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Owner simple-php-mvc A very simple lightweight MVC setup for PHP5. Works with IIS and other web servers, with no mod-rewrite needed.

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Type Name Summary
Project cages A distributed synchronization library for Zookeeper
Project min3d A 3d library/framework for Android using Java and OpenGL ES
Project v8cgi Multi-purpose wrapper around the V8 JavaScript engine
Project eathena-project eAthena - MMORPG server package
Project validino a Python validation library
Project opendedup A user space deduplication file system (SDFS)
Project tesseract-ocr An OCR Engine that was developed at HP Labs between 1985 and 1995... and now at Google.
Project android-scripting Scripting Layer for Android brings scripting languages to Android.
Project google-mysql-tools MySQL tools released by Google
Project protobuf-c Protocol Buffers implementation in C
Project phpftpautosync Automatic ftp synchronization in PHP
Project mogilefs MogileFS distributed filesystem
Project spymemcached Java client for memcached
Project jquery-scrollview This jQuery plugin applies grab-and-drag scroll view to block elements.
Project protobuf-csharp-port Google's Protocol Buffers project, ported to C#
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