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Role Project Summary
Owner hxasc Flash Media Server's ASC target for haXe
Owner hxbuild Advanced build pipeline tool for all haxe targets
Owner hxffi libffi neko and hxcpp ndll bindings and static implementation files
Owner hxhooks Hooks for haxe
Owner hxmessages Coroutines, message passing and asynchronous programming on haXe
Owner hxplugins Simple plugin architecture system for HaXe
Owner hxsl-glsl GLSL target for HxSL
Owner java2haxe Jrex: Java code converter to haxe
Owner macrotools Haxe macro tools to make it easier to write macros
Owner native-gateway Haxe utilities for interoperability with native code
Owner structs Cross-target structs implementation on haxe
Owner time-persist Time - cross-target object database
Committer haxe Haxe is a crossplatform open source programming language
Committer hxformat Support for different file formats in Haxe
Committer hxhsl HSL makes writing "event-driven" code in haXe hassle-free.
Committer ocamllibs OCaml open source libraries
Contributor away3d Realtime 3D engine for Flash

Starred by waneck
Type Name Summary
Project nekovm Neko is a lightweight yet fast virtual machine
Project nekonme NME, an awesome cross-platform Haxe framework
Project awe6 Inverted Game Framework
Project hxgl HaXe cross platform hardware accelerated graphics library.
Project away3d Realtime 3D engine for Flash
Project ios-toolchain-based-on-clang-for-linux iOS toolchain based on clang for linux
Project hinteractive Interactive shell for Haxe
Project cocotron The Cocotron is a cross-platform implementation of Objective-C API's similar to Foundation and AppKit
Project hxhsl HSL makes writing "event-driven" code in haXe hassle-free.
Project neko-openssl Neko wrapper for OpenSSL library
Project hxculture globalization library for Haxe
Project hscript Scripting Engine for Haxe
Project caffeine-hx Library extensions for haxe and neko
Project hxcpp Runtime files for c++ backend for haxe
Project jonas-haxe Personal collection of data structures and algorithms in Haxe
Project haxe Haxe is a crossplatform open source programming language
Project haxejvm Adding a java bytecode generating backend to the haXe compiler.
Project hxttpd Web server written in haXe
Project nmagick ImageMagick for haXe and Neko
Project freetype-gl OpenGL text using one vertex buffer, one texture and freetype
Project gm2d Game library for cross platform 2D game making using haXe.
Project box2d-haxe box2d-haxe
Project aggx Haxe port of Antigrain Geometry library.
Project ude C# port of Mozilla Universal Charset Detector
Project hxswfml xml to swf and abc
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