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Role Project Summary
Owner cxr Automated Encryption of C/C++ String Constants
Owner paleozogt-sandbox Paleozogt's Sandbox
Owner vnc-easy-broadcast VNC Easy Broadcast
Owner ya-playsms Yet Another PlaySMS (flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System)
Committer elgranderuby El Grande board game implementation in ruby

Starred by paleozogt
Type Name Summary
Project wami-recorder A JavaScript / Flash solution to recording audio from a browser.
Project unittestpp UnitTest++ is a unit testing framework for C++
Project androidscreencast Desktop app to control an android device remotely
Project stagewebviewbridge Extend Adobe AIR StageWebView ( Desktop, iOS, Android )
Project teotios Open source Adobe Flex Spark components
Project wami A Java-script API for speech recognition.
Project rangy A cross-browser JavaScript range and selection library
Project alchemy-hacks Hacks and utilities for Adobe Alchemy
Project nativeclient Native code for web apps
Project jsinterface JSInterface - JavaScript API for ActionScript 3
Project ascompress ActionScript library for file and data compression formats (initially GZIP)
Project boilerpipe Boilerplate Removal and Fulltext Extraction from HTML pages
Project ireader-extension View news stories and other articles in a very easy to read, clutter-free, scrollable display.
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