issue same phone, Wildfire S and no fix there either. 1 Call = Dialler running and juice leaking.
Aug 24, 2011
same thing. i have htc wildfire s, android 2.3.3 software number 1.33.401.2, htc scence 2.1. yesterday i bought new phone, charged it to 100% in the morning, in the evening the battery was dead. 96% Dialer, 2% for WiFi and 2% for other stuff. 
Aug 24, 2011
everyone on this forum who are affected by this problem should after responding on here then send an email to HTC Stating whats happening, if enough people send in the error they might get it fixed this month instead of next year.
Aug 24, 2011
feel free to fill in this if you own a HTC phone.
Aug 24, 2011
ok here is my response from HTC the fucking patronising twats.

Thank you for contacting HTC
regarding your issue,

I have attached a battery saving tip guide, as a word.doc file type.

to download this file please click on the contact us link, sign in - open email - click on the file attachment - open/save.

I hope this guide helps you improve you battery life.

if you have any issues after this please don't hesitate to contact us.

Aug 24, 2011

That's what I got too. Even thought I stated that I was already doing everything they advised in the "battery saving tip guide". 
Aug 24, 2011

There may be a problem with the way you voice your disappointment in writting, judging by the way you have no problem calling someone twat, who is just trying to help you.

You have to understand, person in support gets the mail from you and based on that, solely on what you described, they are trying to help you. They don't know how experienced user you are. Try getting into details, read it couple of times before sending and they may realize, there is someone with real problem, not just unexperienced user who has no idea that he should turn his wifi, gps, etc off.

My point:

"Hi, I am done testing and sadly, the results are not bright. 

- Device fully charged, LED was green. 
- With Wi-Fi turned off 
- With Bluetooth turned off 
- With GPS turned off 
- Couple of phonecalls, 5 at most 
- Less then 5 recieved SMS 
- Approximately 20 minutes reading reddit and news (~10MB of Data sent&recieved) 
- 3G Watchdog application running 

Observation: - Device was @100% at 17:33CET on the 23rd of August - Device turned itself off at 17:13CET on the 24th of August - 23 hours, 40 minutes of usage on very, very low power 

Citation from "Standby time3: Up to 360 hours" - 6.556% of anticipated up-time is dissappointing. Thanks for taking care of me and let's get this fixed, somehow."
Aug 24, 2011
In response to reply 74

If I had said, hi I have a wildfire s and my battery runs out really fast, can you help me, then the response I got would of been brilliant, as I supplied info regarding the problem we are experiencing the response I got was a complete fob off.

Please be the hero and get HTC to fix the issue with your super charm.
Aug 25, 2011
Technical support today sent me a mail admitting the Dialler issue is indeed a bug and they have notified the relevant department about it.. They asked me to close my ticket, I refused explaining that I'm not satisfied yet, we would at least like a time when it will be fixed.. My ticket is being escalated, so I presume they are sitting up and taking notice at least.

If you have not sent them a mail now may be a good time. Just keep it short n sweet and tell them what your battery stats are, they reply quite quickly.
Aug 25, 2011
Reply to

 That's good news, hopefully a fix is just round the corner. 
Aug 25, 2011
Omg, i'm so tired of trying ...! What to do.... Lets say restarting the device solves the dialer bug, preventing  to increase its battery % drainage, Dialer remaining on "only" 45%, but i need to reboot every time i make a call.
But even if i reboot , my battery still lasts very short , from 100%, 1 day max, sorry from 11am till 11pm, so its basically half day, sometimes its 16hours if i'm lucky! with display powerd only 4hrs , less then 2h wifi , 30min 3G/Edge (always ff otherwise),  30min games, 10 mins call, 30msgs , 10 emails, no background sync enabled, and no demanding apps, no task killer, battery monitor, no live wallpaper, etc....only juice defender ultimate, so basically only  default ones are installed?! Its ok when its on stand by ... i get almost flat battery graph usage for hours , bu the moment i take chacha into hands , it starts dropping ... like i'm doing i dont know what! AND THATS WHAT ANNOYS   ME  the MOST, i cant use my phone a bit.... its like i'm having the old nokia 3210... only calls and sms , and snake! is it not ?
So  with no dialer problem... because i was rebooting,and it stops increasing when i reboot... I STILL HAVE THE DAMN PROBLEM :(( :sad:
My HTC Chacha's performances are pour, which is sad because i really like this phone! :( 
Does anybody think so , or have the same problem except the dialer, maybe its GB, or because of fast raise in cell's temperature, which drains battery more.. 
I mean , i checked the battery, it seems that everything is fine... 4200mV + display test proved it. Dont know what i'm doin tired of this... gonna sell the phone... 
I even use HTC's 2GB SD card i got with the phone, because i red that  some SD cards could be the problem sometimes...  
Sorry but duration of HTC's battery for 2 or even 3 days with moderate use, are incredible and unreal for me with or without Dialer problem! 

Aug 25, 2011
i have wildfire s. my battery lasts 2 days long but dialer %96...

here is my screenshot

Aug 25, 2011
So, since HTC confirmed the bug, it's mostly likely a gingerbread bug, right? Do verify with them. I disabled mobile internet as well. Seems to have better battery life. Seems like dialer will also try to maintain internet connection. Please verify by going to widgets - settings - mobile network.disable when idle.  And try receiving a phone.
Aug 26, 2011
Omg hansheng.ler, it lasts 2 day , i wish mine htc chacha would last more then 12hours in active and 8hrs in airplane mode , personal best 23hours , with medium usage , mobile data off. u can read it up, how much i use mine,... 
Aug 26, 2011
I have the same dialer issue with HTC Desire HD. I have tried all the tricks that have been mentioned above but nothing helps. I also disabled the fast boot option that is under the power setting. I really hope that someone at HTC or Google starts fixing this very soon. 

Aug 28, 2011
I have this problem too. 97%.
Aug 28, 2011
I do not have an HTC or an Android 2.3.3 but planning to buy the HTC Chacha and this is concerning!

On my current Xperia with Android 2.1, I have "Dialer One" as my default dialing app. Did anyone try replacing the stock dialing app and using some other app, to see if the issue still persists?
Aug 28, 2011
"On my current Xperia with Android 2.1, I have "Dialer One" as my default dialing app. Did anyone try replacing the stock dialing app and using some other app, to see if the issue still persists?"

Using Dialer One didn't solve the problem for me.
On my HTC Wildfire S Dialer One it runs standerd dialer when making a call.

I think We have to wait for a update
Aug 30, 2011
Same thing happens on my HTC Chacha.
Aug 30, 2011
I confirm this problem with my htc chacha
Aug 30, 2011
i think chacha has the worst duration of battery's like just being in sense not doing anything will eat up all your juices?!for me... 12 working hours with moderate usage...cant leave house if i'm belove 40%... 

-Or should we try battery calibration on our chacha ? maybe that would work... 
Aug 30, 2011
i have this problem on my wildfire s, dialer is stuck at 97%
Aug 31, 2011
Good to see that more people are having this problem. I have a Wildfire S with android 2.3.3 and HTC sense 2.1.

Currently the *only* way I see to close the dialer application is by charging the phone. Restarting (though with fast boot on) did not work. After charging, I now have 3 processes consuming battery power:

Cell standby: 46%
Display: 37%
Phone idle: 17%

Which seems the way it should be. With dialer active, it quickly turns into dialer using about 90% of the battery (also quickly draining it) and the other 10% going to the other processes.

This really needs to be fixed asap. Battery life is already a fragile matter on these smartphones and juice leakage like this is unacceptable.
Aug 31, 2011
I have a Wildfire S with Android 2.3.3 and HTC sense 2.1. I have the problem mentioned in this thread. The only way to overcome this bug is to disable fast boot and restart the phone every time you receive or make a call. 
Please, fix this issue ASAP. 
Sep 1, 2011
I have been having this same exact issue. I have tried 5 different Gingerbread ROMs on my HTC Evo 4G and all of them have this same exact issue. It's not just a reporting issue. If I don't reboot after a phone call, and leave the phone unplugged overnight, it will be under 30% by morning. However, if there is no call and I leave it unplugged, the charge is still in the low 90s to high 80s in the morning.

I switched back and forth between a Froyo ROM for testing purpose and have now fully switched back to Froyo. With moderate to heavy use, I can still expect 20 - 36 hours of usage out of the phone with a Froyo ROM. With any GB Rom (whether it's the stock RM, a variation of sense, MIUI, AOSP, etc) I can only get MAYBE 10 hours of use if I'm very lucky. 

This has been going of for far too long and seriously needs to be addressed. This is a deal breaker for many considering how important battery life is. I can't imagine what it must be like for those that have a stock unrooted 2.3 Evo and have no choice other than to suck it up.
Sep 1, 2011
"I can't imagine what it must be like for those that have a stock unrooted 2.3 Evo and have no choice other than to suck it up."

Having a stock unrooted 2.3 Evo Shift 4G, I can confirm it's a serious PITA.
Sep 1, 2011
fiiiiiiiixx this!!!
Sep 1, 2011
If you're following and haven't starred this defect, please do.  Maybe 100 stars will push this over medium priority... Thx.
Sep 1, 2011
Blows my mind that there is no fix yet.
Sep 1, 2011
Yeah this sucks, have the same problem with my Wildfire S, with 2.3.3.
Sep 2, 2011
Nexus one.  After receiving a callwith a full charge, my battery will be dead in 5 to 8 hours.  IfI do not receive a call it will last over 24 hours.  Force closing the two dialer apps seems to help, but is not acceptable.
Sep 2, 2011
I use HTC ChaCha. Same happens with me.
Sep 2, 2011
I hate that mine HTC Chacha is hardly lasting one working day... 12hours. as soon as i get home from work i have to connect it to the some charger or its dead ! So sad... i thought it'll last a day at least or even 2 ... cuz it has such a small display and hard keyboard... but avast... :(
sth need to be done... new FOTA for sure! sense+GB are eating too much juice
Sep 3, 2011
Also problem here. I have tried everything. Rebooting. Hard reset, Slow booting. Also my Gf has the same problem. So it seems that every one has this problem but only some report. others are like "oh, it's a smartphone.  It should do that"
Sep 3, 2011
Got HTC Cha Cha 2 days back and facing same problem with battery ... lasts not more than 6-7 hours, with low usage (I'm not a very phone person) ... dialer consuming some 95% of power, even after just 2 phone calls in the entire day!

Sep 3, 2011
i got same issue on my htc wildfire s. dialer stucks at %97 usage and not gone even i restarted the phone.

i think, it's a huge, critical bug. wonder, why they've not fixed yet.

also i've already installed latest htc software update.
Sep 5, 2011
I am holding off on ordering a HTC Chacha thanks to the guy who posted this bug ID on Flipkart website.
Sep 5, 2011
HTC wildfire S has the same problem. Dialer uses a lot of energy even when ı am not using it.  
Sep 5, 2011
iv got the same problem on 2 different wildfire S's, one is my moms and the others my gf's. I really hope a fix comes soon, i feel bad because i told them both to get the phone and to join the android community, i should of told them to get a good old nokia 3310, u could make phone calls on that all week on 1 charge! 

Sep 5, 2011
HTC ChaCha has the issue of showing 90%+ 'dialer' battery usage, but IT STILL STAYS ALIVE FOR ABOUT 30hrs WITH EVERYTHING ON.
Sep 6, 2011
Same issue with my mobile HTC wildfire s
Sep 6, 2011
Since this has been going on for awhile now with no real acknowledgement or assistance from Google or the manufacturers, does anyone have a working phone apk that may circumvent this issue for now? Or perhaps know of a way to disable the proximity sensor, which seems to be the cause for all of this?  
Sep 7, 2011
Same issue on HTC Chacha. I've had to ask people to text me rather than phone me as I'm often working away from plug sockets. This is quite a ridiculous bug, the one thing I want to be able to do without worry on my phone is phone people.

Until the first call the phone is brilliant and battery life quite commendable for a smartphone, but the moment a call has finished and dialer continues to run - I can watch it drain the battery before my very eyes. It will get to 97/98% in a matter of hours and usually have completely drained the battery by this point.

Bluetooth on doesn't work for me. Disabling the sensors doesn't work. The only thing that works is restarting the phone which is an obvious hit on the battery in itself, not to mention ridiculous to have to do so!

I wonder how widespread this is and are we the minority that have looked at what is draining the battery? Before I bought this phone, the one warning I received from friends was how the battery life on all their Android phones was terrible.

I really hope this will be sorted soon, I love the phone and the OS but I'm going to end up having to return it if there's not a solution on the horizon soon :(
Sep 8, 2011
Why HTC people do not listen to our problems? The Battery issue in HTC ChaCha is a real big one and pledge never to buy HTC phone again in my life.
Sep 8, 2011
I have just got off the phone to HTC and have raised a ticket with them, very helpful woman. I got her to Google "htc dialer battery" and look at everything and she took it very seriously.

She spoke to the tech team and they are presently working on a fix, currently they recommend disabling the syncing of your Google contacts (Settings > Accounts & Sync > Google > Sync Contacts > Off). I can't say if that will fix it, but it's not much of a hardship for me - I only turned that on so I could do my initial Nokia>Android transfer.

She's going to phone me back when she has more information and I'll keep that posted here.
Sep 8, 2011
Follow up to that - makes no difference at all.
Sep 8, 2011
Can I recommend that more people phone HTC to get them to pull their finger out?

In the UK it's only an 0845 number (not premium) and I imagine that's the same for elsewhere. 

A friend with a Motorola Atrix is reporting the same thing, so it may not just be HTC but if any big manufacturer tries to resolve it - it'll be good.
Sep 9, 2011
Solution that finally worked for me: turn on USB Debugging. This was after advice from a friend who said this solved his android battery issues a while ago (different issue). Since then I've not had a problem.
Sep 10, 2011
I am an HTC Wildfire S user for more than 2 weeks. I confirm that there is a serious issue with battery usage. Dialer consumes more than 95% of the battery as per statistics. Its horrible to hook the phone to power socket every 12 hours. I could not view it softly if someone says that smartphones are computers. For any user who opts a smartphone is primarily to treate it as a phone, carrying with him all the day. So it should have a decent battery life. Let developers come out and tell us which is wrong, Software or Hardware? So that we could let other potential buyers know.
Sep 11, 2011
I confirm this issue happens on Android 2.2 and hence its not just a GB issue. Cmon Google folks - fix this! This is a HIGH priority bug - definitely not medium priority.

Anyone else tried the "turn on USB debugging" tip? Did it work?
Sep 11, 2011
I also have an HTC Wildfire S with the current Android 2.3.3. Like it has been mentioned, Dialer will immediately pop up in the Battery Use once a call has been made and will rise up the list till it says it is using around about 96% of the battery. I don't know yet if it is actually "using" the battery. I got about a day of heavy use out of the phone with the Dialer at 96% which I have read is fairly standard. I also left the phone on standby through the night with the Dialer problem and one night without and the battery life seemed to be the same. both times with 3g/wifi/bt off

However I haven't really done a thorough test yet as many people above have mentioned terrible battery life with Dialer at 90+%.

Either way there is an obvious problem with the Dialer and it is confusing the system into thinking or using all the battery and therefore is a pretty serious bug imo.

And a final point. Sometimes restarting gets rid of Dialer, sometimes it does not. The only way for me that seems to work is by charging the phone back up to 100%

Hope this can be resolved for everyone soon
Sep 11, 2011
I think the 'usb debugging fix' works, i turned it on last nite and put it on charge till this morning, i pranked the phone at 10:02 and again just now, and the dailer isn't even using 1% now. im going to try a proper connecting call now and il report back in 10

Sep 11, 2011
yep its worked, dialer is now at 6% (about normal) so all i did was:
Sep 11, 2011
Come on, this is a load of bull doo
Sep 12, 2011
Even usb debugging doesnt help me. battery doesnt last even half a day on my htc chacha. tried every possible option
Sep 12, 2011
Ok the option that *seems* to work for me is remembering to hit "Fast Reboot" after every call or use of dialer. (Look up marketplace for the app - its quite fast.. takes  < 1sec to restart all apps!)

With my very less usage, I'm on my 2nd day at 76% battery!
Sep 13, 2011
Incredible 2 with 2.3.3 is also affected.    I've had USB debugging on, My wife has it off.  We're both affected. 
Sep 15, 2011
I have the exact same issue with my Wildfire S using the latest possible software (which is 2.3.3 with HTC Sense 2.1). Dialer seems to stuck at 94%.
Sep 16, 2011
Dialer at 96%. Battery doesn't last more than a few hours. 
Facts about my phone:
No SD card
No market apps

Have turned off flip for speaker, and other features that require dialer to poll sensors.

