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Role Project Summary
Owner activitystreams ActivityStreams
Owner barcamp BarCamp projects
Owner coworkination An application for promoting and organizing coworking spaces.
Owner dietpibb A WebKit wrapper for
Owner diso Diso: Distributed Social Networking technologies
Owner idib Identity In The Browser (IDIB)
Owner metoday Libraries for leveraging the MeToday API
Owner microformats Various projects to support microformats
Owner nnw-easyreader Easy Reader is a NetNewsWire theme that's easy on the eyes
Owner oauth API needz authorized?
Owner oauth-specs OAuth Specifications
Owner openwebfoundation Open Web Foundation
Owner resume A tool for outputting and uploading hResume compliant resumes.
Owner skobee Making plans has never been easier
Owner socialtext-skins CSS/HTML skins for Socialtext Open wikis
Owner verizon-contact-exporter A Javascript based bookmarklet for extracting contact info in vCard and hCard formats from the Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant.
Owner xrds-simple XRDS-Simple specification depot
Committer adsubtract CSS-based Ad Blocker
Committer google-highly-open-participation-drupal Drupal's GHOP Contest Page
Committer google-sgnodemapper SocialGraph Node Mapper
Committer greasekit User Scripting for WebKit applications
Committer lifestream a django application to pull and re-aggregate feeds from around the web
Committer oauth-plugin A Rails plugin for creating OAuth service providers and consumers
Committer oauth4r OAuth generators & plugin for Ruby on Rails
Committer portablecontacts Spec and code for the PortableContacts project
Committer soundcloudapi SoundCloud API
Committer webfinger Personal Web Discovery, making email addresses readable again
Committer xmpp-psn A small webservice that facilitates using the jabber network as a social network.

Starred by chris.messina
Type Name Summary
Project openid-selector A user-friendly way to select an OpenID
Project sexybuttons Sexy, skinnable HTML/CSS buttons with icons.
Project wave-protocol Google Wave Federation Protocol
Project diso Diso: Distributed Social Networking technologies
Project fancybox FancyBox - fancy image zooming tool
Project freeciv-forever The Freeciv web client project, playable online in your browser
Project sweetcron The Free & Open Source Lifestream Blog Software
Project arc90-service-twitter Full Twitter API client library written in PHP
Project google-mobwrite Real-time Synchronization and Collaboration Service
Project emastic Emastic - css framework
Project opensocial-virtual-currency OpenSocial Virtual Currency Spec Proposal
Project mpoauthconnection MPOAuthConnection is a drop in cocoa component for Mac and iPhone apps to talk to OAuth web services
Project django-oembed A collection of Django tools which make it easy to change text filled with oembed links into the embedded objects themselves.
Project barcampcms Barcamp Event and Content Management System
Project pubsubhubbub A simple, open, webhook based pubsub protocol & open source reference implementation.
Project slife Find out where you spend your computer time
Project simbl plugin framework for hacking cocoa applications
Project espresso-php-sugar PHP.sugar for Espresso
Project feedvalidator A validator for syndicated feeds. It works with Atom, RSS feeds as well as OPML and KML formats.
Project simplecomic An uncluttered comic viewer for os-x
Project overtar The avatar service that tries harder, checking Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Gravatar
Project fuse-gae FUSE file system for App Engine
Project greasekit User Scripting for WebKit applications
Project bitly-api API Libraries and Documentation for bitly
Project sparkleplus Automatic Application updates for Mac OS X with system profile
Project fittr Fittr Flickr Extension for Chrome
Project etherpad EtherPad Open Source Release
Project qsb-mac Quick Search Box for the Mac
Project piccolo-pub A flat-file web publishing tool
Project demand codebase for
Project oauth API needz authorized?
Project carrington Carrington CMS Theme Platform for WordPress (and Carrington-based themes)
Project webfinger Personal Web Discovery, making email addresses readable again
Project friendfeed-api-example FriendFeed API example application
Project openid-realselector OpenID for human being
Project salmonpress Salmon plugin for WordPress
Project activitystreams ActivityStreams
Project app-engine-patch Use Django on App Engine - with lots of goodies
Project imageoptim PNG and JPEG optimizer for Mac OS X
Project unladen-swallow A faster implementation of Python
Project pandoraboy on your mac ... without a web browser.
Project google-app-engine-django Google App Engine Helper for Django
Project macfuse The Easiest and Fastest Way to Create File Systems for Mac OS X
Project svgweb Scalable Vector Graphics for Web Browsers using Flash
Project v8 V8 JavaScript Engine
Project portablecontacts Spec and code for the PortableContacts project
Project phoshare Exports and synchronizes images and metadata from iPhoto or Aperture on a Mac
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