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Role Project Summary
Owner ddog Text Based Gaming Adventures!
Owner delego Delego the Attributer for TiVo
Owner democra A wiki-like software where users vote instead of edit
Owner heibertsrpg An RPG with a character named Heibert
Owner legogame Lego Game in Sphere
Owner pytivoyoutubeplugin Youtube for pyTiVo
Owner simplei Python web framework
Owner sinks sinkronize your life
Contributor get-flash-videos A command line program to download flash videos
Contributor googlecl Command line tools for the Google Data APIs
Clone mjbauer95-melange My Melange changes

Starred by mjbauer95
Type Name Summary
Project ooo2gd Export your documents to Google Docs, Zoho and WebDAV servers from
Project pyrfeed This is a RSS/Atom Reader and Framework. It use GoogleReader as a storage database.
Project bluecop-xbmc-repo Repository of XBMC video plug-ins
Project pcsx2 PCSX2 - a Playstation 2 Emulator
Project winezeug Things that almost, but not quite, belong at
Project customizemii a custom channel creator for the wii
Project googlecl Command line tools for the Google Data APIs
Project wiixplorer A file explorer for the Wii with a GUI made with LibWiiGui
Project trizen Just another Perl programmer.
Project googleappengine Google App Engine
Project sshii An SSH client for the Nintendo Wii.
Project nernay Project Tracking for
Project soc SoC (Spice of Creation)
Project tagfs Tag based filesystem AI
Project get-flash-videos A command line program to download flash videos
Project gdata-python-client Google Data APIs Python Client Library
Project assortedwiicode code i'm writting to grasp devkitpro
Project nobodycares A microblogging engine in Google Go
Project libwiigui Wii GUI Library
Project ppapi Pepper Plugin API
Project txt2tags ONE source, MULTI targets
Project dijjer Peer-to-peer file distribution
Project gdatacopier Command line document management utilities for Google docs.
Project appsnap AppSnap is a software install utility.
Project libmii Library for homebrew interface with Mii data.
Project simplei Python web framework
Project wiixplore A homebrew web browser for the Wii
Project plowshare Download and upload files from file sharing websites
Project google-reader-api Google Reader API
Project chromium-os OBSOLETED - Please use (the Chromium issue tracker)
Project google-app-engine-samples Samples for Google App Engine
Project go The Go Programming Language
Project fceugc NES Emulator - Port of FCEUX to Wii and GameCube
Project dosbox-wii DOSBox Wii port
Project mplayer-ce Homebrew media player for the Nintendo GameCube / Wii.
Project scriptno A Chrome extension for a safer and faster Chrome.
Project apns-python-wrapper Apple Push Notification Python Wrapper
Project iphone-dev iPhone development tools
Project dvdtube Python script to download all of a YouTube user's uploads and then optionally create a DVD.
Project smw-wii Super Mario War Wii
Project appengine-go App Engine Go SDK
Project htaggingolfs Hierarchichal Tagging Over-Lay File System
Project pkgbrowser A utility for browsing pacman databases and the AUR
Project genplus-gx Genesis Plus GX - accurate & portable Sega 8/16 bit emulator
Project pytivoyoutubeplugin Youtube for pyTiVo
Project datawiki DataWiki is a wiki for structured data.
Project portii A Portal-esque game for the wii.
Project snes9x-gx SNES emulator for Wii and GameCube, based on Snes9x 1.53
Project ftpii An FTP server for the Nintendo Wii
Project winetricks Package and settings manager for Wine
Project google-api-python-client Google APIs Client Library for Python
Project goauth2 Go OAuth 2.0
Project android Android Open Source Project - Issue Tracker
Project google-docs-fs A filesystem to access Google Docs using any computer
Project winegame WineGame is a simple front-end for wine, that providing an easy way for installing your favorite Windows apps in Linux!
Project sinks sinkronize your life
Project vba-wii Game Boy/Game Boy Advance Emulator for Wii/GameCube, based on VBA-M
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