Fingers crossed
Sep 16, 2011
Oh, I'm a chacha user
Sep 17, 2011
same here w/ mytouch 4g running GB 2.3.4 have to restart phone after every wife's mytouch 4g is still running 2.2 with no problems.only restarting the phone seems to help.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Sep 17, 2011
having the same issue with my htc chacha just bought the phone yesterday in battery drained out in 8 hrs wid only Edge usage and dialer service is on 97% and restarted the phone but the dialer service is still the same please help i switched to this from desire HD b/c of battery timing and i m too upset if this problem still remains.....:(
Sep 18, 2011
Likewise; brand new Wildfire S. Dialer always on 85% regardless of restart.
Sep 18, 2011
Bought my Htc chacha 2 days ago, I got 6 1/2 hours battery today which is pretty bad concidering I,ve spent over £200 on this phone. I have followed all the tips and tricks above and will let you know how it goes, so far the booting on and off is looking good.
Sep 18, 2011
Got my htc cha cha yesterday. Has had to charge it 5 times just to go through the day. The dialer is eating up 95% of the battery. Have turned off all sensors including haptic feedback. Lets see if I get something better. And for the love of god, is anyone doing anything about this from google or htc?
Sep 19, 2011
Reset my phone after phone all and fully charged it. Been going 4 hours and still on 100% battery. X

Sep 19, 2011
Have wildfire s, brand new, tried all of the above, nothing works but fast reboot. It looks like that's the only solution for the moment. Reported this problem to HTC today, will see what they say.
Sep 19, 2011
HTC Desire - same problems - just started happening in last two days - let's go to the press...
Sep 19, 2011
Just sent tweeted @BGR - suggest we take to Twitter to get this resolved by HTC/Google
Sep 20, 2011
#142 mail.anilgiri
HTC Wildfire S Android 2.3.3 HTC Sense 2.1. The battery doesn't last even 10 hours with sparing use of WiFi etc. The Dialer App and Android System both using 49% of battery. Only made a single call in the day. :(
Sep 20, 2011
HTC ChaCha Android 2.3.3. Received 3 calls today about 2 hours apart for each.  1st call no issue (dialer stayed about 2%, 2nd call dialer quickly increasing up to 78% so I turned off phone and rebooted (fast boot is off), 3rd call dialer has started to drop - currently on 73%.  The rate of battery drain from the second call was about 16% in under 2 hours.

All sensor setting as suggested are off.

This appears to be an intermittent problem on my phone but has to be one of the most annoying I have ever experienced.  It's like having your car petrol tank drained whilst parked at work and not having enough petrol to get home at night.

Google or HTC if you do ever read this thread please find a fix ASAP.
Sep 20, 2011
I have a HTC Wildfire S Android 2.3.3 too, dialer is always the top consumer. with about %49.

I can't understand that the bug exists still after THREE MONTHS. It must be simple to fix, yet it is most annoying type. 

Google wouldn't ignore this much normally. May be we bought them market share faster than they thought...
Sep 20, 2011
experiencing this issue with the HTC Desire with LeeDroid 3.3.3gb-r5, android version 2.3.3, htc sense version 2.1
Sep 20, 2011
Today I managed to fix my wildfire s following the advice from HTC. They emailed me today saying I should reset the phone to factory settings. Had to do it 2 times. First reset nothing happened, dialer was still at 98%. After that I got upset but decided to give it another go, I lost everything anyway. Second hard reset before 1st phone call, I disabled all fancy stuff related to sensors. Will post again if it comes back. For now after several phone calls, dialer stays at arr 5%!!! Battery life great so far.
Sep 21, 2011
My stock Wildfire S keeps getting the same problem, but seems it's not HTC specific, some sort of update/patch/fix should emerge from google in this case!
Sep 21, 2011
HTC Wildfire S, Android 2.3.3, Sense 2.1 straight out the box this week. Battery lasts less than 1 day, screen dimmed, everything sync'd off. Dialer sits at 97% and eats battery. Please fix!
Sep 21, 2011
my wildfire s has the same problem. dialer is using
Sep 21, 2011
I am having the same problem with my HTC Droid Incredible 2. It's very annoying
Sep 21, 2011
Same on the ChaCha, let's get Google's or HTC's attention.
I've posted on Reddit
Sep 21, 2011
I have experienced this issue with my Droid Incredible after the Gingerbread update.  Just once have I experienced a nearly completely drained battery - in Settings, I found that it was the fault of Dialer.  Otherwise, the update performs better & faster overall.  Hopefully this gets a fix.
Sep 23, 2011
Same problem on my TBolt.  Thanks for looking into this.
Sep 23, 2011
Same here. HTC wildfire S. had it for 3 days averaging 6.3 hours between charges. My service provider replaced it for me. The new one I've now had for 1 day. Fully charged using apps and whats app to send messages 13 hours with only 1/4 of battery used. Dialer not showing at all in battery usage, interestingly Android not in there either. I then made a phone call and dialer went to 5% I continued using it for other things and dialer dropped to 3%. So far so good. I then got someone to call me. Dialer went to 15%, Android appeared with about the same %. Again I continued using for other things then checked batt, expecting dialer to have dropped. No it had gone to 29%. Force stopped, rebooted. Usage started dropping. I then made a phone call and off it went again. Currently sitting at 55% and rising. It's used the rest of my battery power in 4 hours. I called HTC they said they had no knowledge of a problem but that my phone was faulty, I should send it to them to repair!Fortunately my service provider (3)are being helpful so I think I'll just have to pay the extra and get an Iphone.A shame really because apart from the battery drain which makes the phone not fit for purpose, I love it! Good luck all of you without the option to replace. Although those people with new phones should replace them as they are entitled.

Sep 23, 2011
Another HTC Wildfire S (a510b). I've had a pretty poor battery life experience, too, but I'm not sure only the Dialler is to blame. I've disabled the pickup/flip/pocket options, and that did improve the lifetime, so those functions are a factor. On my phone, dialler consistently shows 90+% historical usage (once activated by call in/out). However, no other 'external' app. ever shows up on battery usage, only dialler, idle, standby, wifi, bluetooth and other 'built-in' functions are apparently recorded. So it's not an accurate indicator. 

But... one thing I have noticed, which may help others, is that leaving an app (eg. words with friends) 'on top'/active when the phone screen times out or is locked is VERY expensive in battery. My phone went from 100% to dead in about 8hrs when I last did this. Same with browser or other apps. The phone had made/received no calls, either. I suggest you reset to the 'home' screen before locking/leaving the phone to time out. If I do this, then the battery life is much better (tho' nowhere near 300+ hours, more like 30 hours). Seems some apps suffer insomnia :P Oh, and don't use live wallpapers, either... cute but greedy. 
Sep 26, 2011
HTC ChaCha, Android 2.3.3

I have now been testing this issue for over 2 weeks using a variety of combinations of sensors on/off, USB debugging etc, I have also used several battery monitoring tools the check power usage and have come to a conclusion of when the dialer remains active or not.  also there is a difference in behavior between receiving a call and making a call.

With no dialer activity and my phone on standby, the battery is using about 30mA every 10 minutes.  Once the dialer becomes active and goes in to a suspected wakelock the usage jumps up to between 450mA to 600mA every 10 minutes and remains on until the phone is switched off and back on again where the usage drops back down to 30mA.

With the settings: Quiet ring on pickup > UNCHECK - Pocket mod > UNCHECK - flip for speaker > UNCHECK and USB debugging mode > CHECK. on receiving a call the dialer has NOT remained active and the battery usage drops back to 30mA after a few seconds.  I have received over 30 phone calls in the last 3 days without the dialer remaining active.

Unfortunately if I make a call (and I have made about 15) EVERY TIME the dialer has remained active, the battery usage has stayed above 450mA and only drops back if I turn the phone on and off again.

All other setting I have used the problem happens on both receiving and making calls

An additional note - none of the task killers I have tried have cleared this issue only a shut down and reboot.

Hope this can help others manage their battery consumption that little better until there is a real fix.

I would also be interested if others are experiencing similar findings.
Sep 26, 2011
We need to bombard HTC so they will listen. Through sites, forums, twitter, facebook!
They need to fix this! 
Sep 27, 2011
can anyone explain to me how this has not been fixed when it was reported on the 6th June???
Sep 27, 2011
I can confirm this issue exists on the motorola atrix and none of the fixes so far have worked. The issue even persists in cm7. 
This appears to be a problem with the Android code and not a specific manufacturer.
Sep 28, 2011
I have a HTC Wildfire S with Android 2.3.3. My dialer shows 49%, android system 49% and  rest 2% on cell standby. I have disabled almost all the battery consuming notifications, installed juice defender to cut the data when the screen is off. Still the battery performance is bad. Is it an issue with GB or HTC ?
Sep 28, 2011
My wife has this dialer issue with the HTC Chacha, it always seems to be using between 65% and 98% of the battery, compared with 3% on my HTC Desire.  

I have tried leaving the bluetooth on and unchecking all the boxes for the sensor etc.  She also gets a problem with the back light on the keypad not always turning on, which makes it pretty difficult to use the keypad in the dark.

I am half tempted to return the phone to the shop and exchange it, however there doesn't seem to be another decent android phone with a physical keyboard on the market.

Does anyone know of anyone who doesn't get this issue on an HTC Chacha?
Sep 28, 2011
HTC WildFire S - Phone 96% and battery performance is realy poor. 
Sep 28, 2011
I just purchased a HTC wildfire S 3 days ago. I am using a new number on it and dont receive/make calls on it at all yet. i still have my old phone for that. Currently I am only using it for internet, that too sparingly. I have display turned to minimum brightness, wifi, 3G, bluetooth off. dialer sensors off. silent mode (no sound no vibration). the dialer is still at 98% with cell standby 2% and phone idle 2%. charging it/ restarting doesnt change it.the dialer remains close to 98%. The battery lasted ok but i have not made any calls yet. I only used it for mobile internet. not sure what it will be once i start using it as a phone. 
I only wanted to find out what the dialer was (considering it takes up so much battery) and came across this forum. Seems its a big problem. I hope it gets sorted because I am paranoid about not having a charged phone and sometimes make calls that may last an hour.
Sep 28, 2011
note that I have not made any calls yet, so its not triggered by a phone call. The dialer 98% shows from the very start!
Sep 29, 2011
Im from the phillipines experiencing same prob
With my wildfire s
Tried evrything here still doesnt work...
Just a question wat is RILD?

Cause when i refresh my battery usage stat
The dialer appears to be rild icon?
I think der is a conn. Between rild and the dialer ?

Dialer 98% 
Sep 29, 2011
Im from the phillipines experiencing same prob
With my wildfire s
Tried evrything here still doesnt work...
Just a question wat is RILD?

Cause when i refresh my battery usage stat
The dialer appears to be rild icon?
I think der is a conn. Between rild and the dialer ?

Dialer 98% 
Sep 29, 2011
So I made a first call from phone. you know in battery stats you can see that graph with signal, phone awake, screen on signals in blue lines below graph. so that had line had been mostly not there with intermittent blue showing when i switched the screen on (thats when the awake and screen on lines become blue)for something. after i made that call, i put phone on standby with the power button as usual. later on checking battery stats, i see that the awake time and screen on lines have been blue continuously, even though the phone was on standby as before. 
On the other hand my battery was down to only 70% by the end of the day (12 hours), which isnt too bad. I have then charged the phone anyway.
since then those lines are continuosly blue, dialer is still at 98% as always, but three hours after charging the battery is still full (100%)so thats ok. 
I also installed the advanced task manager to kill dialer, but I cant force stop it. It keeps coming back.
Sep 29, 2011
I read about RILD and yes it hs a conn. 
on the dialer all smart phone have this.
Sep 30, 2011
I've phones to support center in Russia and they adviced me to load my phone htc wildfire s in safe mode (turn off phone, pull battery out, then back-in, then turn on phone and when title BRILLIANT QUALITY will appears hold sound low button). And check how dialer will work in safe mode. But when I load phone in safe mode it lives not longer then 5 seconds and restarts. Please, check it out, maybe your safe mode live longer and you can look what will be with dialer in safe mode. But before charge it for 100% and restart - it will turn you dialer consumption to 0% before first call will happen
Oct 3, 2011
See the same problem on my wildfire s, none of the suggested fixes help... 
Oct 3, 2011
Same issue here: HTC inspire 4G, 2.3.4. Haven't tried safe mode, but I have tried other suggested fixes, with no success.
Oct 3, 2011
Getting very frustrated with this issue. I do not know why I got this android. piece of junk. hope the google guys ( so called smart ones ) will fix this ASAP.
Oct 4, 2011
Another wildfire s problem with this issue.
I sure hope Google and htc will work this out....very, very soon!
Oct 4, 2011
Most people here who are complaining seem to have HTC, very few with Samsung?
Oct 4, 2011
Now that my contract is up i can decide on a new phone.  I was hoping to get an Evo 3D but now im worried about getting an HTC phone. I liked them up until gingerbread. Guess its Samsung time.

Oct 4, 2011
I do wish I'd known about this before investing in Android(s). 
As it has been going on so long now, I would have thought some  definite advice would have been made available on HTC site.   
HTC ChaCha   x 3 in fact for family members  .... a real LOL .....
Oct 6, 2011
I think I fixed the issue on my Wildfire S.
I have tried all other fixes but nothing worked until I changed the skin from HTC to Slate... I have no idea why this works, I just thought I'd share it. My phone seems to go to sleep normally now. Go figure.
Oct 6, 2011
nope, it does not help. dialer comes back like a B movie monster after the first call. have you tried calling after changing the skin?
Oct 6, 2011
This is one weird bug. Yes, I can confirm that after changing the skin and numerous incoming/outgoing calls the dialer will not cause my device to go into wake-lock. The battery lasts more than 2 days, even with a lot of wifi/3G activity and friends playing Angry Birds on it.
Oct 6, 2011
To kavash

What is slate skin???
Oct 6, 2011
To kavash

What is slate skin???
Oct 6, 2011
is thist true changing the skin solves the issue?

Oct 6, 2011
this app helps me 
after a call optimize and boost ur battery using 
this app

Oct 7, 2011
@ skyukbal

slate skin is the default google android skin in the device. the other one is htc sense skin. you can change it from customize > skins.
Oct 7, 2011
Hi kinetic i have htc cha cha i i can not find thet slate skin how to find it to try to see if dialer will not eat my power.
Oct 7, 2011
slate skin - doesn't help! Android doctor battery - either.
Oct 7, 2011
slate does not help. kavashaki you are one lucky user! 
Oct 7, 2011

from the market, buy fast reboot pro (99 uk pence) set it up to fast reboot every time screen is locked. For speed  of reboot  have excluded all but' phone' and 'system' from being rebooted, i assume that one of these will kill the dialler everytime the screen gets locked which include after using dialler. Reboot is instant and not noticable. I am testing and will report again but cant see why it wont work well until google remove glitch wit update. thanks to those who mentioned Fast Reboot  Good luck
Oct 7, 2011
Rooted HTC Wildfire S, same dialer problem here. Only started last night. Previously no problem.  Phones been rooted for 1 week,  owned it for 2. Phone fully charged (100%) before going to sleep, only wifi and sync on. Dialer use at 98% in the morning and battery down to 40%. That was after 5.5 hours and not using the phone.  Don't know why it started all of a sudden however it was preceded by an unanswered incoming call. 
Oct 8, 2011
re 192, battery charged overnight and hardly used today is nearly flat 10 hrs later so fast reboot of phone and system on each screen lock, doesnt seem to be the fix, any new ideas? 
Oct 8, 2011
Ok, i have Chacha, and my battery life is so poor... i mean, when i see how much i used the phone during the course of 12hours, it was 10hours in idle , so that means i only used it for 2 hours , and i have 15% of battery juice left! OMG! such a pity , and Chacha has the smallest screen of all... shame on htc sense , SHAME! ...and nothing seems to work for me... :(
Oct 10, 2011
'Does not happen on Sony Ericsson phones running 2.3.3
Guess it is specific to HTC
Oct 10, 2011
I went to a custom ROM and the dialer problem went away (HTC Inspire 4G, formerly Android 2.3.4). Note that there have been isolated reports of dialer partial wake lock even with custom ROMs; the culprit may be a combination of HTC Sense and some other app that doesn't behave well.
Oct 10, 2011
Has anyone tried a reset and the clean installation of Android 2.3 + htc Sense?
Oct 11, 2011
I have a Samsung Epip 4G Touch (Galaxy S II) and just had the issue today. I'm rooted and on a custom ROM. This morning, I tried importing my SMS messages from my iPhone using SMS Backup and Restore. After a couple of hours it finished (I had like over 10000 messages so it took awhile). It was very taxing and drained my battery. However, after attempting to charge it on AC power which should be 500mA-1A, it wouldn't charge. Finally, I checked OS Monitor and Dialer was taking up like 50% resources which kept the phone using more power than it could charge at. I tried uninstalling the most recent apps that I installed with no luck. Luckily, I took some backups using clockworkmod (backs up the whole boot, system, and data; basically the whole phone). After restoring to 3 backups ago, I no longer am having the Dialer issue. 

It seems to me, that this is an OS issue rather than an HTC issue. I read this whole thread and have seen HTC's name a lot but a few Samsung and Motorola as well. I'm guessing there is a "secret" combination of OS settings and App settings that causes the Dialer to get stuck. Unfortunately, I do not have a solution for those out there but just wanted to share my experience and let people know this is not just an HTC issue. 
Oct 12, 2011
I think it may have to do more with any phone running 2.3.3 and using the dialer application. AFAIK, the Sony Xperia series does not use the dialer app as is, but uses a tweaked version or maybe another app which simply shows up as "Voice Calls" in the battery usage details - and it does not eat up more than 10-15% of the battery...!

