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Role Project Summary
Owner erma an emr assistant
Owner prosperowinform simple winform app that displays listings

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Type Name Summary
Project analog-box Analog Box audio synthesizer / visual programming environment
Project android-query Android Framework - Simpler Coding for Android
Project kwaak3 Port of a famous 3d shooter to Android
Project vss2git Migrate Microsoft Visual SourceSafe repositories to Git
Project animata real-time animation editor
Project androidome android based monome emulator
Project smob Semantic MicroBlogging
Project ttrss-reader-fork RSS-Reader for Android, accessing the API of the Tiny Tiny RSS-Reader for PHP (
Project openid-selector A user-friendly way to select an OpenID
Project google-blockly A visual programming language
Project hydraproject The Hydra Project
Project openid-realselector OpenID for human being
Project android-ui-utils DEPRECATED — see new project links
Project android-scripting Scripting Layer for Android brings scripting languages to Android.
Project decode V&A Decode Project
Project layer9 A next generation distributed mesh communications network designed to be secure, undetectable, and simple to use.
Project sandbox-theme A WordPress theme rich with powerful, dynamic semantic class selectors
Project kopal Distributed and Decentralised Social Networking Platform.
Project threepress Bookworm ePub reader and other open-source publishing tools
Project ttrss-reader Tiny Tiny RSS Reader is an Android application allowing to check your feeds from your Tiny Tiny RSS instance.
Project snipmate TextMate-style snippets for Vim
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