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Role Project Summary
Owner chrometophone Google Chrome to Phone Extension
Owner gcm Google Cloud Messaging for Android
Owner jumpnote Two-way sync'd Notepad demo application for Android

Starred by costin
Type Name Summary
Project bot-commander Remote control Lego NXT robots from Android.
Project wordpress-java A Java client library to interact with the xmlrpc interface of wordpress.
Project thrift-protobuf-compare Comparing varius aspects of Serialization libraries on the JVM platform
Project appengine-mapreduce Google App Engine API for running MapReduce jobs
Project gwtquery A jQuery clone for GWT, and much more.
Project j2ssh-fork Fork of J2SSH Java SSH / SFTP Server
Project minijoe Minimal Javascript Object Environement for J2ME
Project smali An assembler/disassembler for Android's dex format
Project cryptonite EncFS and TrueCrypt on Android (**MOVED TO GITHUB**)
Project js-search javascript indexing and searching
Project vogar Runs your Java code for you
Project daap-client DAAP Client for Android OS
Project oacurl OAuth-enabled HTTP fetch tool written in Java
Project twig-persist Object Datastore for Google App Engine
Project jefsr Java EncFS Reader
Project playn Cross platform game library for N≥4 platforms
Project protobuf-for-node Protocol Buffers for Node.JS
Project android-bluetooth Experimental unofficial Bluetooth API for Android
Project protobuf-java-format Serialization support for Google's protobuf Message for Java based clients
Project spydroid-ipcamera Turns your android powered device into a nice ip camera
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