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Role Project Summary
Owner libvx Video Extractor
Owner osgart Augmented Reality framework for OpenSceneGraph
Owner osgswig SWIG-based OpenSceneGraph bindings
Owner simplybibtex A PHP script for sharing BibTeX bibliographies
Owner sstt SSTT - Augmented Reality Tracking Library

Starred by hartmut
Type Name Summary
Project osgswig SWIG-based OpenSceneGraph bindings
Project naclports Ports of open-source projects to Native Client
Project freetype-gl OpenGL text using one vertex buffer, one texture and freetype
Project opencv-dsp-acceleration This project aims to accelerate some of the low-level OpenCV libraries using the on-chip DSP C64x+ found on popular mobile processors like OMAP35x. Beagleboard, which house OMAP3530, will be used to demonstrate the functionality of accelerated libraries.
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