Maybe just be a combination of HTC's (or Samsung's) interface and the Android 2.3.3
Oct 13, 2011
Actually, I'm on Android 2.3.4. 
Oct 14, 2011
FAST REBOOT PRO - set to reboot on screen timeout (option only available on pro version 99p)

Thanks to katykang for the only workaround I have seen which has worked.

It does have a couple of minor drawbacks, but until there's a proper fix, this seems good.

There may be other programs that do a similar thing but this one works for me :)
Oct 15, 2011
Sometimes when you restart phone dialer is gone,but sometimes you can restart phone 10 times and dialer is there with lot of use.
Oct 16, 2011
Solution for HTC CHAHCA android 2.3.3

Dear all,
My GF's phone had the same problem. I've been reading this thread and tried all of the proposed solutions (Blue-tooth on, Fast Reboot(99cent), sense options off, even did a Factory reset) but none worked. Somewhere, I can't recall where, I found an other work-around, and it looks like it works for us. 
Since all other solutions didn't work for us, I'm not sure this one will for everybody.
Here it is:

- Download the App "Proximity Screen Off" (by Shailesh Soliwal).
- open it(see note below) and select the box for "Enable Device Admin" (give permission)
- "Disable in Landscape" selected
- "Enable during call only" NOT selected
- Both "Cover..." boxes are NOT selected
- "Disable Accidental Lock MUST be selected
- For "Timeout", we have 1 second.
- Press the "back" button on the phone
- Chose "Start Service"

Running 2 days now and battery usage is back to normal.
Good luck, hope it helps you all. If so, let Google know.
Hopefully with the next update it's solved.

Note: The app also comes with a nice "ScreenOff" shortcut you can place on the desktop. Not to be mistaken with the "ProximityScreenOff" app itself when opening :)

Oct 16, 2011
Thanks for that, after trying all the other methods which didn't work that one did.
Oct 19, 2011
Yes!! Proximity Screen Off finally did the trick!
Oct 19, 2011
do you need to restart the phone and enable this app?
It did nothing for me...maybe it should be started on a clean thing..meaning before the Dialer has taken its turn.. 

Oct 19, 2011
It didnt work out for me either ... still having problems...battery 1day only... like nothing changed ... Are you sure you have written everything as it is Ferdinand?
Oct 19, 2011
@ zima &wartoot.

Thing I can think off:
"go to Settings > Sound and disable the following:-
- Quiet ring on pickup > uncheck
- Pocket mod > uncheck
- flip for speaker > uncheck
Are you sure proximity app has admin rights? 
Don't use an app/task killer, or make sure proximity keeps running.
I'm not using fast reboot.
If you're not using chacha, maybe advanced options will help.
Maybe Reset factory settings first?

Good luck.

Oct 20, 2011
Amazing! Proximity Screen Off seems to work! I have HTC Desire and I have tried all the tricks. The Fast Reboot Pro did something but it didn't prevent the Dialler from consuming a large portion of the battery even if the reboot was done every time I switched off the screen lock. With Proximity Screen Off the dialer consumption remains steadily at only 5%. I hope this helps others as well.
Oct 22, 2011
#212 Lucas6561
Seeing the same issue on Casio G'zOne Commando running Android 2.3.3.
Oct 22, 2011
As a matter of fact I'm actually considering buying the HTC Chacha IF I know for sure that I can solve this bug through whatever hacking, once and for all. After 10+ queries from different forums I am quite convinced that I ought to turn off ALL the sensors I can, turn off USB debugging, turn on Bluetooth(which I almost always do on my Nokia anyway), and... and what? Did I miss anything? If a combination of these seems to be solving 99% of the encounterings perhaps I'll finally make the decision.
Oct 23, 2011
Really MOST CRITICAL ISSUE, Google please wake up before this dialer wake-lock issue throws you out of market.
Oct 23, 2011
Wake up QUICKLY - or its back to IOS for me........
Tried everything here but still same issue with Wildfire S...
Oct 25, 2011
I have the exact same problem, glad I found this forum because I was starting to think it was just me. This is a massive bug, how did this not get picked up in testing?
Oct 25, 2011
Same here on Wildfire S. Hard to believe such a common issue has not been addressed.
Oct 25, 2011
I don't think it will be either, 4 months passed since it is first noted here. 
Oct 26, 2011
Same problem here on Wildfire S. Running Proximity Screen Off does seem to cause Dialler battery usage to start dropping, but then PSO usage rises to replace it! Also, the proximity sensor on the front of the phone flashes rapidly and continuously when the app is running, which I guess is what is draining the battery.

Anyone had any sucess with Wildfire S? The battery is bad enough as it is, but this is ridiculous! I bought the phone to take away travelling, but like this it's pretty useless..
Oct 26, 2011
To those who are experiencing the dreaded dialer issue, try installing 3rd party dialer app, use that in making and receiving calls...hth...
Oct 26, 2011
Just tried using a third party dialler... Go Contacts/Dialler... still seems to start the standard dialler app in background and starts the battery usage creeping up...

So far the only thing that seems to have any effect is full restart.... using wildfire s.
Oct 26, 2011
i am using rocketdial pro, so far so good, i have wildfire s...Max the dialer used was at 4%, android system is running at 95% but it doesnt seem to affect the battery
Oct 26, 2011
Well I got a Wildfire S as an upgrade from my crappy Samsung Intercept on Virgin Mobile, and I was not aware of this issue with GB until yesterday. Amazingly, I got a system update today and after 3 calls, dialer seems to have stabilized a bit at 28%. Before it was almost at 96% after a call. Will keep an eye on this, but anyone with Virgin mobile with a Wildfire S might want to look into this update.
Oct 26, 2011
Never freaking mind, Dialer started skyrocketing again....
Oct 27, 2011
My wife and I got phone's off t-mobile 6 weeks ago. She got a HTC ChaCha which has Android 2.3.3 and shows the dialer bug. When we went to the store they said they didn't know anything about it, then we were told it would be fixed within 4 weeks. A call to t-mobile helpline said the store was lying but it would be fixed by x-mas. Another call to them, whilst sorting out the text fail bug on my Samsung Fit, said they didn't have a fix date.
Really hoping this gets fixed soon as the phone normally sits on the charger and isn't 'mobile'!
Oct 27, 2011
Has anybody spoken to HTC about this? Does the bug only show on HTC phone?
Oct 27, 2011
Just tried rocket dialler pro... doesn't work for me on winldfire s. If you go and watch dialler battery use in the settings section and keep refreshing, it goes up by 1% every couple of seconds! It looks like you can't avoid triggering the dialler app. Very Frustrating! 
Oct 27, 2011
I wrote to HTC and this is what I got:
Dear Александр Остапченко,

I understand your concern regarding this wakelock issue, and I would be more than happy to look further into this for you.

As this issue has been reported to be happening on several non-HTC devices running various versions of Gingerbread (ZTE, Samsung, Casio and Motorola, to name a few), it leads me to believe that it's more of a problem with the 2.3 Android OS, and not specifically our implementation of it.

Unfortunately, we do not have any information about an update for this particular issue. I would suggest that you consider clearing the data in the Dialer application on the Manage Applications screen.

1. Press Home > Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications
2. Clear data from the Dialer application in "Manage applications"
3. Reboot your phone.

If, after completing these steps, you don't notice any sort of significant improvement, I would suggest completing a factory reset on your device. This process may take 20 minutes, please ensure that your phone has sufficient battery capacity. Do not interrupt the phone while it is in the middle of this, as doing so may render your phone inoperable. Please also be aware that all data (including third-party applications) will be deleted from your phone. Please download "HTC Sync for all HTC Android phones" from our support site: -- please let me know if you need help with syncing your data.

To do this through the software:
From the phone's main menu, tap Settings > Privacy (or SD Card & Phone storage) > Factory data reset > Reset phone.

If neither of these steps resolve your issue, please let me know, and I'll see what else we can do for you.
Thank you for taking the time to contact us, Александр.

To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number 11USCW44ENA001513.




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Oct 29, 2011
I have tried a factory reset and I can tell you that it does nothing to fix this problem.
Oct 29, 2011
I have tried all the above solutions and none of them work.
I have written to HTC, who suggested a factory reset, and if that didn't work - return the phone.
I have returned the phone to where I bought it, and the techinichians updated the software, which didn´t help again. (Which took them 3 weeks...)

I think we should all return our phones and ask for our money back.

I am not a beta-tester for either HTC or Google! Are you?
Oct 29, 2011
I was wondering why my battery wont last long and after searching forums i found this. Really crap! i mean, i hope htc OR google would atleast have a fix for this bug! this is really crappy! will try those suggestions and i hope one or another helps. :( im on my always as in ALWAYS and i found my charging 3 times a day. never an issue with my samsung galaxy. :(
Oct 30, 2011
I started having this problem after the GB update to my TBolt (Finally, course now this).  Adding my comment just to increase the number of complaints hopefully getting some response.  

Maybe its a conicidence, but one thing that I seemed to notice is that when I turned my mobile data off it seemed to significantly decrease the amount of power the Dialer was taking.  It was still a high % draw, but not nearly as bad as it was before (i.e. not increasing rapdidly against other items).  Haven't done a lot of testing on this yet, but something else for people to try.  
Oct 31, 2011
I've just bought a new HTC Wildfire S and am experiencing this issue. I've tried all of the above workarounds without success. I've tried this with 3 different batteries and 2 different new HTC Wildfire S handsets, both of which were factory reset before testing. It doesn't look like anyone has discovered a solution to this yet -- at least not for my handset. Dialer is usually around 95-96%.
2.3.3 GB with HTC sense 2.1
Oct 31, 2011
I guess the only thing to do is to wait around for either HTC or Google to produce a fix for this, but seeing as the initial post on this forum is already 5 months old I am not holding my breath. I really can't believe that such a massive bug is out there in a released version of the OS.
Oct 31, 2011
I followed the instructions on Comment #204, downloading and installing the proximity sensor app.  This worked on my Casio Commando running gingerbread 2.3.3.  It's important to note that the dialer still appears to be using 49% of battery life and Proximity Sensor 4%, but that the dialer is not actually draining the battery.  Thanks!
Oct 31, 2011
This should be the HIGHest priority bug, not medium.  My battery should be lasting for days, not hours.  
Nov 1, 2011
Yep, me too.  Just had the phone HTC Wildfire S a couple of days.  Called HTC they claimed not to have heard of the problem.  Registered the problem by e-mail and got a job ticket.  They replied with the usual suggestions: restart, factory reset which I had already done.  So they now say they are passing it to the relevant department.  I would encourage as many people as possible to register the problem with them using the e-mail form on the HTC website and don't close the ticket until they solve it.  Good luck !
Nov 4, 2011
HTC say they know there  is an issue with the dialer
They are working on it but have not got a timescale on the resolution of it
They will put it on their website when they do...
Nov 6, 2011
My girlfriend and both of her parents have HTC chacha for couple of weeks, all 3 phones have dialer issue, I've tried everything what have been proposed here and on other forums. I'll also try proximity sensor app variant this week, may be it will help. GOOGLE!!!!!!!! DO SOMETHING WITH THIS ISSUE!!! FASTER PLEASE!!!!
Nov 6, 2011
I have the same problem on my HTC Wildfire S, which I've only bought a few days ago. Considering HTC has released the phone in February 2011, with no system updates so far, I feel pessimistic to some degree about this issue.

While trying the proximity screen off app solution (Comment 204), I had some issues while making calls, with my phone seeming to spaz. I also noticed that the sensor emitted a weak light constantly. I didn't like these effects, so I decided to turn off the proximity app. After that, I checked on the battery usage stats every now and again. I noticed the dialer usage didn't rise, and remained at a constant of a little less than 50%, which was about the same level as that of the android system. Even after making several calls afterwards, I didn't see any rise. However, after restarting the phone and making a call, the problem was back. I turned on the proximity app and turned it off again after one call, and again, the dialer usage dropped a bit and stabilized. I think it's possible to only use the proximity app for the duration of one call and then turn it off, to get some sort of effect on this bug.

If someone else can try this and confirm it, it would be appreciated.

I also hope HTC and Google would be attentive and help provide a final solution to this problem.
Nov 7, 2011
dialer using a good percentage of my battery now after the recent OTA on my thunderbolt. HTC really dropped the ball again on an OTA
Nov 9, 2011
I have the same problem, don't know when android will solve this problem
Nov 10, 2011
I have just received my Wildfire S, after charging and a day or so playing with it sorting out functions, taking a photo or two and adding a few apps battery needed charging, unbelievably I made no phone calls in this time although I did make one of the photos I had taken my wallpaper.
With everything turned off, wifi, BT, data etc as mentioned in thread I charged to 100%, once charged I made a call but no answer ringing lasted 10 secs. I then didn't use other than monitoring power usage. The battery from full charge to flat lasted 22hrs, during this time as I hadn't used anything I would expect the usage to be on cell standby & phone idle but as per the rest of this thread it was 98% Dialer.
I recharged and ensured everything was still off, I did change the Skin to Slate as someone had mentioned. This time making no call I monitored the power, power very slowly reduced, >95% after 12 hours. Battery continued slowly reducing, after 20 hours made a call but didn't answer, immediately Dialer kicked in but this time although the Dialer soon became the top usage 95% it doesn't seem to be draining the battery as much. Now after 33 hours I still have 40%, Dialer is still at 95% even though phone has been idle for 10 hours so must still be continuing to run. I will see how long it lasts, before another full recharge, I'll then turn on the things I bought this phone for and use it as a phone making calls etc and report how long it lasts.
If I can get a full day out of it with things on I won't be happy but it will be useable.
Nov 11, 2011
guess everybody has given up with this issue . have a wildfire s. battry life sucks
Nov 11, 2011
Same issue with HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon. Annoying that the GB update was pushed without my approval.  The latest FROYO for the TB had a couple issues, but none bothered me too much.  For the record I had tried the following with NO affect once a call is made:
-Clearing the Dialer App Data and restarting
-Unchecking all settings dealing with in-call sensor usage (flip for speaker, pocket mode, etc)
-Restarting in safe mode
-Disabling the stock Messenger app (as there is supposidly some secret relations going on between Dialer and Messaging...) and used Handcent instead. Though I had really been using Handcent since before the new firmware push.

Everyone having this problem has "Voted" using the little star here, right? I'm guessing that's how things get elevated...
Nov 14, 2011
Same problem here with a new wildfire s from the 3 network in the uk.
Nov 14, 2011
Wildfire S showing the same issues for me. My wife has the same phone, but so far her battery hasn't shown the same symptoms. Just found this thread today, so haven't been able to see if the Dialer app is sticking on her phone yet, but it's definitely there on mine. I've switched the skin to Slate and will see if anything changes the next day or two.
Nov 14, 2011
I forgot to mention, I also changed the preferred network type to "GSM auto(PRL)" instead of WCDMA in the *#*#4636#*#* menu which by itself did nothing until I changed the skin to Slate.

"Basically GSM auto uses an indexed list of frequencies on which the device may search for particular systems. The idea behind the acquisition table is to optimize the acquisition time by identifying only the frequencies that should be searched, rather than searching the entire frequency spectrum." -HTC Rep.

Maybe it's the combination of the two that makes Dialer go crazy? 
Nov 14, 2011
Same problem here with my htc chacha. Android 2.3.3 
Nov 15, 2011
already said but confirmed on htc wildfire s 2.3.3
Nov 15, 2011
This needs to be fixed! What's the point in having a phone that does all these things, but you can't use any of them because of the lame battery? Lets bug them until they fix it!
Nov 15, 2011
I get this on my Samsung Galaxy S II.

Normally, Cell Standby/Android OS are my primary battery users.

However, when this happens, Dialer and Android System bubble up to the top.  I can't tell if it's a reporting issue, as I seem to get similar battery usage either way.

Nov 16, 2011
i did some tests of my own on the wildfire s and came to the conclusion that the dialer status although shows 98% ater a call, doesnt actuall consume anymore power from the battery than it did before the call that started the dialer climbing.

using slow boot from a recharged battery clears the status bars, fast boot doesnt.

checking the battery current draw:

phone shut down: 0.83 ma
on standby: 10 to 20 ma with a polling pulse every few seconds of around 150 ma 
starting up on fast boot or slow boot with the screen being on low: 300ma
dropping to: 10 ma

wifi on, bluetooth on, gps on (all idle) 10ma 

making a call or receiving a call: 300 ma dropping to 10 ma when finished.

this was tested before a call was made and the dialer indicator wasnt there, and also after a call and the dialler was then present indicating 98%.

the conclusion to all this leaves me confident the dialler isnt consuming excesive battery power as might be expected and appears to be only a status indicator because the phone shuts back down to stand by and only uses around 10ma in all cases. Using these figures as a guide, you should expect a standby life of around 83hours and continuous call time of about 3.5 to 4 hours from a fully charged 1.25 ah battery.

to increase this try upping to the bigger 3.5 ah battery

hope this helps

Nov 16, 2011
Same problem, HTC Evo 4G

Android version

Baseband version

Kernel version
Wed Jul 20 18:06:16 CST 2011

Build number
4.54.651.1 CL134969 release-keys

Software number
Nov 17, 2011
I haven't measured current directly, but my observations concur with #253 above.  Dialer frequently/usually goes up to 97%, but it doesn't necessarily indicate battery use.  

