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Role Project Summary
Owner applepy An Apple ][ Emulator in Python
Owner cleese an operating system written almost entirely in Python
Owner django-announcements site announcements for the Django web framework
Owner django-atompub implementation of Atom format and protocol for the Django web framework
Owner django-bookmarks bookmark management for the Django web framework
Owner django-crashlog A Django Crash Logger
Owner django-email-confirmation simple email confirmation for the Django web framework
Owner django-engine queue management for django
Owner django-flag flagging of inapproriate/spam content
Owner django-friends friendship, contact and invitation management for the Django web framework
Owner django-gravatar Gravatar Support in a Django Reusable Application
Owner django-hotclub umbrella for reusable django apps
Owner django-mailer mail queuing and management for the Django web framework
Owner django-microblogging microblogging for the Django Web Framework
Owner django-mmo web-based MMOG engine initially based on Game Neverending
Owner django-msgqueue messaging between objects in Django
Owner django-notification user notification management for the Django web framework
Owner django-opensocial an OpenSocial container built on the Django web framework
Owner django-timezones A Django reusable app to deal with timezone localization for users.
Owner leonardo a cms for personal websites and blogs
Committer django-app-plugins Extend templates with plugin points which include all templates matching a pattern
Committer django-avatar A reusable django application for handling Avatars.
Committer django-command-extensions Django Custom Management Command Extensions
Committer django-locations A location based social network using Django
Committer django-navbar Dynamic site navigation trees for django sites
Committer django-pagination A set of utilities for creating robust pagination tools throughout a django application.
Committer django-skins Reusable Django app for skins
Committer django-socialblog Muli-user reusable blog for django social applications
Committer django-survey A simple extensible survey application for django sites
Committer django-uni-form Lets you easily incoroporate DIV based forms into Django.
Committer django-wikiapp A simple wiki with revision and markup support
Committer open-scriptures Repository for scriptural projects and a data source to power them
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