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Role Project Summary
Owner appengine-go App Engine Go SDK
Owner codesearch Indexed regular expression-based search
Owner dbus-go D-Bus Go library
Owner drawterm Plan 9 terminal emuator
Owner freetype-go The Freetype font engine in Go
Owner go The Go Programming Language
Owner go-tour A Tour of the Go Programming Language
Owner go-wiki Go Language Community Wiki
Owner goplan9 Go libraries for interacting with Plan 9
Owner goprotobuf Go support for Google protocol buffers
Owner leveldb-go The LevelDB key/value database in Go
Owner libtask a coroutine library for C and Unix
Owner nntp-go NNTP Go library
Owner ogle Debugging tools for Go
Owner plan9port Plan 9 from User Space
Owner re1 toy regular expression implementation
Owner re2 an efficient, principled regular expression library
Owner rspace rob's environment
Owner snappy-go The snappy compression format in Go
Owner tiff-go TIFF images in Go
Owner toy Toys for self-indulgence
Owner vp8-go The VP8 codec in Go
Owner vx32 portable, efficient, safe execution of untrusted x86 code
Owner x-go-binding X protocol Go language Binding
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