Easiest way to check is to click on the graph at the top of the battery use listing (with the running time written over it).  You get a bigger graph of how the battery has gone down over time, with markings below for when awake.  Landscape mode even a smidge clearer.  What I see is significant drops in level in the times when I used the phone, and only a small downtrend when I'm not using it.  i.e. most battery used during screen-on interaction, not by the phone when it should be asleep.  Regardless of whether "Dialer" is appearing at the top of the list or not.

Even if this is the case, it's still a bug, and a serious one.  From the variety of problems in the comments, I think this unfortunate bug is masking other, different, problems on some people's phones.  Making those problems harder to debug.

New HTC Wildfire S.
Nov 17, 2011
Just thought I would chip in here.

Coming from a Nexus S, the first thing that struck me when viewing the HTC ChaCha battery usage screen was - how come dialer and android system are taking up such a high % of battery usage. But as someone else pointed out on here - the actual amount of 'time' these processes use is miniscule. Something literally is not adding up!

The other thing that bothered me was, on my NexusS - it would show me battery use for pretty much everything. Display, an email program called K9 for instance. On the ChaCha - these were not there - and they should be. So that's not right either.

Someone else on this thread suggested that the bug is not in the dialer, it's actually in the 'Battery use' application which is just not showing up the real culprit. 

For me - in order to find the answer, I installed an app called 'SystemPanel'. This very handy little app enables you to log CPU use over time. After running this app for a few hours, it showed me my ChaCha was running at between 60% to 100% CPU - and hence the reason for the fast battery drain.

Next was to show the app using the most CPU - which in my case was K9 Mail. Clicking on that - you can then see a graph of CPU use for that app only - which was pretty much the same as the CPU graph for everything. The phone had been running K9 all morning, but the CPU ramp did not occur until 10am which was strange.

In the past, I had noticed with K9 - if it got 'stuck' trying to get an email, K9 would just keep retrying, and this would really burn out the battery. I would need to restart K9 to fix it.

However, killing K9 didn't seem to be good enough as it seemed to resurrect itself. After performing a full shut down, now the phone has gone from 90% CPU at idle to 3% CPU.

So I would recommend checking out the SystemPanel app - it does a great job of monitoring your phones CPU - aside from the screen - this is what uses most of your juice.

I really don't understand why no one at HTC hasn't thought of suggesting this!!!!

Nov 21, 2011
My wife is also having the problem on her wildfire S
OS - 2.3.3
Sense - 2.1
Software no. -

However I do not on my Desire S

OS - 2.3.5
Sense - 3.0
Software -

If it's gingerbread and 2.3.3 surely an update (from carrier or google) to the wildfire S to 2.3.5 would resolve the issue?
Nov 23, 2011
This is ridiculous guys! I've charged my Gingerbread Wildfire S to 80% before going to bed and in the morning (without being used by me or by any processes of mine) it was on 26%... see the Battery Usage graph here 
If you're struggling to recreate it, you're welcome to have my phone. If you're not, then why has this not been fixed yet? I'm afraid of "bothering" my phone now lest it goes into a battery "free fall".
Nov 23, 2011
Running an HTC Evo, and I am having precisely the same problems. Dialer is eating about 60% of my battery. I have wifi off, bluetooth off, GPS off, screen dimmed, dial mute off, and took only a two minute call on a full battery. Five hours later, with my phone just sitting in my pocket, my extended life battery has only 5% left. It's utterly disheartening that this problem was identified in August, and here we are in late November with no solution in sight.
Nov 24, 2011
I have the same problem like TomKi.. im going to bed, wake up and my battery is 30%.
probably will have to change to iOS if the problem will be not resolved
Nov 24, 2011
I get around 3 days out of mine. I noticed that apps are continuously syncing with the network so I disabled mobile data, not just background data, but all mobile data. This can be done by unchecking the "Mobile network (connect to the internet)" option in wireless & networks in settings or by downloading an app called Dataswitch which unchecks this box for you at the touch of a button and can turn it back on just as easily. Since doing this dialer no longers takes up 97% battery time, in fact it hardly shows at all. 

If you wish to be online all of the time, i.e. receive notifcations from apps such as facebook, this wont be an option and battery life wont be as good, but for people like me who aren't bothered this is a good option.

Finally, turning screen brightness and timeout down also increases battery. You can also buy an increased capacity battery (1500 mAH which is more than stock 1230mAH) or even the 2300ish MaH although this is bigger in size and has another back plate to go with it. 

Try the above and you will see an increase in battery!!
Nov 24, 2011
All these workarounds are all very well but there is a problem here that needs to be fixed.  Consider this:
My son bought a HTC Wildfire S in August and his phone doesn't have the problem.

My daughter bought a HTC Wildfire S in November and her phone does have the problem.

Both have exactly the same software 

Android version 2.3.3
HTC sense 2.1
Software number
Kernel version
buildnumber CL48934 release keys
browser version WebKit/533.1

They have also been tested with the same options selected.  This makes me suspect a hardware problem, possibly a bad batch of some component,  and these components have found their way into the more recent phones.  If this is the case I can see why HTC would be very reluctant to even admit the fault exists as it could mean recalling a large number of phones and cost a fortune.  I hope I am wrong.

Nov 26, 2011
enabling bluetooth on htc thunderbolt fixed the issue for me. previously with 2750mah battery my phone would only last 12-15 hours with moderate-heavy usage with dialer and screen being the main culprits. after enabling bluetooth my dialer no longer even shows up on battery usage list and battery lasts me 36-40 hours on single charge.
Nov 26, 2011
I also have this issue on my HTC wildfire s:
Android version 2.3.3
HTC sense 2.1
Software number 1.33.401.2
Kernel version
buildnumber 1.33.401.2 CL44680 release keys
Nov 26, 2011
Have this issue on HTC ChaCha
HTC Sense version 2.1 For Messenger
Software Number 1.20.720.1

Tried turning of 'Flip for Speaker'. Initially the Dialer battery usage dropped to 6% after a reboot and 2 phone calls. But then quickly increased to 49% and hovered around 66%. Battery down to 60% after 13 hours.
Nov 27, 2011
there is new official rom 2.3.5 update through ruu tool i think dialer issue is not that big of a problem after update, it is yet to be tested, and in new rom you have new lockscreen like on new htc sence 3.0 ;)
Nov 27, 2011
hi, im from the philippines and have the same problem with my wildfire S. i called HTC philippines and i dont know if they are in denial that there is a bug or just not admitting it. they said that bugs do happen all the time and just wait for an update, just not sure when it is coming out.

the customer rep suggested all the battery saving tips i have tried already before calling them. finally, in frustration, i sent the phone back. had to do it before 7 days or the "replacement period" will be over. i asked them to fix it and told them there is a bug in the dialer etc etc etc. i told them about what i found out online. if they are sending it back to me, i dont want to see that dialer popping up when it shouldnt in the first place. 

im still waiting for an answer if they will fix it or replace. if they do approve replacement, i might opt to just get another item from the appliance shop i actually bought the phone from. too traumatized to get another android phone right now, as it might have the same issues with the wildfire s.  my niece suggested i get a samsung galaxy ace, but honestly, im afraid all android phones have issues with battery life. coming from an old nokia, im used to my phone lasting days without recharge hehehhe. i might wait until they fix the wildfire s bug as i still prefer this phone if im going android.
Nov 28, 2011
I've disable gsm proximity sensor and now this issue gone! Yeah! I've set 'gsm.proximity.enable=false' in build.prop before flashing a 2.3.3 rom.
Nov 28, 2011
@, did it fix the problem with the dialer and the battery???
any news about this problem?
I am using Wildfire S, with 2.3.3 and the battery is dead after 12h.... 


Nov 28, 2011
@, Yeap, that fix the problem with the dialer. I can make and receive call without having to restart the phone. Now my battery last more than 30 hours(normal use). 
Nov 29, 2011
Hi my Wildfire s was getting around 8 hours per charge I have a look and found that the only thing on the battery page that was up was the dialer which was at 97% . I have rebooted the phone and the same thing happened when I got a call. I changed over to slate ( and found that I had to rebuild all the screens on my phone ) .After 4 1/2 hours the battery is at about 95% I have used the camera and have made a few calls so it is looking like the slate think has worked for me . The odd think is that before i just had the dialer up on the battery page now I have cell standby 33% phone idle31%,adroid system14%,dialer13% display6% and voice call 3%up on it.
Nov 29, 2011
Hi my Wildfire s was getting around 8 hours per charge I have a look and found that the only thing on the battery page that was up was the dialer which was at 97% . I have rebooted the phone and the same thing happened when I got a call. I changed over to slate ( and found that I had to rebuild all the screens on my phone ) .After 4 1/2 hours the battery is at about 95% I have used the camera and have made a few calls so it is looking like the slate think has worked for me . The odd think is that before i just had the dialer up on the battery page now I have cell standby 33% phone idle31%,adroid system14%,dialer13% display6% and voice call 3%up on it.
Nov 29, 2011
Wife has Wildfire S.  Same problem - Dialer approches 100% battery after a call.
Nov 30, 2011
People in the EU report on XDA that there is a new OTA update for the ChaCha that upgrades it to 2.3.5. Does this fix the dialer issue? 

I am in MENA region and the update isn't available yet. 
Nov 30, 2011
@most  the update is avaible in the wildfire s section of xda. i flashed it (works even with s-on) but this bug is still present even if battery seems to last a bit longer ( just a bit) :(
Nov 30, 2011
ChaCha upgrade to 2.3.5 doesn't fix this issue!!!
this is so annoying. I will never buy HTC phone again!
Dec 1, 2011
Same problem here on HTC Wildfire S, but battery doesen't go so fast. Usualy it takes about 55h to get from 100% to about 10% with normal usage. Normal usage its some phonecalls, sms, mms, a bit of wifi and 3g. 

But the dialer problem is there, I filled up the phone, so in 8h with no calls or anything, 1:1 ratio was divided by phone idle and cell standby. In 8h battery didnt loose none of its ''charge'' still showing 100%. But when I called someone its the dialer started to get on the chart, and climbing up the latter, so now after 14h and 30 min of unpluged time chart looks like:

dialer 85%
cellstandby 7%
phone idle 7%
android sytem 3%

And battery 90% :) 

I did all the tricks up there, changin theme, shuting down every extra, but nothing helped,so much to keep dialer low. Ou call for today are 15min
Dec 1, 2011
From reading comments 204, 262, and 268 it sounds like it may be the proximity sensor that causes a problem (remember that the proximity sensor itself may be of a very slight different type in different batches of phones and a certain type/batch may be faulty.

I also wonder if the dialer showing high battery usage is a red-herring, some people say they see the high usage statistics but still dont get affected so it may be that these stats are actually just incorrect but the real issue is the proximity sensor type/batch.

Also consier this - does the 97% battery usage of the dialer mean 97% of the entire battery OR 97% of the used battery, ie if my entire battery is 10% used then does it mean 97% of the 10% is from the dialer.

I agree that the dialer stats are not correct but maybe they are just masking the proximity sensor issue OR we arent reading the stats right.

Dec 1, 2011
I'll answer my own question above, I depleted and full charged my battery and the only batery usage was 'screen' at 100% when I powered on the phone.  So the battery was 100% full but the tiny tiny bit that had been used was all just used by the screen.  I then made a call and waited a few mins.  Now I see the dialer at 86%, wifi at 3%, and a few other things at a small percent, but overall the battery is still full (or as near as full as it can be after a few mins of use after a full charge).

I will now be interested to see if the dialer usage drops down if I dont make calls while the other things, eg wifi, goes up as I use them.  

and Ive got my fingers crossed that my phone is OK as I onyl got it 2 days ago so havent had time yet to see if the battery depletes quickly or not (as Ive ben using it all the time it has gone down quick but thats expected).

Dec 2, 2011
I posted #155, and am still not convinced it's the dialler. Phone still has the settings already much discussed, and only lasts about 24hrs with one short call received and hardly any other use. Photos attached show that the dialler used 2% (call received about 3/4 through period shown). But I'd like to see a final answer on the fault. If I travel, I'll take my trusty 4-day standby Nokia. Not smart, but reliable for more than a day (at best).
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Dec 2, 2011
I fully charged my phone and after a few mins see this (I worked out the items usage of the total battery myself, ie this figure shows the percent used of the entire battery not just the percent used of the current battery depletion.

battery at 91%
wi-fi 30% 		(2.7% of total battery)
cell standby 30%	(2.7% of total battery)
display 28%		(2.52% of total batter)
phone idle 12%		(1.08% of total battery)

I then made a call to myself so it went to voicemail and I hit the 'end call' screen button and now I see this

battery at 90%
dialer 94%		(9.4% of total battery)
wi-fi 2%		(0.2% of total battery)
cell standby 2%		(0.2% of total battery)
display 2%		(0.2% of total battery)

Obviously this cannot be correct, the total battery usage per item has gone down (expect for the dialer of course).  This is impossible, before the call the wi-fi item had used 2.7% of the TOTAL battery and after the call used 0.2% of the TOTAL battery.

Also consider this - if just before your battery reaches 0% you still see the dialer at 97% (as many people do), it means only 3% of the total battery has been used for everything else, this cannot be the case.

The statistics for the dialer usage are obviously incorrect.

However I am not saying thereisnt an issue with something using the battery when it shouldnt - there is some issue of course.  It may well be the dialer/proximity sensor problem or something else.  But either way the battery dialer stats are a red herring and are giving a false impression of the problem.

Dec 3, 2011
Just got a Droid Bionic as a warranty replacement for my HTC Thunderbolt. Battery seems to be draining fast and the battery usage shows Cell Standby as using most of the battery.
Dec 3, 2011
Its worth installing Badass battery app as this gives much better stats for what uses the battery.  On my wildfire S I see the dialer using 97% using the standard battery app, but as above I know this is incorrect.  With Baddass battery app it shows at under 1%.  It also shows the dialer as using the 'gyroscope sensor' all the time since the dialer was first used, a reboot then stops the gyroscope sensor time used by the dialer from increasing as you would expect (as displayed in the Baddass battery app).

However my battery life is good even though the dialer seems to be doing something weird by constantly polling the gyroscope sensor.  My phone with everything 'off' except the mobile network was using 1% battery every 3 or 4 hrs.  I've now used it heavily (ie screen and wifi on for many hours and general tinkering with the options and its down to 63% battery still available after 11hrs).

I would advise any one with battery issues to try the Baddass battery app to get a better idea of what is eating their battery.

Dec 4, 2011
Regarding comment 268 by, I'd like to try this fix.  Can any one please explain to me in easy to follow steps how to set 'gsm.proximity.enable=false' in build.prop and then how to "flash a 2.3.3 rom."

I thank you in advance for you time

Dec 5, 2011
Hi all, 
I posted comment 204. Still works for me. After my post I got some reactions from people saying it worked. Some say it didn't. Since there are no new comments I wonder if everybody Is still trying mine and others solutions. Maybe one will work.
Good luck.
Dec 5, 2011
After reminding them that my ticket was still open HTC came back with this:

"Thank you for contacting us again.
Sorry for the delay, I've just receive the information for your enquiry.
The dialler is the application that regulates all the communication with the network operator. If it says it is using 90 per cent of the energy it just means that out of the entire energy used at that time 90 per cent goes to the dialler. Depending on where the phone is, it could be on the edge of a 3G area or in between two masts, this phone behaviour is considered normal."

I think they are dodging the issue - see comment 262

Dec 5, 2011
hi phil. i agree with your opinion 101%.  they are dodging the issue because the moment they admit there is something wrong, the proper and right thing to do would be to recall sold and unsold items and check and fix the gadgets.

i sent my phone back to HTC philippines because i had this dialer issue. the technical team is saying there is nothing wrong with my phone. right now i am so pissed off at them because they are denying that there is something wrong when in fact i already did part of their job by sending them this site to point them in the right direction. I was not imagining the issue as i wont have any idea that something was wrong if i didnt see it in my phone in the first place.  it was upon researching about the "dialer" that i stumbled upon this site and other sites with people posting the same concerns, not only in europe but also in the philippines.  i have checked other android phones, galaxy y, galaxy mini, galaxy s, htc desire, and wildfire.  The dialer doesn't come up or if it does, only a very minimal % showing not like in the S where it's way up there and draining the battery.

my stand with them right now is just get a refund since i returned the phone within 7 days of buying it. But, i am in the philippines where customer protection is practially nonexistent. i have to wait for whatever report is needed for the retailer to approve the refund as well.  

i MIGHT still buy an HTC phone but not until they fix whatever issues their phones have or my trauma with their product have passed.  

sorry for the long post. cheers!  :-)
Dec 6, 2011
Hi Phil,

Id be really interested to know what the BadAss battery app shows on the two phones you mention.

