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Role Project Summary
Owner 24clock A 24 clock for Android
Owner aproxy experiments
Owner asqare android squares games
Owner autosettings Home of Flashlight for Cupcake and Brighteriffic (brightness toggle)
Owner batteryinfo Windows utility that displays a floating window with a battery level info.
Owner bearing GPS Bearing and Distance for Android
Owner blacked Simple text editor for Android
Owner bribrie Babies Random Image Entertainment
Owner cloud-bus A bus... in the cloud.
Owner csharp-oldies A bunch of old C# projects
Owner dualtimezone Small Windows utility that displays the hour of an alternate time zone in the Windows taskbar.
Owner enregistreur-piscine Enregistreur Piscine
Owner gamez GL game for Android
Owner gmup Gmail Uploader
Owner hint A modern hypothetical programming language (mostly research vaporware)
Owner ikaria Ικαρία
Owner libutils Misc C# utilities packaged in a pot-pourri library
Owner mandelbrot Mandelbrot fractal viewer for Android
Owner memeriffic Android Rick Roller
Owner mini-yaml-parser Mini YAML Parser
Owner misc-experiments A pot-pourri of various code experiments
Owner nerdkill A blast-all-these-nerds game.
Owner novascript A simple lightweight script embeddable engine
Owner ralf-beos Ralf's BeOS projects
Owner rgbbench A minimal Windows .Net tool to experiment with image color manipulations.
Owner rig1 An obsolete web-based JPEG image album viewer
Owner rig2 Remote image viewer.
Owner rig3 A photo blog system
Owner set-puzzle A Set sample for Android
Owner sharpflow cashflow analysis
Owner slideshow2 Slide Show
Owner slightscript A simple lightweight script engine
Owner t3rdrr Tic-Tac-Toe for Android
Owner timeriffic Android Timeriffic (automatically updates setting for Android)
Owner track-day Android Timer for Automotive Track Days
Owner trackvideo Generates a video from track data
Owner webralf Random web app experiments on the 'net
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