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Role Project Summary
Owner appstats-tour interactive tour of App Engine optimization patterns
Owner bookthemall Sample .NET application using Calendar and Provisioning API
Owner cloud-playground Cloud Playground
Owner docplus Doctor's appointments
Owner galleryplus moderated Google+ #hashtag gallery
Owner gh2 Full stack Python web application framework and SDK for Google App Engine
Owner go-ae-mail-streamer Go port of ae-mail-streamer
Owner google-app-engine-samples Samples for Google App Engine
Owner googleappengine Google App Engine
Owner kms system use for manage your knowledge in IT work
Owner log2bq ingest App Engine logs into Big Query
Owner my-tasks Getting Started with Tasks API on Google App Engine
Owner playn-bullet-demo Demo for doing 3D stuff with PlayN and jbullet
Owner playn101 PlayN 101 tutorial
Owner progginator Go + App Engine presentation
Owner proppy-about-go-slides OSCON13 presentations about #golang
Owner shriko shuriken game
Committer appengine-mapreduce Google App Engine API for running MapReduce jobs
Committer ganeti Cluster-based virtualization management software
Committer go-wiki Go Language Community Wiki
Committer google-api-java-client Google APIs Client Library for Java
Committer google-api-python-client Google APIs Client Library for Python
Committer google-apps-apis All documentation, samples, and bugs related to the Google Apps APIs.
Committer playn Cross platform game library for N≥4 platforms
Contributor endpoints-proto-datastore Custom bridge between App Engine Python datastore APIs and Cloud Endpoints
Contributor webrtc Web-based real-time communication
Clone proppy-go-ray-sql add python 27 based cloud sql proxy for go-ray

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Type Name Summary
Project simian Simian : Enterprise Mac OS X Software Deployment on App Engine
Project aclgen System for multi-platform ACL generation
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