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Role Project Summary
Owner androidscreenshotmaker This will convert iOS screenshots into Android screenshots.
Owner anso ANSO is a ENSO interface implementation in AutoHotkey.
Owner autoflix Auto play for Netflix
Owner fotowerk a snapshot app with a few extra features, usually found on a digital camera.
Owner istumble web interface for controlling stumble upon
Owner lastdotfmremote A web interface for controlling from your phone.
Owner lull Auto mute hulu ads.
Owner mactop This program will align your desktop icons, similar to macs.
Owner mlockr Unlock your computer by using a combination of mouse clicks.
Owner openaero An attempt to implement some of the features from windows 7, for xp and vista.
Owner prankulous Pranks Pranks Pranks
Owner prettywall Automatically changes you're wallpaper to the last color on
Owner smartputty An online secure backup of your putty config files.
Owner thewall The Wall is a different kind of Window Manager.
Owner vlock A video alarm clock
Owner winnote winNote adds a button in your window toolbar that allows you to write notes about a window, then it saves it.
Committer hotcorners Hotcorners allows you to activate hotkeys by moving your mouse to the corners of your screen

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Type Name Summary
Project screenlr A screen capture program made for
Project lull Auto mute hulu ads.
Project thewall The Wall is a different kind of Window Manager.
Project ddeleter dDeleter is a program used to delete multiple files in a directory.
Project instabrowser InstaBrowser is a browser that is instantly at your finger tips.
Project mdesktop Virtual Desktops for Windows.
Project xalt xAlt is a program to make the alt key work much like the alt key in the xfce windows manager.
Project quicktwitter A program to allow you quickly update your twitter.
Project synergy-plus Synergy lets you share a mouse and keyboard between several computers.
Project resh Religiously Experienced Shell.
Project forcescript The force is a c like scripting language.
Project quickgoogle Google Search at your figer tips
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