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Role Project Summary
Owner acuoso Abstract Codon Usage Optimization Software for Organisms
Owner aso Antiviral Sequence Optimizer
Owner backbones-generator Protein backbones structure generator
Owner backbones-selector Selects a backbone based on a sequence.
Owner biopp Molecular Biology ++
Owner biopp-filer Biopp persistence library
Owner biorinox FuDePAN's swiss army knife applications suite
Owner cpp-aop AOP lib for Cpp
Owner cpp-testing-tools Cpp Testing Tools
Owner f2f FuDePAN to FPGA
Owner fasta-expander Expands a FASTA alignment containing pseudonucleotides
Owner fdmde FuDePAN's Discrete Molecular Dynamics Engine
Owner feca Fudepan Extensible Cache
Owner fideo Folding Interface Dynamic Exchange Operations
Owner fold-temp Secondary structure evolution in terms of temperature
Owner fud FuDePAN Ubiquitous Distribution Platform
Owner fudepan Umbrella project for FuDePAN's Project
Owner fudepan-build Build System for FuDePAN.
Owner fui FuDePAN's Ubiquitous Implementation
Owner ful FuDePAN's Logic processor
Owner fusc FuDePAN SVG Creation Library
Owner fusta FuDePAN's Statistic Analysis
Owner fx-parser FuDePAN XML Parser
Owner getoptpp Yet Another getopt C++ version, STL-streaming like
Owner hamming-numbers A C++ metaprogram to calculate hamming numbers during compile time using Template Metaprogramming
Owner hla-hiv-analyzer Counts and processes the amount of HLA sites for a given alignment of HIV sequences.
Owner lav LibAntiVirals
Owner learn-asm Assembly Simulator
Owner mili Minimal headers-only C++ Library
Owner min-retro-calc Minimal distance to Antirretroviral resitance
Owner mocko FuDePAN's Mocking Operations
Owner molvol Molecular Volume Approximation
Owner nuca Nucleotides Compression Algorithms
Owner odf-gen API to generate OpenDocument documents
Owner parallel-clusterer Parallel Clusterer of Protein Backbones using FUD/BOINC.
Owner phyloloc Phylogenetic Locations
Owner phylopp Phylogenetic Library ++
Owner prot-filer Protein structures filer library
Owner r-emo RNAemo - RNA research project
Owner reclama-mem Reclaimable memory for the Linux Kernel
Owner regexp-patch Java Regexp Package Patch
Owner saarna Statistical Analysis of Antirretrovirals and RNA
Owner seconders Primers and Restriction Enzymes optimization
Owner sequtils FuDePAN Bioinformatic Utilities
Owner stl-debug STL debugging library
Owner tm-plus-plus Minimalistic C++ header-only type mapper library
Owner uninclude Unused #includes detection tool
Owner unplugged FuDePAN's Plugin support
Owner vac-o Combinatory Vaccine Optimizer
Owner visi FuDePAN Virus Simulator
Owner web-o Web for Organizations
Committer statement-templates Extending expression templates to statements and flow control

Starred by hugo.arregui
Type Name Summary
Project googletest Google C++ Testing Framework
Project googlemock Google C++ Mocking Framework
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