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Role Project Summary
Owner accommodation Student accommodation
Owner company Simple company management
Committer google-summer-of-code-2010-asf A project for Google Summer of Code students working on Apache Software Foundation.

Starred by savu.andrei
Type Name Summary
Project webpy-php-port PHP port of
Project mimerender Python module for RESTful resource representation using MIME Media-Types
Project wephp philosophy brought to PHP.
Project apache-scalp Apache log analyzer for security
Project pygeoip Pure Python API for MaxMind GeoIP databases
Project smslib Developer's library for sending/receiving SMS messages.
Project jqueryjs jQuery JavaScript Library
Project rest-client Java application to test HTTP/RESTful webservices.
Project django-solr-search Django module for integrating solr search.
Project msysgit Git for Windows
Project supersonic Supersonic Query Engine - a column oriented database query engine library.
Project depyc python pyc decompiler
Project pysolr Lightweight python wrapper for Apache Solr.
Project perflog Performance Analysis Tool for Web Server Logs (Python)
Project orient New Documentation:
Project python-twitter A python wrapper around the Twitter API
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