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Role Project Summary
Owner alwaysontop Multimedia control dashboard for the eeetop panel computer
Owner gst-chessboard gstreamer plugin to detect and draw chessboard in video or image
Owner gst-gengui GUI auto-generation tool for live interaction with gstreamer pipelines
Owner gst-plugins-elphel gstreamer plugins for Elphel cameras image conversion
Owner gst-viewperf Gstreamer pipeline graphical performance live visualization tool
Owner gstmanager Convenience python helpers for gstreamer pipelines management
Owner jamman-tools Scripts for processing samples of the JamMan audio looping device
Owner pycwc Dialog & Gstreamer-based Command line Webradio Client
Owner quickshell Simple urwid-based shell command launcher
Owner touchwizard Easy to use, pyclutter-based GUI wizard building infrastructure

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Type Name Summary
Project gstfakevideo Userspace video driver providing fake video source from gstreamer pipeline
Project v4l2loopback video for linux 2(v4l2) loopback device
Project gst-editor Graphical pipeline editor for GStreamer-0.10.x
Project ffmbc FFMedia Broadcast
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