As I said I see the dialer showing high usage from the builtin phone battery indicator screen, but via the Badass app I dont see it using this much battery at all, its actually just a few percent.

As you have two identical phones it would be good for you to try this out, I still think the dialer report is incorrect on some phones and that this is actually a seperate issue from the battery usage, but thats not to say it isnt also the dialer using the battery - all confusing.

Unfortunately any app monitoring battery etc will probably be relying on the stats coming from Android itself so if these are screwy then the app isnt much use so its hard to believe anything we see - but it may give you some hints as to what is happenning.

Dec 7, 2011
I have bought Motorolla Defy and it's cost the same and battery is great. Screw you, HTC
Dec 8, 2011
Updated my Wildfire S to Android 2.3.5 last night to see if that fixes the partial wake-lock problem with the dialer.

It doesn't. After a call the dialer shows up and keeps eating battery until you restart the phone.

A complete disappointment by HTC. I guess they don't want me as a happy customer. Maybe Samsung will..
Dec 8, 2011

The battery stats for the dialer are incorrect - see my earlier posts and do some calculations yourself, run your battery down to 1% full without a call, make a call and watch the dialer go to 90%ish, this CANNOT be correct, it would mean almost all of your battery had been used by the dialer, not possible of course as the battery has already been 99% used, 90% of the 99% used so far cannot have been used by the dialer if its already been used by everything else.

Can you try out any app that monitors CPU usage and/or shows its own battery stats and doesnt rely on the builtin phone battery monitoring.  Badass battery monitor is a good idea (Im sure others are just as good), I also see dialer at 90%ish BUT Badass battery monitor shows its not really the dialer at all.

I get good battery life so it proves the bulitin battery stats are wrong as I also see the dialer high.

You may find its the dialer using the battery BUT this is a seperate issue from the red-herring stats, or you may also find its something else using the battery.

There is more than one bug here.

The stats shown by the phone with regards to the dialer are a red herring - they are reporting incorrectly.

Dec 9, 2011
Hi Melinda,
I'm thinking of contacting the BBC Watchdog programme.  In case you don't know it is a consumer affairs programme and they often hold these big corporations to account.  They really don't like the bad publicity.

Hi Scott,
I'll try the BadAss app on both phones when my son and daughter get back home next weekend and let you know the results.

Dec 9, 2011
Dec 10, 2011
Frustrating android 2.3.3 dialer please fix it soon.... getting irritating to use android 2.3.3 
Dec 10, 2011
hi phil, 

HTC Philippines kept insisting they cant find anything wrong with the phone. The csa was actually nice to speak with but after all the denials, i ran out of patience. i told them to coordinate with the retail shop as i don't want it anymore. i sent it back before 7 days and i want a refund (i was bluffing and they bit it). anyway, to make the long story short, the retail shop insisted that the client doesn't want it anymore so HTC had to give in (still denying  til the end hahaha).  I didn't believe though that they didn't know about this problem. 

it was one of those rare instances that the retail shop actually went all the way to appease a customer. i just got back with a samsung galaxy ace. i know i know, it's not HTC. i love/d my wildfire s, if i didnt know about this problem, i would have gotten another HTC unit but i didnt want to risk it right now. unfortunately, i cant get a higher HTC phone at the moment because i would have to shell a lot more pesos to get a desire s or rhyme and it's not feasible for me. the HTC felt a lot more classy and felt better than the galaxy ace, i just dont want the stress that came with trying to fix what's wrong with the wildfire S.  I hope i didnt make a mistake with the galaxy ace. im not setting my expectations high though hehehe.  

if/when HTC improves the battery life in their phones or at least try to fix the bugs i will still get their phone, next time.

Dec 10, 2011
Hey everybody!

So I just thought I might add my two cents on this. I currently own an HTC Wildfire on Virgin Mobile. I ran into the same problem regarding the dialer, where it seemed as if my battery was being sucked away the second I got a phone call. When I checked what the battery was using it said 97% Dialer. I played around with the settings, trying all of the tips and tricks offered above, but NONE worked. I keep my phone on vibrate all the time, so the trick offered regarding turning off all of the incoming call settings (pocket mode, etc.)does not work. But I will tell you the solution that worked for me. 
The Dialer issue is a slight red herring and I will explain why. The Dialer, if examined closely, only uses a small fraction of the CPU from the phone so obviously something else is causing the battery drain. So I simply turned of my data. Under the Wireless and Networks tab there is a setting for always-on data. Un-check that and then turn of the mobile network. You CAN STILL receive calls and texts, but you will have to manually check your e-mail by turning on the data. The android market offers a few awesome mobile network data widgets that allow you to turn it on and off from the home screen. My battery has currently been on for 3 DAYS, 7 HOURS and 23 MINUTES. The phone HAS NOT been turned off and I have been heavily using it; making calls, sending texts and checking e-mail/browsing the web. My dialer is currently at 30% due to the times when I would flip on the data to check for messages. THE DIALER IS YOUR DATA NOT YOUR CALLS. Try it and you will immediately see the difference. 
Dec 10, 2011
Two brand new (well, 2 weeks old) HTC Wildfire S phones from Virgin Mobile - both have the "dialer" problem.  Tried most of the solutions here before calling both Virgin Mobile and HTC tech support.  Both claimed they had no other reports of this problem!  HTC had me do a factory reset with the expected result - didn't help.  Their only other solution was to return the phone for replacement.  Of course I don't have any faith that a new one would be any better.

So here's a possible solution - everyone return their phones under warranty and keep returning the replacements until they fix the problem!  Returns cost them money - if they get enough, HTC may decide it's cheaper to fix it.
Dec 11, 2011
i agree david. i was also thinking that the people who actually bothered to do some reading and discovered the problem is just a minute number. so imagine, how many more handsets are out there that have these problems but the owners probably just accepted it as usual android battery issues. i would have put it down to "oh, android just eats a lot of battery" if i were not curious enough to figure out what this dialer bug was all about.
Dec 11, 2011
I can confirm that setting gsm.proximity.enable=false in the build.prob before flashing DOES work!!! AWESOME NEWS!!! :D :D
Dec 11, 2011

Does gsm.proximity.enable=false stop the dialer from reporting high usage or does it stop battery drain (two seperate issues), or does it do both, can you clarify what you saw before the setting and after it please.


Thankyou, at last somebody else who actually bothered to work out that the dialer displaying 97% (or whatever high figure it shows) is a red herring.  I worked this out a few days ago, please see my earlier 5 or 6 posts on this.

Its nice to know someone else bothers to read other peoples posts and also has some common sense and does some of their own digging rather than just seeing some completely incorrect figures from the battery screen and just believing them.

I dont actually quite agree with your findings though, ie that the dialer is the data and not the calls.  I had my 'always-on mobile data' turned off and still had my 'mobile data' turned on, ie I could access internet etc, and I then made a call and saw the dialer go to 97%.  I also ran a test a couple of days ago with 'always-on' turned off and 'mobile data' turned off, ie no internet access.  I then made a call and saw the dialer eventually go to 97%.

In all cases the actual dialer program shows tiny amounts of CPU used so its not using the battery, but nothing else is either in my case, I get good battery life, 2 days with just a few texts and manual sync now and then and battery was at about 40%.

I do notice the battery drops a lot when Im getting a weak signal, I know this will cause more battery drain than a strong signal, but it just seems a bit too much of a drain.  However thats another problem ;-)


Dec 13, 2011
Having the same Issue with my HTC CHA CHA
Dec 13, 2011
Same issue: Dialer at about 90-98% with my new HTC wildfire S (the battery doesn't even last 12h with a moderate use)...

Dec 13, 2011
same as the person above me

dialer = 96% of battery
Dec 14, 2011
Lori, Lmno - READ READ READ previous posts in detail.  Dialer at 96% does NOT mean its really using this much battery, it is a reporting error.

Now you may ALSO have a battery problem as well as the reporting error buts its a seperate issue.

People with the battery problem see their phones run down in 6hrs with no use at all.

I suggest you try switching off 'always-on mobile data', 'background data', and any syncing etc.  Install something to monitor what is using CPU as well.

Then see how the battery goes.

You may find its fine then and you can gradually switch things on to see whats eats the battery.  Also try NOT making any calls after a full recharge and reboot and see how the battery goes.

I know that once I use the internet/email etc my battery drops quickly especailly if I dont have a good signal.

You may have a completly normaly battery (alhough I admit even that isnt brilliant) and are just jumping to conclusions.

Also how do you determine moderate use??

Dec 14, 2011
Hello Scott,
Thank you for your answer.
Yes I've read most of the posts (from the start to the beginning of December).

I was almost sure that was the problem because I compared with a friend who bought it 3 weeks ago (wildfire s) like me but have the triple life-span using it more often than I was.

I also checked with the phone reseller who showed the problem to me saying that wasn't normal. 

And indeed the battery level was fine after loading till I got a call and the Dialer use rose and the battery started to drop quickly.

I've succeeded to reduce the Dialer to 2%, the battery flow has been better (using a mix of what's been said above), lets see for how long...

I've just checked using systemPanelLite, looks ok to me, unfortunately I didn't check when I had the dialer issue.

Ps: moderate use: 1-2 phone call (total of 3-7 min duration), 3G on for 4h, 0-4 texts and 15min of internet surfing.
Dec 14, 2011
lol, thats not moderate use ... thats minimal usage lorri ,then whats with mine usage?
 My battery lasts 1 day max with this kind of usage, sorry from lets say 7am till 11pm when its on 15-25%, so its basically a must charge time for tomorrow day, sometimes its more than 20hours if i'm lucky during the weekend and when i dont have to go to work tomorrow! With display powerd only 3hrs , less then 1-2h wifi ,mobile data off escept for 2-3h active 3G/Edge (for twitter and fb reading/checking)if i dont have WiFi signal anywhere near, 10-15 mins call, 30msgs , 10 emails, no background sync enabled, and no demanding apps, no task killer,some simple 80kb battery monitor, no live wallpaper, etc... so basically only  default ones are installed?! Its ok when its on stand by ... i get almost flat battery graph usage for hours , bu the moment i take chacha into hands , it starts dropping ... like i'm doing i dont know what! AND THATS WHAT ANNOYS   ME  the MOST. Especiali the mobile data ... 
SO can someone tell me , is this good or bad!? 2-3h screen on during one day... is this moderate... no, i think its heavy usage?
Dec 15, 2011
Lorri - that is small usage, so sounds like that is the genuine high  battery usage issue if its running down in 12hrs with just that much use.  What is your mobile and data signal like?  Is it stong or weak?

Waroot - you seem to have the same as me, I can leave my phone on 3G or 2G in a good signal area for hours and hours and the battery drops hardly at all.  I find once in an area with bad signal it really drops quickly like the phone is searching too hard.

I also find if I use wifi at my house for browsing etc the battery seems to last OK'ish, but once browsing using 3G it drops quickly, I can almost see the battery percent ticking down and it makes me nervous to use it.

However whether I have made a call so the dialer is at 97% or whether I dont make a call since last charge/reboot so dialer isnt even shown it makes no difference, ie dialer just displays high battery but isnt really using it (confirmed with various apps as well to check CPU usage).

I read yesterday that T-mobile customers all had battery issues when T-mobile upgraded some of their phone masts or something like that, ie phones suddenly had to use much more battery to keep a signal.  Im not with T-mobile (im with Vodafone) but I thought it was interesting that customers were affected in this way.  Even better that T-mobile admitted an issue unlike Android/Goole/HTC etc.

From everything I have read and from seeing my friends use iphones and running them, flat in a day with pretty heavy use (ie twitter and facebook and taking photos etc) Im almost sure my battery/phone is pretty normal however that doesnt make it good!!

What annoys me is that my old old Samsung bog standard phone could last for 2 weeks on one charge with just a few calls, so therefore if I switch off all the smart stuff on the HTC phone and use just for a few calls why cant it last as long (unless its sitting in a strong signal area and never being moved).

Whats it doing when in a low signal area or when I make a call that makes it use the battery so much more than an old style phone??


Dec 15, 2011
havent read above, but my new HTC Wildfire S on 2.3 does the same, dialler was at 92%, now level with android at 48%, battery will last only 12hrs, reception is MUCH worse than my unbreakable Samsung B2700
Dec 15, 2011
I had a chat with a rep from HTC. Here's the conversation:

21:33:01 [June Yan] :
Hi, what can I do for you?
21:33:21 [michael] :
Hi want to check status of email concern

21:33:33 [michael] :

21:33:37 [June Yan] :
Hello, Mr. Michael
21:34:04 [michael] :
hi there.

21:34:44 [June Yan] :
For your concern, please provide me with 1-2 minutes. I will retrieve the ticket for it.
21:34:53 [michael] :
go ahead
21:37:57 [June Yan] :
We have retrieved the ticket number. Can I conform whether the phone issue is that dialer is stuck in partial wakelock, consuming resources and battery power.
21:38:08 [michael] :
21:38:27 [michael] :
draining 2% battery power per 10mins at minimum
21:39:16 [June Yan] :
So can we check about how many hours your phone can last with moderate usage after fully charge. Or if it is just put in an idle mode without usage, how long it may last after full charge.
21:41:43 [michael] :
On idle at about 10hrs all settings off wifi gps brightness at lowest, silent mode on all at minimum. While at moderate at about 6 hours and full usage with all options ON at roughly 4hrs. Btw on idle mode sim card is out and left the phone on until battery drains
21:42:43 [michael] :
Dialer app consuming 98% of battery power
Android system 2%
Idle 2%
Display 2%
21:43:42 [June Yan] :
If the case is that, to check whether there is issue for the phone life, could we know whether you are willing to do one battery test on the phone device?
21:44:11 [michael] :
Already done.
21:44:33 [michael] :
as per advise from one of your reps

21:45:57 [June Yan] :
So you have tried to perform test below?To do a battery test, you can fully charge the phone, then enter the fly mode(press and hold power button for 3 seconds and select "air plane mode").

After that, please adjust the screen brightness to the maximum(go to settings>display>brightness, uncheck "auto brightness" and adjust the screen brightness to the maximum.

Then please set the screen timeout to "never turn off" and let the unit stay One Hour to check the battery usage.


21:46:11 [June Yan] :
over 40% battery has been used within One Hour?
21:46:35 [michael] :
flight mode is also having no sim card on phone. correct me if im wrong

21:47:10 [michael] :
please be advised also that i only had this phone for 1 week. Also having this issue with Wildfire S of my sister
21:47:49 [June Yan] :
If that is the result, we are afraid that there is need to back up the phone data saved and send it to care center to have a check.
21:48:03 [June Yan] :
Could we confirm currently you are in Philippines?
21:48:13 [michael] :
21:48:45 [michael] :
please be advised that the full issue is on this website. Would it be okay if you relay this to your development team?
21:49:30 [michael] :
Seems to be that this "BUG" i think is with the htc sense integration with android prior to changing to 2.3.3 gingerbread
21:51:40 [michael] :
Because literally most of the HTC smartphones that is upgraded to 2.3.3 OTA had this problems. We're keeping the tickets open for over a month right now and there is still no response from the proper department that they are saying (from the email). 
21:53:29 [June Yan] :
O.K sure, we think we will feedback it to our relevant department to do the further check.
21:55:19 [michael] :
by the way. I would like to know if we can upgrade to 2.3.5? or do you guys have any latest software update for chacha
21:56:34 [June Yan] :
To check that, could we have your device software number to see?
21:57:14 [June Yan] :
You may check the information by going to Settings->about phone->software information->software number
21:57:33 [michael] :
21:58:30 [June Yan] :
Could you please hold on for1-2 minutes? I will check it for you.
21:58:35 [michael] :
go ahead

22:01:33 [June Yan] :
After checking, currently your device has been with the latest software version.
22:01:39 [June Yan] :
There is still newer update.
22:01:59 [michael] :
what update are you referring to?
22:03:01 [June Yan] :
We are sorry that we mean that your Cha Cha's andorid and software number has been the latest one
22:03:58 [June Yan] :
It is android 2.3.3 and software number:1.21.707.2
22:04:36 [michael] :
correct. But i am seeing HTC chachas with installed 2.3.4 gb on their handsets
22:06:08 [June Yan] :
Can I know whether you see the information on any website or other friend's devices?
22:07:40 [michael] :
please wait
22:07:55 [June Yan] :
22:08:39 [michael] : and please search " 2.3.4 "
22:10:55 [michael] :
says upgradeable
22:12:37 [June Yan] :
We have seen the website but found that it is not htc official site.
22:14:25 [michael] :
hmm alright. Uhm is there any way to back up my apps when i hard reset my phone. Cause that's my workaround when this bug is happening?
22:15:24 [June Yan] :
For it, you may try to download a 3rd party application named "Astro"
22:16:00 [June Yan] :
In the application, there is the toll of application back up
22:16:56 [michael] :
thanks. that's exactly what i need. and before i go, is there any reference number for this conversation?
22:17:59 [michael] :
i would need it for my reply to the email
22:18:39 [June Yan] :
We are afriad that there is no specific number for the chat converation. But if you have any inquiry, you may just provide us the ticket number below for your concern. We are able to retrieve it.
22:19:28 [michael] :
hmm that's alright well thanks for your time june and have a good day


Dec 15, 2011
My mobile is a Htc Wildfire S that I bought about 3 weeks about, running on 2.3.5.
Since I don't have 'the Dialer issue' anymore, it's been a little bit better not much...

