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Role Project Summary
Owner alpha3 Alphanumeric shellcode encoder
Owner aspsh An ASP page that provides a similuation of a command line shell on the server it runs on.
Owner asyncxmlhttprequest Cross browser parallel concurrent asynchronous XMLHttpRequests with timeout.
Owner beta3 BETA3 multi-format shellcode encoding tool
Owner chrome-window-zoom-extension Chrome Window Zoom Extension
Owner headsup Tool to analyze files in various formats to help find problems in parsers.
Owner jsondebugger A Windows application debugger that outputs events in JSON format
Owner jssfx Tool for creating self-extracting compressed JavaScript.
Owner py-http-get Python command-line tool to perform HTTP get/post requests
Owner shutdownonlan Windows C++ implementation of a Shutdown-on-LAN service
Owner skybuild A set of build tools for creating executables/scripts from source.
Owner skylined Track public software security vulnerabilities found by SkyLined
Owner testival Suite of tools to aid in shellcode development
Owner w32-bind-ngs-shellcode 211 byte null-free 32-bit Windows port-binding shellcode (all OS/SPs)
Owner w32-dl-loadlib-shellcode 164 bytes null-free 32-bit Windows download and LoadLibrary shellcode (all OS/SPs)
Owner w32-exec-calc-shellcode 100 bytes null-free 32-bit Windows shellcode that executes calc.exe (all OS/SPs)
Owner w32-msgbox-shellcode 140 bytes null-free 32-bit Windows shellcode that shows a message box (all OS/SPs)
Owner w32-seh-omelet-shellcode Egg-hunt-like shellcode stage that can look for multiple small eggs and recombine them into one larger block of shellcode
Owner w32-speaking-shellcode null-free 32-bit Windows shellcode that speaks (all OS/SPs)
Owner win-exec-calc-shellcode A small, null-free Windows shellcode that executes calc.exe (x86/x64, all OS/SPs)
Owner xbmc-video-disc-ripper A Python script to allow ripping of DVDs and Blurays in XBMC

Starred by berendjanwever
Type Name Summary
Project v8 V8 JavaScript Engine
Project skia 2D Graphics Library
Project chromium An open-source project to help move the web forward.
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