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Role Project Summary
Owner libfeed2 Library for working with web feeds (work in progress)
Owner oauth-signet Signet is an OAuth 1.0 / OAuth 2.0 implementation.
Owner ruby-autoparse A dynamically generated parsing system using JSON Schema.
Committer google-api-ruby-client Google APIs Client Library for Ruby
Committer omniauth-google An OmniAuth strategy for Google.

Starred by sporkmonger
Type Name Summary
Project browsersec Browser Security Handbook
Project google-toolbox-for-mac Google Toolbox for Mac
Project gwtgl GwtGL - WebGL binding for GWT (Google Web Toolkit)
Project buzz-devfest2010-codelab Buzz DevFest 2010 Codelab
Project zen-coding Set of plugins for HTML and CSS hi-speed coding
Project simple-iphone-image-processing Provide a simple class for doing image processing on the iPhone
Project appengine-pipeline Google App Engine API for connecting together complex workflows
Project jlibs Common Utilities for Java
Project appengine-mapreduce Google App Engine API for running MapReduce jobs
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