I'd say that the signal is rather weak compared to my last mobile phone. Maybe it's been using the battery to search for signal?

The genuine high battery usage issue?Do you know if there is another issue number that I could check?

Scott I strongly appreciate your help and advices =)

Dec 16, 2011
Hi lorri.i think this is the best site for the battery and/or dialer issue.seems there are a few bugs and they qre all mixed up together in the postings wildfire ie 2.3.3 which i got 3 weeks ago so interesting that yours is 2.3.5.
Dec 16, 2011
Scott: Ok it's what I thought about the website.My wildfire S was 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 when I bought it in Switzerland. But 1-2 weeks ago, I received a notification that told me I could update it. I did it, but the battery lifespan did not change and since I have quite often a black screen for few second...  
Dec 16, 2011
Got this issue since I updated a HTC Incredible S and HTC Desire S from sense 2.1 and android 2.3.3 to sense 3.0 and android 2.3.5 Before this update the dialer was never listed at the battery usage, now it's quite high at both phones.
Dec 19, 2011
no solution yet.. is android dying..
Dec 21, 2011
Same issues on HTC Thunderbolt running Android 2.3.4, HTC Sense 2.1 as delivered OTA from Verizon (not rooted).

Dialer is generally largest battery consumer of anything on phone, even though I generally only make 1 or 2 voice calls a day (if that).
Dec 27, 2011
In continuation to my comment #120.
Atlast I hope to come through a solution that could SAVE THE BATTERY from draining. 
Solution for GSM users:
1. On the Dialer, type in *#*#4636#*#* which will show you "Testing" window
2. Select 'Phone information', scroll down to the bottom in the 'set preferred network type' select 'GSM Only'. If you choose 'GSM auto(PRL)' it will still choose  HSDPA network which is the cause for battery drain. 
Press back to return to your home page.
Result: this pushed my phone's battery to more than 12hrs which was not the case before.

From the above testing, I assume that proximity sensor is not an issue. The issue lies in singal/network utilization with ALL DATA TRAFFIC OFF. I am on a GSM Network (BSNL, India) with all data traffic and auto updates off, in this scenario the network should be switching to GSM ONLY mode automatically but it was still using HSDPA network. I think there is some logical errors in choosing the network based on FEATURES ON/OFF with the OS itself.

Try the above testing method and post your results.

Dec 28, 2011
Hi Pachaiya,

It sounds like you are in an area with no WCDMA signal or a vary bad one.  If thats the case then switching to GSM only will of course help battery, the phone wont keep searching for a WCDMA signal.

You say you have all data traffic off, have you actually switched off 'mobile data' (eg does internet browsing not work) or just turned off all syncing etc.  If you still have mobile data enabled then 'GSM auto PRL' is behaving correctly and trying to connect you to a 3G/HSDPA network and this would cause battery drain if you dont have that available to use.

I dont think you have solved anything, 12hrs with everything switched off seems far too low, I get far better than that, I just had three days (ie 72hours constantly connected to either wifi or mobile network (no airplane time), with light usage.

With 'mobile data' off I could get even more.

Dec 28, 2011
Hi Scott (#319),
I meant it wouldn't stand far more than 14hrs for a full recharge before, but while I was playing with GSM only mode it crossed the barrier with a the partial charged battery.
I didn't say I have solved anything. My points are 
1. when "all data traffic & background sync are set to off" then I expect its behavior to be a basic phone where it should  have gone to the least supportive mode or frequency like GSM (in my case) since this phone doesn't support video calling so there is no use of toggling between GSM/HSDPA/WCDMA which is a cause for drain. 
2. when "all data traffic & background sync are set to off", 'GSM auto PRL' selected switches to HSDPA network again which drains the battery. So GSM Only mode restricts it to the lower frequency and saves from drain.

A first full charging after fixing my voice network to GSM only mode has consumed only 10% in 16hrs with Proximity sensor ON. This frees me from carrying the power cord all time with me. There are lot of guys who still finding a way to save battery drain with all features set off, they can test this way and switch to WCDMA/HSDPA only during needs of data traffic.

Dec 29, 2011
Hi Pachaiya,

I understand your comments better now.  However from more reading I think when on GSM auto PRL the phone will still use WCDMA (and therefore always search for WCDMA even if mobile data is off) if the WCDMA signal is stong enough even if you arent using mobile data. Whereas with 'WCDMA preferred' it will use WCDMA even if the WCDMA signal is low.

In either case the phone still searches for WCDMA, but whether it uses it or not depends on the signal strength.

GSM auto PRL - it uses WCDMA if the WCDMA signal is strong.
WCDMA preferred - it uses WCDMA if the WCDMA signal is weak.

See here

Obviously using just GSM will stop it searching for WCDMA and therefore stop it eating the battery when WCDMA cant be found.

It sounds like you do have a solution for yourself, ie switch to GSM only, and Im glad its working for you.  If I want better battery life I do the same myself although Im lucky enough to live in an area with strong signals for WCDMA so it doesnt make a lot of difference which setting I use.

It would be interesting to know if the people with battery life issues live in a stong WCDMA area and what settings they use however I would have guessed that as the battery issue has gone on for months that people would have tested these things already but you never know.

But Ive definately found as you have that the phone eats battery when searching for any sort of signal that cant be found, especially WCDMA.

Dec 29, 2011
Hi Scott,
I didn't suspect GSM/WCDMA settings before because I was ASSUMING that switching off the "Mobile Network" and background data sync itself will disable the usage of High frequencies like HSDPA/WCDMA network. But seems it still used the HSDPA network with no real use for user & data traffic. So its a logical issue in the development side where I rely on automatic setting to do the best for user by effecting the lower/higher frequencies based features disabled/enabled. And also lot of people blame on Proximity Sensor for this battery drain issue which I guess isn't the real culprit. Its helping me lot in Pocket mode and doesn't drain the power. And also the dialer stuck issue is also a false statistics which could be fixed by developers. Since mine (wildfire S) is a entry/mid level phone I don't think any android developer will fix this logical issues based on features or hardware capability as everyone is working for High end phones (all bells & whistles built in the phone). Seems HTC didn't work on the OS part other than the UI. They have just cut features in the hardware, fixed a price and shipped it. So android os meant for highend hardware causes issues in the middle / lower product line. Anyway thanks for a good discussion scott!
Dec 29, 2011
Hi Pachaiya,

Totally agree with you that if mobile data is switched off then then phone may as well revert to GSM automatically, thats an excellent idea and I can understand why you thought it may happen, it hadnt occured to me to think about that actually, but now you mention it it does seem an easy design feature to include as a user option, ie do you want GSM to be used if mobile data is off.

The dialer issue at 97%ish is definately just a reporting issue as you say, I was disappointed that when I got the 2.3.5 android upgrade that it wasnt fixed.

I know that its not just the wildfire S (also my phone) that has this reporting bug so you would think Google would work with the various hardware manufacturers to get it fixed.

Im cant remember if its just HTC phones that have it but if so then maybe its something in HTC Sense not working well with android itself, or maybe its just HTC Sense itself displaying the stats incorrectly.

Anyway - I seem to get good battery life, or as good as I'd expect.  I saw my friends iPhone on 91% battery last week, they used it for 10-15mins for internet browing over mobile network/data and it dropped to about 81% !!  so I now think android/wildfire S isnt so bad after all.

Jan 2, 2012
After some testing with 2.3.5 I can report that the issue has not been fixed.

I let the phone run for a few hours, just idle. Then I called someone so the dialer would start. I let it idle for another few hours then compared the battery usage.

Before the call battery usage was minimal and constant. An almost horizontal line on the battery life graph. After the call there was a clear decline in the graph, it was also not as constant, as if the phone was doing all kinds of stuff. I can acknowledge this from my own experience: with the dialer in partial wakelock, the phone gets warmer so clearly there are processes running actively.
Jan 3, 2012
Hi All.,
i have HTC chacha, and i am also facing the same problem. Dialer get start after getting one called and consume battery lot..

will google resolve it..bcoz i like HTC chacha lot.i tried everything which are cited above.

Jan 4, 2012
Luckily I was able to update my phone to 2.3.5. By manual check, initially the software update didn't show the new update available but a retry has worked. So guys in APAC/India should be able to receive thru OTA/cable.

After 4 days of observation from the update, my battery problem seems to be resolved. There is no frequent charging, it gives me more than 24hrs per charge on moderate usage (games & camera apps) and also on WCDMA Preferred & Proximity Sensor ON. Even if the Dialer issue is alive I am not bothered because of a gain in battery life.
Picture 9.jpg
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Jan 5, 2012
Is it possible that the problem is not with the dialer but rather with the Battery Use indicator software?  Not just the 97% dialer seems off, but other indicators as well.  Since my last charge, I haven't made a call and my phone has been up for 1 day and 17 hours.  I have however used Wi-Fi for at least 3 hours (and turned it off when not in use) but according to the software, 49% of the battery usage has been for "Cell standby,"  44% for "Phone idle," 4% for Wi-Fi and just 3% for the display (set to medium).  Opinions?
Jan 6, 2012
Hi Selicsm,

You are correct.

Read comment 282.

Dialer stats in Battery Use Indicator are very obviously incorrect (not for everyone as some people have 'normal' stats but when you see 97%ish then thats just completely wrong), you may well be right that other stats are incorrect, I havent noticed this myself.

However I believe this is a seperate issue from people that really do have bad battery life.  

Unfortunately people have combined the two problems when they are actually seperate.  Some people see 97% and immediately think the dialer is at fault without looking elsewhere.

Jan 6, 2012
I have NOT seen this on CM7 on a few devices, but it sounds like the proximity sensor is what's causing the phantom drain after a call. Most ROMs have it on by default and its code is buggy. To disable it (must have root), remove /system/bin/proximityd and reboot. See if that fixes it.
Jan 8, 2012
Just to add to my previous comment 330, I tested my battery usage again, this time by making a call right after charging and booting, and with otherwise similar phone usage, I had battery power for a similar length of time, despite the battery usage indicator showing the dialer at 97%.  
Jan 10, 2012
I am in the same boat with my EVO 4G.  If I have no voice calls I am good for 24 hours.  As soon as I get the first voice call my battery life retreats like the French army.  Android 2.3.3
Jan 11, 2012
I contacted HTC and this is what they told me:

Thank you for getting back to me regarding your HTC Wildfire S.

I understand that you are inquiring about the battery usage of the Dialler application.

The Dialler application appears to use be using such a high percentage because it is essential to many other functions/apps on your device. For example if your send a text message and look in the phone book you are using the dialler, if you send an email you are using the dialler. The dialler has numerous functions in the one app and therefore takes up a lot of the battery power. I apologise for any inconvenience this matter may be causing you.

I hope that this information meets with your requirements. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Jan 12, 2012
Just started happening on my evo 4g. Dialer using 50% no battery life, same as all above. 
Jan 15, 2012
Comment 335 - HTC are talking rubbish.  Maybe the dialer does get used for many functions but its still reporting incorrectly.  You probably got thru to the first line support guys who havent got a clue what they are talking about.

Jan 20, 2012
Same issue. HTC Wildfire S A510e.
Jan 22, 2012
same issue to me just got my chacha dialer show up using 91% of the battery
2.3.5 GB :( hope htc fixed this i would be a great phone
Jan 23, 2012
I've got exactly same issue here, with Explorer A310e and I've red everything in this thread, nothing helped. For some time I use "proximity screen off" and it kind of works but I don't like this app. But If anyone have any ideas, I'll try them.

Jan 23, 2012
In the same boat with HTC Wildfire S A510e GB 2.3.3. After a call the dealer keep climbing non stop. The only solution so far is restart. If not restarted it will eat a half of the battery overnight doing nothing in the flight mode. I am wondering if it could be something to do with the phone being "unlocked" ? Mine is unlocked from Telstra so maybe some "checking" process is activated while calling and wont die until the restart? Anyone with the "on plan" phone here? BTW if I update to 2.3.5 will it clear all the telstra staff?
Jan 24, 2012
Update to #341. Yesterday I did not restart my phone after a few calls during the day and was surprised to see the battery did not drop overnight. It did drop a few days back with the dealer around 96%. This morning it still shows 96% but the battery graph was flat overnight. Currently the battery around 30% after 1d 10h with normal use with wi-fi on at office and home, a few calls, some you-tube and browsing what seems reasonable enough. So I assume the "overnight drop" - the main confirmation of the "dealer issue" (for myself) was due the phone being new and the battery not being in full strength - it needs a few full cycles to get it. There is still a bug of reporting various energy consumers under "Dealer" after a call but I don't care that much about this report as soon I get a couple of days from the battery.
Jan 25, 2012
With my HTC chacha, the "proximity screen off" app is also doing the job!
Jan 25, 2012
Hey , yannick, how do you use the "proximity screen off" app? I have chacha , and my battery is poor, hardly a day .. (with 2hours of display on during day = under 10% battery juices) What setting do you use in the "proximity screen off" app/ THank u

Jan 26, 2012
check the previous posts of the proximity screen for settings, i use it in combination with juice defender and my battery stays 1-1.5 days in heavy use...

Jan 27, 2012
For the proximity screen I use this settings, I red about them few post back and i copy-ed them here you go. 

- Download the App "Proximity Screen Off" (by Shailesh Soliwal).
- open it(see note below) and select the box for "Enable Device Admin" (give permission)
- "Disable in Landscape" selected
- "Enable during call only" NOT selected
- Both "Cover..." boxes are NOT selected
- "Disable Accidental Lock MUST be selected
- For "Timeout", we have 1 second.
- Press the "back" button on the phone
- Chose "Start Service"

Sorry I forgot who posted them. Still, this works for me, but i really don't like this app so if anyone got something else in mind, will be nice to share it.
BTW I'm using 2.3.5 
Feb 1, 2012
I just installed the new Android version that just became available for my Wildfire S. It's update 2.13.401.3. NO DIALER ISSUE FIX:

I'm testing the dialer issue as I type here:
Right now: battery stats say Display, Wi-Fi and Cell Standby each at about 33% usage. No dialer in the list yet.

Dialing a number and hanging up before it rings.

Refreshing the battery stats:
First thing I see is Dialer at 58%, Android System at 5%.

Another refresh (about 30 seconds later):
Dialer at 81% (Android system at 2%, seems halted, rest of the processes are less than 10% now).

So this software update does yet again NOT fix the battery consuming dialer issue. So don't waste your time on this update if you seek a fix for the dialer issue... sigh.

Feb 2, 2012
tried all of the above-mentioned, nothing has worked (htc wildfire s 2.3.5), then I installed easy battery saver, made a call but denied 'phone' (which I assume is the dialer) network access, and there's a significant change, dialer rising slowly, and only gone to 40%, before I denied access it was instantly showing 97%, so if its the p.sensor to blame why would network access make a difference???.
Feb 2, 2012
just to clarify I put easy battery saver in advanced mode, so you can configure every app's network connectivity, then when 'phone' asked to connect to the network while making a call I denied it, dialer slowly rises to 50%, then stops, easy battery savers battery indication shows dialer at 7%, no further rise, an battery level has only dropped 2% in 2 hours, usually after a call without a restart I'd lose 40-50% in 2 hours.
Feb 2, 2012
What do you guys think about buying a new stronger battery like, i have 1250mAh on my Cha Cha, but i wanna buy one with 1800mAh a stronger copy made for chacha?  Would that help...cuz nothing else does.. :( 
I'm still getting just about 10hours of battery when i use the phone normaly, not even one day for god sake! 
Feb 2, 2012
djgrants ... can you please tell me your advanced configuration for easy battery  saver? thank you

Feb 2, 2012
based on comment 204.
i tried proximity sensor off application.but when i run that application,my battery gone very fast.thats y i uninstalled again.please give me any proper relevant solution for this.i am using htc wildfire s.
Feb 7, 2012
Also tries "Proximity sensor off", but Dialer and Android System are still around 40% each. Phone is a Desire with a 2.3.5 based custom rom.
Feb 8, 2012
I have a brand new Wildfire S Vodafone UK branded. I don't want to root my phone, but if any custom ROM will fix this tedious battery problem, I would gladly void the warranty. Is there any custom ROM that has solved the  issue 100 % or it's just an awful issue of Gingerbread that nobody can fix so far? I've seen even people with Cyanogenmod complaining from it, so this means that it really is hard to fix. And WTF? why does Google not even write a comment here about are they doing anything or not?

