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Owner apv APV PDF Viewer

Starred by mpietrzak
Type Name Summary
Project irssi-connectbot Irssi ConnectBot - Powerful SSH-client with Irssi modifications
Project android-wifi-tether Wireless Tether for Root Users
Project mupdf a lightweight PDF and XPS viewer
Project gae-pytz pytz tuned for google app engine
Project sumatrapdf PDF, EPUB, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ and CBR viewer for Windows
Project shedskin An experimental (restricted-Python)-to-C++ compiler
Project googleappengine Google App Engine
Project j-mc-2-obj Java clone of mc2obj
Project precipitate Your cloud data at your fingertips
Project crunchyfrog SQL client and database front-end for GNOME
Project apv APV PDF Viewer
Project gitextensions Git Extensions is the only graphical user interface for Git that allows you control Git without using the commandline. It comes with a manual and video tutorials to get you started quickly.
Project flot Attractive Javascript plotting for jQuery
Project mintty Terminal window for Cygwin and MSYS
Project apdfviewer APDFViewer is a PDF file viewer for Android platform.
Project rst2pdf Tool for transforming reStructuredText to PDF using ReportLab
Project gcodeadsense AdSense Gadget for Your Google Code Project.
Project sparsehash An extremely memory-efficient hash_map implementation
Project droidreader The PDF Document Reader for Android
Project iterm2 Development site for iTerm2
Project gource software version control visualization
Project skipfish web application security scanner
Project altdrag Easily drag windows when pressing the alt key
Project tortoisegit Windows Shell Interface to Git
Project cityhash The CityHash family of hash functions
Project mongoose Mongoose - easy to use web server
Project latex-lab Web based LaTeX editor.
Project microemu MicroEmu is a pure Java implementation of Java ME.
Project ff-html5notifications Firefox extension to add HTML5 desktop notifications support
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