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Role Project Summary
Owner firebug-extras-mathml MathML extras for Firebug
Owner firebug-extras-svg SVG extras for Firebug
Committer json-template Minimal but powerful templating language implemented in multiple languages
Contributor fbug Web development evolved
Clone sroussey-json-template Area to play around with some ideas for json-template

Starred by sroussey
Type Name Summary
Project ierange An implementation of W3C DOM Ranges for Internet Explorer.
Project querytemplates DOM and CSS driven template engine
Project simpleupdateprotocol Simple Update Protocol (SUP) - a feed update protocol
Project google-blockly A visual programming language
Project linux-ftools Linux command line tools for fallocate, fincore, fadvise, etc
Project anic Faster than C, Safer than Java, Simpler than *sh
Project persevere-framework Persevere - REST JSON database, distributed computing, and persistent object mapping for JavaScript
Project ext-fx Set of Additional Ext JS & Ext Core Effects/FX
Project prado3 PRADO PHP Framework
Project uxworkers Ext.ux.Worker and GenericWorker for Ext.Core and Extjs 2 or higher.
Project cmis-phplib cmis php lib
Project ext-ux-htmleditor-plugins Set of Plugins for extended ExtJS HtmlEditor functionality
Project traceur-compiler Google's vehicle for Javascript Language Design Experimentation
Project rich-image-editor3 EXTjs based image editor for the qWikiOffice Webtop platform.
Project memcached-manager A Simple Memcached Server Manager
Project mycheckpoint Lightweight, SQL oriented monitoring for MySQL
Project msfast "a browser plugin that help developers to improve their code performance by capturing and measuring possible bottlenecks on their web pages."
Project svg-edit A complete vector graphics editor in the browser (in JavaScript)
Project javascriptmvc JavaScriptMVC is a framework that brings methods to the madness of JavaScript development. It guides you to successfully completed projects by promoting best practices, maintainability, and convention over configuration.
Project extjs-unit-test A unit testing application built on ExtJS
Project closure-compiler Closure Compiler (Moved to
Project v8cgi Multi-purpose wrapper around the V8 JavaScript engine
Project shard-query Shard-Query is a massively parallel processing middleware solution for MySQL. It provides high performance cross-shard aggregation, transparent sharding and intra-query parallelism for queries over partitioned and sharded tables.
Project phantomjs Scriptable Headless WebKit
Project googlecl Command line tools for the Google Data APIs
Project joose-js Joose is a meta object system for JavaScript
Project persevere-client-php PHP Client for the persevere client
Project graphchi Big Data - small machine
Project mod-spdy Apache SPDY module
Project chromedevtools Google Chrome Developer Tools for Java
Project ext-ux-datadrop A Grid Plugin for ExtJS Allowing Tabular Data Dropping
Project ext-ux-gmappanel An extension for integration of Google Maps into ExtJS
Project page-speed PageSpeed Insights SDK
Project noswfupload Multiple Files Upload For Every Browser - No SWF Object Required
Project flexviews Incrementally refreshable materialized views for MySQL
Project swarm-dpl A transparently scalable distributed programming language
Project css-x-fire Allows editing CSS properties in the IDE from Firebug CSS editor
Project google-mobwrite Real-time Synchronization and Collaboration Service
Project fabs-boombox Fab's Boombox
Project php-atompub-server Server-side implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol
Project google-code-prettify syntax highlighting of code snippets in a web page
Project google-sensapility SensAPIlity is a PHP wrapper library for the Google AdSense API
Project zoie real-time search and indexing system built on Apache Lucene
Project jslibs standalone JavaScript development runtime environment with general purpose native libraries
Project skipfish web application security scanner
Project appsensor OWASP AppSensor Project
Project sessionstorage HTML5 sessionStorage for "every" browsers
Project ext-ux-youtubeplayer A youtube-mediaplayer panel for Ext JS
Project embeddedjavascript EJS Embedded JavaScript Framework
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