Guess what Google, maybe you've solved all your issues in Android 4.0, but since now in the world exists just one freaking phone compatible with it, and costs here 600 Euro, moving to 4.0 is not an option for most of us, unless you decide to make the update available for all GB device??
Feb 9, 2012
I have a HTC Thunderbolt which had this problem, but it doesn't now. I am running a custom rom from called SkyRaider Zeus 1.3. It has an option to switch from  LTE to 3G/CDMA when the screen is off which fixes the problem for me. For me the problem seems to be that I live in an area with a weak data signal from any of the nearby towers. Even though I use wifi at home, that's where I see the problem most. If I turn off the SkyRaider option, I see the problem again.

Normally my phone idles at about 40 mA, when the dialer problem is present the usage jumps up to 200+mA. Hope this helps someone.
Feb 10, 2012
"connect the phone to the charger with the phone powered on, and allow the phone to charge until the notification LED is green, indicating the device is fully charged. Disconnect the phone from the charger, and power it off. Reconnect the phone to the charger with the phone powered off, and allow the phone to charge until the notification LED is green. Disconnect the phone from the charger and power it on. Once the phone is powered completely on, power it off again and reconnect it to the charger until the notification LED is green. Disconnect the phone, power it on, and use it. You need to use this sequence only once"

I do this process every time I flash a new rom on my device and it works flawlessly. A little tedious, but you only have to do this once and you are good to go.

Feb 10, 2012
I have the same issue on HTC Desire S.

Android: 2.3.5
HTC Sense: 3.0
Software number:
Feb 10, 2012

Well done thats how to charge a battery, completely irrelevant if you have the battery drain/dialer issue or the battery UI screen showing incorrect stats though.

Feb 12, 2012
Same issue with HTC Wildfire S

Feb 16, 2012
To all and Nomih,

I just did the charge, turn off, charge, turn on, etc. sequence and my battery has yet to show dialer in the battery usage. I had the same problem that everyone is talking about, and was only getting ~8-10 hours on moderate usage and dialer at 97+%. My phone is HTC wildfire S. I am speculating that the charge sequence calibrates the battery usage and the dialer might just be a reading issue, rather than an actual drainer of battery.

We can't give up on this issue because it really sucks to have shotty battery life. I hope that my comments made sense and are helpful. Others should try it and see what they find.

Feb 16, 2012
Update on last post #362:

After 5+ hours of light-moderate use, I am still between 8 and 9 out of 10 bars of battery life and dialer is at 7%. Huge improvement from before. Even with light use before, my battery would go down quickly and dialer appeared to be the culprit. 

Hopefully people are still reading this thread and it's not a lost cause.

Feb 17, 2012
To all and Nick,

Good that you've spend time to test it out, but here's my case which at least for me proves that the Dialer high % usage is really a battery drainer and not only a misreading.

I'm not a power user at all. I just moved from my non-smart Nokia to this phone, so I don't use it so much. If I do not care for the Dialer problem I get the following results:

Fully charged battery (I mean properly charged), I make a normal call early in the morning and do not care at all what happens afterwards. I barely use the phone during the day and get around 40% left in the evening. I do not charge it but leave it like this. Around the middle of the night the phone reaches 15% when I have set the power saving mode to kick in. As a result, somehow the problem disappears, maybe the power saving kills the process or I don't know, and the I find the phone in the morning with around 14% left.

Case 2 - Keep an eye on the battery level and Dialer
What I do is to restart my phone after every call I make. I do not talk a lot, so this is not such a big problem for me, but is not the solution that I want and if you ask me is no solution at all. However, yesterday I have reached 4 days without charging, that's 4 x 24h battery life with my low usage and the phone was at 10% when I've read this value.

In conclusion, I think the reading of Dialer 97% is not false, because when I do restart my phone after calling it barely goes over 10%, and that's if I've made really long calls.
Feb 18, 2012
Is this task really difficult for the HTC engineers to work upon?

I am using HTC Chacha and really feeling bad about the battery!!
Feb 18, 2012
Regards comment 362, I did the battery calibration rigmarole and so far the dialer is gone, despite several texts, emails and phone. Honestly, it seems to work.
Feb 21, 2012
If you read all the posts very carefully you will see there is more than one problem reported in this thread.

There is a reporting problem where the battery usage UI reports incorrectly that the dialer is using a lot of battery.

There is a second problem where the dialer gets stuck in a partial wakelock and really does use all the battery.

You may have either or both problems.

A reboot will 'fix' both thwe problems, ie it obviously stops the dialer holding the wakelock and it also stop the battery UI from pushing the false dialer reading further up.

Many people will see the reporting issue and believe its a real problem even if its not, they may have apps or something else happenning which is using the battery.

If you have the dialer wakelock issue then that is bad luck as nothing you can do about that.

Read post 282 carefully, it shows that the info in the battery usage CANNOT be correct.  The post uses real stats but an extreme example is below, and I have seen this example on my phone (I did a LOT of testing).

Assume you have about 1% battery left and no dialer showing up, therefore 99% of battery has been used by other things, eg screen, wifi, apps etc etc.

Then make a one second call and watch as the dialer eventually says its used 97% of battery (ie its used 97% of the battery that has been used so far, so almost 97% of the total battery as we only have 1% of battery left).

NOT POSSIBLE - are you telling me all the other things have now only used a few percent of the battery in total when before the call they had used 99% - use some common sense people!!!

Post 282 shows the figures taken from my phone.  Take time to read and digest them.

Calibrating the battery does not fix either issue, it may fix a problem where the battery was behaving badly and you thought it was a dialer issue when it wasnt.

Feb 21, 2012
This dialer issue reared its ugly head on my Incredible 2 (Verizon, USA) Running android version 2.3.4, HTC Sense 2.1 - Same symptoms. Life is good until I make a voice call, then dialer shows up under battery usage. I don't recall that happening with previous version of android software.  Reboot makes it go away. 

I'll be monitoring this thread closely. HTC recently announced that Ver. 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) will be available for OTA update some time in March for the Incredible 2.  Let's hope that addresses this issue.
Feb 22, 2012
htc wildfire -s 
android 2.3.5
sense 2.1
software number 2.13.401.3

Having the battery drain  issue as described here,
Dialer using excessive battery power. 
Have tried various different methods of wifi on\off bluetooth on \ off tried to turning the options for pick up phone ringtones and options but still the battery drains withen 4hrs
this is  brand new handset and after having it for 3 days got the ota to the current version and this is when the problems started happening .
only reseloution is to turn phone off and back on with fastboot disabled after each and every call.

I am at a loss as to how to solve this problem and none seems to be taking ownership of the problem. 

when will this be fixed by android.?
Either a proper ota fix or even let me downgrade back to befor the updae when it worked .

The worst thing is my older htc wildfire is sweet as battery lasts for 2 days still 

Please Fix This :) 

Feb 24, 2012
Same here on Galaxy Note.
Very frustrating...
Feb 26, 2012
Ok, i've been doing some research on this, and while the battery stats are showing 99% of dialer consumption, but i have this stats on other program that shows me the right amount of battery drainage by background or foreground apps!
Ok, -Android System 10%
But -Htc Check in Service 10% also
And -Setting Storage 10% WTF
FFS -Google backup Transport 10% OMGWTF!
OMFG -BrcmBluetoothServices 9%  (I DIDNT EVEN TURNED ON BLUETOOTH FOR 10 DAYS At least)
AND down below things i dont/havent used at all: -Flickr -Sim tollkit, etc  , I DONT EVEN HAVE FLICKR! (u cant see that its below...and many more android/google nonsense apps and programs wasting our batteries that i dont even use!  

22.2 KB   View   Download
Mar 1, 2012
I have the same problem on LG P500 Optimus One.
Dialer is heavily draining battery.
Mar 1, 2012
Hey, some update from my side:

I have just noticed something that maybe is not new for most of you, but I would like to share it just in case somebody does not know it. The battery drain problem appears only when I start the call. For some reason, when I receive a call initiated by somebody else, I do not get the problem. 

Now how did I notice it:
I use the great tool mentioned above - Battery History for GB. Basically when you select the Sensor usage, you get the processes that use any sensor (gps, accelerometer, compass, proximity, whatever). So when I receive a call, the Dialer appears there of course, but after the call is over, the Dialer stops using any sensor, because the amount of time shown in this app stays constant.

On the other hand, when I initiate the call myself, the Dialer again appears in the Sensor usage view, but when I refresh its details, I see that it continues to use the sensor even after the call is over, simply because after every refresh I make, I get a growing number of minutes and seconds that the Dialer uses the sensor.

So the positive thing is: I do not have to restart my phone after somebody else calls me, but still I have to restart it after I call somebody. Its again tedious but at least I have to restart my phone less often.
Mar 4, 2012
Maybe the Dialer tries to poll some sensor that is disabled or malfunctioning when battery level is low (at least at some phones), and this causes the following infinite polling loop.

I have encountered the problem the first time when the battery went below 20% and I have received two calls. Before that, I have never let the battery go lower than 25% (the phone's uptime was approx. 1700 hrs - more than two months). The next day (after charging the phone completely) I discovered that something drained about 6% every hour while the phone was not being used, and 'Android System' and 'Dialer' occupied two first places in 'Battery Usage' list.

After a reboot, the 'Dialer' seems to be sitting quietly, I have made and received some calls since then and haven't noticed the unusual battery draining.

Hope this will help to locate the bug.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)
Android 2.3.5
Build: GingerBread.XWKI8
Mar 5, 2012
Factory reset did not solve this issue for me.
Mar 9, 2012
Please get the dialer issue resolved. I have an HTC Chacha and the dialer usage shows 49% even after I have unchecked all the options under settings>sound 

Earlier it was 92%

Even 49% is high. So HTC, Google, please resolve this issue for us fast fast.

Mar 11, 2012
i have the HTC ChaCha and the same issue as above.
Ive got Diler............48%
        Android System...48%
        Cell Standby......2%
        Phone idle........2%
And this is after restar, so no calls were made!

Please fix the problem so we can start using our phones and not be pluged in all the time...just hope we get the fix soon :/

Mar 12, 2012
ive had this similar issue happen with my htc desire was given to me by a friend and he said he had trouble with it too.
i have an odd fix for it. fixes it for a couple of weeks anyways.
The dialer usually starts to play up right before my phone starts becoming extremdly sluggish. it also turns on my music player for some reason, and if it starts while i am using my music player it will start skipping tracks or even restarting tracks.

anyways i found this seems to be a temporary fix ill report back to see how long it lasts.

go into applications and force stop voice dialer. 
then go into running processes, and show background processes and close voice dialer.
mind you it will reboot if you restart your phone.

this does solve it until the phone crashes. turn it back on and send the error reports. this usually happends for me when my phone goes on standbye. for me after the 2nd or 3rd crash voice dialer won't boot and the phone seams to reset itself to a restore point. you wont have lost any data.

currently my voice dialer which was my issue is dead on my phone with 0's in all its processors. now i am just waiting for someone to call me to see if it wakes back up.
as long as it is dead it wont play up.

also for those of you who are having their dialers dialing them out to the last person they called, download tiny call confirm from the market.
it won't stop the voice dialer though.

anyways i hope this can help someone, crashing the phone seams to have worked for me twice now.
and yeswhen its wakelocking it does drain battery fast, m
Mar 15, 2012
Same issue on my HTC EVO 4G.  Dialer is draining the battery.

Android version 2.3.5

Mar 15, 2012
Had the same issue on HTC Salsa Android 2.3.3
After reading this whole thread last night and trying all the other options I noticed that after most suggestions I gained battery time.
Tip: Turn everything off. This may become annoying when wanting to surf the web, play a game that uses internet access and so forth..However if you remember what to turn back on, you're sweet :) also, the phone should let you know if you need to turn something on when trying to do something like "market". So make sure you; do not have a live wallpaper, stick to simple and use a photo! In the "About Phone" there is a "Tell HTC" - turn that off (this may not make a difference or not, haven't tested as of yet) Make sure your wi-fi is turned off when you aren't using it! this also includes "Mobile Network" Insure that your screen brightness is LOW. I have mine on the lowest setting. "Accounts and sync" remove all that you can you will notice you can't remove gmail unless you reset the phone to factory defaults. WARNING: in doing so this will delete your contacts! It will delete all that is on your phone, so make sure to move music, photos, etc. (I haven't actually done this) Turn off all functions in "Location" I've also unchecked automatic restore under privacy. Turn OFF "scheduled check" under "Software updates" You don't always have to have these things off but while you aren't using them, it is smart to do so. Go through all your settings and turn it all off! that's the best advice I can give. Also force close services you know your phone doesn't use in order to function. E.G Google Services, this will start back up when using such as "market"
Battery 17 hrs 44mins on 2/3 battery. :D
You will notice it still states that the Dialer is using the most, I'm guessing because over the period of your phone being used, this is what you have used the most. I'm also guessing even after a reboot and/or shut down it still stays there. However, after changing all of the settings, you will gain some battery time, then after you fall asleep and wake up it will have a longer battery time. Before sleep 7 hrs after sleep 17 hrs. The more you use your phone, the more it will drain so I'd recommend to use a computer when ever you can instead of your phone.
Sorry about the length... Hope it helps!!!
Mar 15, 2012
Oh make sure that your background data is off also. :)
Mar 15, 2012
After call; Dialer at 97% battery hrs remaining; 18 hrs 11m (More than before)
Battery drain is not caused by calling or receiving, it's caused by auto software updates, wi-fi, mobile network, live wallpapers, apps running in which don't need to be, and running apps in background.  Debugging makes no difference... Tell HTC may also make no difference.
Good luck!! :D
Mar 17, 2012

hey, it seems you've put a lot of effort in your tests and I appreciate it. However, reading through the whole thread, eventually you've got maybe confused. The problem is clearly stated in the second post: 

"Just an update; using monitoring tools we've discovered that part of the reason the wakelock occurs is to do with the sensor. After a call is made or received, it appears the Dialer will constantly poll the sensor (unsure which sensor) and will not stop. Sensor usage will over time approach 100% for the Dialer."

Please try the following test:
Install the application - Battery History for GB (it's not on the market. You can find it in XDA Developers forum)
Look inside the sensor usage, there might be the Dialer process in the list. If not, make a call and check again. Check its sensor usage and you'll see how many seconds did this process has used a sensor. Go back to all processes that used sensor and click Menu->Refresh. Then check the Dialer again and - surprise! The number of seconds has increased. That's because it just does not stop polling the sensor, thus draining your battery, because this process prevents the device's processor from going to its power saving mode. If the number of seconds have not increased, it means that simply YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PROBLEM THAT IS DISCUSSED IN THIS THREAD. Then, your low battery life is really caused by other stuff that you have discussed in your tests.

I'll just state again my results: Do not care for the sensor stuff => 14-16 hours of battery life on a Wildfire S.
Actually make sure that the process does not poll the sensor all the time by restarting my device if I notice it => almost 4 days of the same type of usage!
Now that's what I call a big difference!

Mar 19, 2012
I have the same problem with my HTC Explorer (Android 2.3.5). Please, fix this problem!
Mar 22, 2012
Problem also reproduces on HTC ChaCha with Android 2.3.5.

Can we have an ETA for the fix?
Mar 27, 2012
Seeing the same issue on HTC Cha Cha running Android 2.3.5.
Mar 29, 2012
HTC chacha running 2.3.5 same issue
Apr 5, 2012
Seem to have the same issue on HTC Evo running 2.3.5.
Apr 7, 2012
is google going to do something about this or what?

bump bump bump!

... some genius needs to come up with a rom which allows us to turn off flip to mute on Wildfire S.
Apr 8, 2012
HTC ChaCha, Android 2.3.5

Same Problem

Dialer at 96% permanently and even after Phone reboot.

Hopefully somebody get's his shit together and fixes this.
Apr 9, 2012
Hi guys,

I know I've written already a lot, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? I forgot to restart my phone last night after I've called a friend. My battery was almost full and I went to sleep. Check out what happened with totally no usage of my Wildfire S during the night :D

I hate this problem :-(

14.3 KB   View   Download
Apr 9, 2012
#395 ChezMarto
My HTC Wildfire S shows the Dialler as using a constant 95% despite numerous reboots and me clearing the Dialler/Dialler Storage Cache & many failed attempts to Force Quit both in Manage Applications.

The only thing that successfully resets the Dialler is to fully charge up my mobile.  Then as soon as I send a text or make or receive a call ... it's Groundhog Day again.

I have applied the recommendations of disabling the Quiet Ring on pickup, Pocket Mode & Flip For Speaker, turned my display brightness off when possible, turn to 2G and switch off WIFI, GPS and data transfer along with using Flight Mode a lot of the time too.  I use a black desktop background and have syncing off as well as News, Stocks & Weather.

I'm currently doing my own personal research into exactly how my HTC Wildfire S performs under different circumstances the first scenario is where everything is clamped down most of the day with me switching on WIFI/3G/Data Transfers etc only in short bursts and playing Scamble With Friends or DrawSomething very briefly and only making one or two calls/sms' etc, spread out over the 24hrs or whenever the battery starts to run low, whichever comes first.

Next I'll see what happens with me using the mobile more frequently, with WIFI/Data Transfer turned on more often and more facebook browsing etc ... but I will still only connect to 2G unless I'm on facebook or playing DrawSomething/Scramble With Friends.

