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Role Project Summary
Owner attackapi attack composition framework
Owner backframe web attack console
Owner bashitsu bash ninjitsu
Owner blogsecurify social security testing runtime
Owner coreapi multi-purpose javascript library
Owner droneapi multi-platform javascript drone management library
Owner firebug-firetest javascript unit testing framework based on firebug
Owner gc-renaissance web apis library
Owner ghdb google hacking database
Owner gnucitizen gnucitizen random source code repository
Owner h4ck multi-platform scripting environment for java
Owner infocrobes bash utils
Owner jeriko toolkit for orchestrating penetration tests
Owner jythonshell browser based jython command line shell
Owner machina-pythonica python automation framework
Owner mashina exploit development framework in javascript
Owner massive-enumeration-toolset massive enumeration toolset
Owner monka lightweight web service development framework for php
Owner netsecurify web security testing runtime
Owner technika browser automation extension for firefox
Owner tsf technika security framework
Owner weaponry information security platform
Owner websecurify web security testing runtime
Owner xssdb cross-site scripting database
Owner xsslab xss development platform
Owner zombiemap geo zombie mapper
Committer encoder PHP charset encoder
Committer fuzzing This repository hosts all projects of the Fuzzing GGroup
Committer googlehacking OWASP "Google Hacking" Project
Committer mailgun Freemailer security test
Committer wpsecurify WordPress Security Plugin

Starred by pdp.gnucitizen
Type Name Summary
Project weaponry information security platform
Project websecurify web security testing runtime
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