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Role Project Summary
Owner appfusedjango Django how-to with examples
Owner bulas projecte de gestiĆ³ de socis per lugs tipus Bulma
Owner qooxdoo-blueprint sample start applications for qooxdoo
Owner trespams Blog software based on Blogmaker
Owner trespams-vim Vim as a Python IDE
Contributor django-page-cms A page based CMS for django

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Type Name Summary
Project dajaxproject Easy to use ajax library for django
Project django-mailer mail queuing and management for the Django web framework
Project trespams Blog software based on Blogmaker
Project crunchy Interactive Python tutorials served through a web browser
Project django-page-cms A page based CMS for django
Project django-sphinx A layer for full-text search engine using Sphinx and Django
Project modwsgi Python WSGI adapter module for Apache.
Project django-chronograph Run commands at specified intervals
Project django-treebeard Efficient tree implementations for Django 1.0+
Project django-mobileadmin The Django admin interface for mobile devices
Project django-plus A set of tools that adds power to your Django environment
Project evoluspencil The open-source GUI prototyping tool for GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac.
Project django-modeltranslation Translates Django models using a registration approach.
Project django-batchadmin Batch actions in the change list views of your Django admin site
Project db-dump Database data dump and restore tool can be used in Django project
Project django-reversion Version control for Django models
Project django-tracking Determine how many active users you have on your site.
Project django-transmeta Model translation for Django
Project django-selectreverse Control your querycount for m2m and reverse FK lookups in django
Project feedjack Feedjack - A Django+Python Powered Feed Aggregator (Planet) Feedjack is a feed aggregator writen in Python using the Django web development framework.
Project wkhtmltopdf Convert HTML to PDF using Webkit (QtWebKit)
Project djapian High level Xapian integration for Django
Project django-filebrowser File-Management with the Django Admin-Interface
Project protobuf Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format
Project django-rosetta A Django application that eases the translation process of your Django projects
Project python-calais Python interface to the OpenCalais semantic annotation API
Project protobuf-netbeans-plugin Netbeans plugin to support Protocol Buffers
Project django-tagging A generic tagging application for Django projects
Project django-countries World Countries or Django projects
Project multi-mechanize Multi-Mechanize - performance and load testing framework
Project django-logging A Django wrapper to Python's logging module
Project django-simple-captcha A very simple, yet powerful, Django captcha application
Project django-ads Pluggable application with advertising system
Project django-jqgrid django utilities allowing easy handling and configuration of jqGrids.
Project django-rendertext Easy text snippets with custom fonts for Django
Project wadofstuff Solaris configuration tips, advanced jumpstart installation tricks, tools, and code snippets.
Project pyfpdf Simple PDF generation for Python (FPDF PHP port) AKA
Project django-cart A simple shopping cart for Django
Project django-compress A Django application that automates CSS/JavaScript compression and helps in making delivery of static media more efficient
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