It will be interesting for me to compare the results of both usage patterns and share them here.  I'm not a power user and my last phone was on standby 85% of the time and really just for emergencies ... it has a 5mp camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and I used the camera much more than the phone.

I'm taken by my new mobiles capabilities, how much like a mini computer it is and really haven't stopped fiddling with it since I bought it 2 weeks ago, it's such an amazing gadget but I'm more than concerned about this issue and it's widespread effects on so many folk.

I'll post the results of my  test along with a screenshot of the Battery stats very soon as currently the battery is sitting on 32% and should be ready for recharging within the next 3 hours or so.  Then when I complete the 2nd test I will post the result of that in a similar manner.

Then I feel I'll be better able to offer my own 2¢ into this issue.

Apr 10, 2012
#396 ChezMarto
Okay my battery reached it's end and I've connected it up to the charger.

I got 22h 13m out of it with fairly light usage as you can see by the stats.

My HTC Wildfire S spent most of that period with Mobile Network, WIFI, Data Sync disabled.  No Bluetooth or facebook friends stream, no news updates not much syncing at all.  I spent 15 minutes playing games and made no calls or texts the only phone use coming from Google Play when it installed apps on my phone.

Dialler was at 95% for pretty much the entire 22hrs and the other stats were also unchanged over the period.

I'm not sure why there was such a drastic fall in charge because I didn't do anything special during that time that I didn't do later on, so that's a strange one?

Over the next 24hrs I'll be using my mobile in exactly the same manner as today but I'm not going to make any calls or expect to receive any ... texts or voice calls that is.  I want to see what happens when Dialler isn't triggered into wakelock. 

I'll post the same screenshots tomorrow night for comparison.

Screen Shot 2012-04-10 at 11.02.41 PM.jpg
187 KB   View   Download
Apr 11, 2012
I have been having the issue with Dialer showing up on my HTC Inspire 4G but the numbers are definitely wrong.  My battery life does not decrease rapidly all the time.  I have tested this over the last 5 months.  However, on a rare occasion, I get both the Dialer and Android System both increasing equally together.  When this happens my battery life decreases extremely rapidly due to wake lock issues.  I have requested information from HTC regarding this issue and about updates and below is the reply:

Dear Jason Bullard,

Thank you for contacting HTC email tech support. I am sorry to hear that you are having an issue with the battery on your HTC Inspire 4G.

Where you have already done multiple Factory Data Resets on the phone and re-installed the ROM via the RUU from our website, the next thing I will have you do is contact our Warranty and Repair department. They are available at 1-888-617-1113 between 8am and 8pm EST, 7 days a week. 

As to the reason Jason, on why the Desire HD in Europe has the 2.3.5 OS and not available for the Inspire 4G from AT&T in the US, is because each update is designed with the provider in mind. Each update is tested by Google, HTC, the provider, as well as, by region and country, to make sure that the update will be available. Currently only the Desire HD for Europe is getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update. 

As always Jason, we are available here at email support between 6am and 1am EST, 7 days a week. You can also check out our website at . Have a great day.

Let me know if I have successfully answered your question, please click here to complete this.

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As noted, they only referred me to the warranty department.  Furthermore, they have made it clear that the carrier is as much involved with receiving an update as they are.  Essentially, for me, AT&T is not entertaining the idea of an update and henceforth neither will HTC.  I have not been able to determine what the exact issue is regarding these wakelock problems, but it would seem to be random on phones of the same model.  I truly believe it is an issue of batches of faulty sensors being installed on the phones.
Apr 11, 2012
Logged a call with HTC and at least they now accept their is a problem, now I'm having a battle with Three to get them to replace my device as it's not fit for purpose.

Dear Paul

Thank you for your quick response.

I have consulted my supervisor about this problem and can confirm that this is something we and Google are aware of but there are ways that you can try improve the battery life when it comes to making phone calls.

You can try the following and hopefully this will help:

1. Change the network mode to GSM only by going into menu > settings > wireless & networks > mobile networks > network mode> GSM only. Does this help with the problem at all?
2. Clear the data and cache for the Dialler by going into menu > settings > applications > manage applications > all > dialler > clear data > clear cache > force stop.

After you have tried this, you should see a difference in battery life.

To let me know I have successfully answered your query, please follow the link below to close your enquiry, you will have the opportunity to leave feedback about your experience contacting me today.

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Apr 14, 2012
Just to clarify some things. From what I have observed and read there are two distinctive bugs. One is the "Dialer" stating excessive battery usage when it is clearly not doing so.  I get this all the time without any noticable effect on battery life. A separate issue is the wakelock polling sensor problem. This is categorized by both the "Dialer" and "Android OS" increasing at the exact same percentage rate under battery usage screen.  The wakelock does suck the battery life of the device experiencing it.  I do not know how much the two problems are related but they are both issues regardless. The wakelock is of course the worst given the already heavy battery drain that smart phones take due to their capabilities.
Apr 17, 2012
I have tried this OLga, and the force stop button does not have any effect.
Is there any other fix for this problem with the dialler
Apr 18, 2012
Im having the same issue on a htc status (chacha).
Apr 21, 2012
Same here.. I got it on April 19. Now HTC service people are saying..they will get it replaced.. but going through this thread.. even New replacement wont help me! Frustrating!!!
May 8, 2012
In Play Store(Market) i downloaded Proximity Screen Off and its helped! Apps Icon look's like Power On/off button :)
May 11, 2012
Might be a bit off topic since this seems to be htc based but had this problem with nec medias n-05d. This phone cannot be rooted at present so can't uninstall dialer. Turning on bluetooth and using fast reboot after every call and after using the camera (same sensor being affected?) solved it. When Japan only phones have a problem its a total nightmare for a westerner, hopefully this can help other non japanese with this phone.
May 11, 2012
Comment 404 also helps on this phone. Perhaps a problem with standard european sims and docomo usim?. Not sure because 3 use similar (if not the same)  tech, being chinese.
May 12, 2012
me 2. i have a htc chacha running GB 2.3.5 and it barely can get through a whole day with light usage (texting (30 -40 sms) and a little game (30 min))
May 14, 2012
I have this problem on my Incredible 2.  Come on, please fix it!
May 16, 2012
I might be in wakelock with my HTC Wildfire S because of sending and receiving text messages (SMS). Anyone else got this dialer problem without making calls?


Try turning airplane mode on and off again to overcome the dialer problem. I've been going from 20% to 8% at a very rapid speed (on standby) with battery consumption going to dialler and android system. After that I've been testing with some of the things said in this topic such as turning off pocket mode, turning on bluetooth, turning on wifi and also going in and out of airplane mode.

Now my final 8% are consumed extremely slowly even (1% per 20 mins) while using the phone extensively (compared to usually) and I'm thinking it might be because I turned airplane mode on and off which resets my sim card.

Has anyone ever thought of the possibility that our phones have trouble finding the cell phone network at times and therefore consumes so much battery? Maybe we just have a bad service provider? I've recently changed provider from Proximus to Mobile Viking and that's also about the same time the problem really started (I usually could manage 30+ hours of standby time whilst now it's barely 8hours).
May 17, 2012
Still exists on 2.3.5. 73% battery usage by dialer even after reboot or hard reset. (HTC ChaCha)
May 24, 2012
htc wildfire s 
android vers 2.3.4
htc sense 2.1
software number 2.00.1550.07
unlocked and rooted

same battery problem with all above...starting to experiment with various mentioned things above.

MetroPCS is carrier...they use version 2.3.4 on the HTC Wildfire S S-on CDMA

large battery drainage in matter of minutes in bad service area, where it is trying to find network

must be recharged every day
Jun 1, 2012
I updated the phone 2 days ago to Software number 1.54.401.3,and after 7 hours (about 10 min of talking on phone) the baterry is still at 100% and dialer at 48%.
So check for the new update.
Jul 18, 2012
Bit of a late-comer to this issue but having tried the various suggestions (stock VirginMobile Wildfire S) without any success I tried turning off automatic brightness in Display settings. Before rebooting the phone Dialer had already reached 36% of battery usage and had been increasing by 1% every few seconds. After reboot and turning off automatic brightness I dialed out 3 times, monitoring Dialer's battery usage after each call. Previously Dialer would stay running and consuming battery even if the call wasn't completed but so far it hasn't moved off of 36%.  It's a bit early to call this a successful workaround to the battery drain issue but might be worth a try for those still having the issue. Might also be interesting to see if anyone who doesn't have the issue and who also doesn't normally have automatic brightness enabled does start experiencing it if they do enable automatic brightness.
Jul 20, 2012
So much for that idea. Having started the morning yesterday at 89% charge on the phone battery, after making one interrupted voice call the battery charge began to decline at a fairly rapid rate. GPS, WiFi an Bluetooth were all turned off at the time and Dialer was not showing up in running apps or in the stock battery stats. I installed GSam Battery Monitor (formerly KA Badass Battery Monitor) for its detailed breakdown of battery usage. App usage was the major draw on the battery, despite me having the display turned on for extended periods. Although Dialer itself wasn't listed as a major drain on the battery GSam was showing that it had been monitoring the gyroscope from the moment that single call was made. What's that all about?? By mid afternoon Dialer had initiated several hundred wake events, as did several other of the running processes. Maps runs continuously, can't be stopped, and polls the accelerometer. I uninstalled GSam at one point and was surprised to see that Dialer was suddenly appearing at the top of the list again, at 97%, in the stock battery use monitor. Long story shortened, I recharged the phone after it reached 45% or so mid-afternoon. It was still reporting 100% charge at 8:20AM, some 15 hours later and now 99% since I've been checking the stats. I sent one text so far today. Dialer hasn't polled any sensors yet, Maps and Android System poll the accelerometer and AS monitors the Light sensor as well. The main power draws overnight (niggly as that was) have been the Phone radio (83.9%), Android system (10.7%), Maps (3.1%) and wake events (0.2%). Twenty-five minutes of screen use this morning has cost 2.6% so far.

Jul 20, 2012
Addendum: Forgot to mention, in case it is relevent. When looking at the properties for Dialer it shows 'rild' as an associated running process. Coincidentally whenever I've refreshed the battery monitor list while Dialer was showing as the main battery consumer 'rild' appeared momentarily IPO Dialer in the power usage list. The name only flashes for an instant before it is replaced by Dialer. A quirk of this phone model maybe?
Aug 1, 2012
I Have an HTC Inspire running 2.3.3. I was having the issue where the dialer seems to be using lots of battery as well. I was also using automatic screen brightness as someone else mentioned above. I turned this feature off and the dialer is no longer listed in the built in battery usage screen. I'm testing today to see if that impacts my battery life.
Aug 8, 2012
just bought a new HTC Wildfire S

android version :

HTC sense version :

Software number :

I also have the dialer consuming up to 95% of battery life..


i came from an ugly samsung BADA OS to android , and now this!!!

Aug 26, 2012
HTC ChaCha (Black)

Same Problem Here.

Android Version 2.3.5
HTC Sense Version
2.1 for Messenger
Software Number

Purchased August 21, 2012, at Philippines
Dialer at 97%

any suggestions?
Aug 27, 2012
htc chacha. bought 10 days ago. tried proximity app, 'USB debuging' mode, charging sequence, etc. nothing has worked. but for this, chacha is a lovely phone.

Aug 28, 2012

i tried everything said above. and i think 1 solution clicked. 'gsam battery monitor' helped me identify the culprit draining my htc chacha battery. the culprit was 'vtok' the video chat app. strangely the dialer app is on, but it consumes very little power.

install this app. and check the detailed battery usage of all components, viz. system and apps. you can also check how long was the phone forced into remaining 'awake' and which app is causing it. in my case, it was vtok. i uninstalled it. and with all other things off battery has lasted well last 12 hours. i will observe for another 2-3 days before concluding.
and btw, dont go by the built in battery app reporting. it reports dialer as 57%, which is erroneous. 

gsam battery monitor is awesome.
Sep 16, 2012
same here! using HTC Status running Gingerbread 2.3.5
Sep 25, 2012
There are rumors about a fix:

Besides having the same problem with the dialer using over 90% and draining my battery *fast* my HTC ChaCha also opens a list of contacts and dials the first person in the list by itself! Not just once or occasionally but constantly, sometimes several times per minute... It stops by itself after a whileand then it starts again. I suspect the problem is related but I don't know if anybody else experienced the same problem. Btw, the list of contacts is not the normal contact list. I don't know what it is... It's a list like the contactlist but only contacts with a number. the list has two buttons on the right: 'Calls' and 'Contacts'. Anybody any idea?

When it started the phone was unlocked and had stock rom with Link2sd and a few games. I've wiped everything, removed everything, reloaded stock rom, updated to 1.54.401.3 and still the phone misbehaves the way I described.

Any idea anyone? Could this be related to the dialer problem? Has anybody here experienced the same problem?

Oct 2, 2012
Phone: Droid Incredible 4G LTE (ADR6410LVW)
Android Version: 4.0.3
HTC Sense Version: 4.0
Software Number: 1.43.605.3 710RD (current as of 10/2/2012)

I can confirm that turning off quiet ring on pickup, pocket mode, and flip for speaker do not fix the dialer battery drain issue.  Neither does enabling bluetooth or disabling fast boot and rebooting the phone.  When I reboot the dialer does not immediately start polling the sensors and I went 3 hours with no drain at all.  Then I received a phone call and the dialer began polling the orientation sensor and never stopped.

After 18h 59m and 44s on battery this is what I find (according to GSam Battery Monitor):
Battery Usage: 26.5%
CPU Usage: 25s
Keep Awake: 3m 10s
# of Wakelocks: 426
# of times waking device: 42
Gyroscope: 11s
Orientation: 15h 48m 48s

Android reports the dialer as consuming 23% used battery so comments about bad/bogus results with GSam do not seem to be valid at least in my case.

Too bad no one is able to fix the dialer so that it stops polling the orientation sensor.  I cannot believe it would be a difficult fix at all.  Surely a single well place if statement would solve this issue!  Has anyone had any luck without resorting to a custom ROM?
Oct 17, 2012
Hi Guys , 
I have faced this issue when i installed cm7. I was not able to wake the phone up after calls. Seemed like a proximity sensor issue. 
I did not check for the battery life because i could not afford to restart it every-time as it is the only phone i have. 
Then try another custom rom, the issue was not fixed. 
At last I restored the CWM backup which i had made when i rooted the phone. 
And it worked for me. 
I hope this helps anyone. Worked for me. 
And BTW, The battery life is about 1 day with normal usage of internet, messenger and 1-2 calls / day. 

Nov 24, 2012
I can confirm if you install Proximity Screen Off  and I'm using WakeLock with bluettooth(not sure if that makes a different) on my battery has not drained due to the Dial/Phone program trying to sense wake up etc.... Like the prior comments install Proximity Screen Off and it works people.... My dial/phone still stays at the top of battery use at around 47% n sometimes drop with Proximity Screen Off showing below(it works by controlling the faulty program script that should be controlling the Proximity sensor on the phone). Now my battery is lasting me with heavy use 4.5 hrs to 8 hrs(depends if I'm uploading photos etc... ). Actually that's about how long my Iphone on IOS6.0.1 was lasting with heavy use and of course once off work hook up to car charger etc... and battery last longer... I now enjoy my HTC Wildfire with no battery drain or when it was even charging with wakelock acting up phone back got really hot... So, once again those in doubt use Proximity Screen Off and Wakelock and Fast Boot apps it works..... 
Dec 16, 2012
I have an Inspire 4G with GB 2.3.5  an have no issues with the dialer,6 to 10 calls a day and dialer consume between 4 to 10% all day!
34.1 KB   View   Download
Feb 28, 2013
Working FIX:

Hi all,

I've posted a fix before, which for some people worked. But now my GF started having battery drainage again. I asume it started after using "We Chat".
So I started looking around gain.

What seems to work:

-Install "Task Manager" (RHYTHM SOFTWARE).
-In menu, preferences, select running tasks/processes.
-add to auto-kill list.
-view auto-kill list and remove all, but keep "dialer" and "phone".
-in preferences you can get rid of the icon in your ask bar it its bothering.

Now, every time the phone is locked, it kills the dialer.

Hope this will help others. Good luck.
May 31, 2013
This report applies to an Android-based device, and the issue tracker where you reported it specializes in issues within the Open Source source code of the Android platform.

We are not able to provide support for individual devices. Please report this issue in the support forum for your device, which might be hosted by your device manufacturer or by the operator where you got your device.

Status: WrongForum
Dec 1, 2013
OK, so in the last few weeks my 2 year old Wildfire S has just started using battery power, so a new HTC battery purchased, no difference, rang HTC, could not help, tried a few things, rang them again, still no help, so did factory reset, worked, running 2 days, but little in the way of calls, but after the 2 days, dialer makes an appearance, and the battery useage had gone up, I have sat and read through this thread, and found how to view battery consumtion, this shows that in the last few hours it has gone up, so I am now waiting to find out why. I feel I am a lot more intimate with my 'phone and can rule it....Thanks to everyone.
Jun 27, 2014
This is absolutely not a device based problem.
It exists on a range of android devices, and probably stems from a problem with the dialer code.

How was this closed with a bullshit answer??
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