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Role Project Summary
Owner 3d-reconstruction-tools a series of tools for 3d reconstruction
Owner chinese-room 中文屋:为更多的外文项目提供中文文档 provide Chinese documentations for your English projects
Owner database-crawled data crawled
Owner go-test-problems-c Global Optimization Test Problems in C
Owner supplement-of-the-mnist-database-of-handwritten-digits bmp formats for the original mnist database of handwritten digits

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Type Name Summary
Project msysgit Git for Windows
Project zxing Multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library with clients for Android, Java
Project goagent
Project guava-libraries Guava: Google Core Libraries for Java 1.6+
Project achartengine Charting library for Android
Project android-screenshot-library Library for taking screenshots on Android platform.
Project spydroid-ipcamera Turns your android powered device into a nice ip camera
Project box2d A 2D Physics Engine for Games
Project libjingle Google Talk Voice and P2P Interoperability Library
Project morethantechnical code respository
Project siphon Siphon SIP -VoIP for iPhone and iPod Touch
Project pam-face-authentication Pluggable Authentication Module for Face Authentication
Project desktoid Remote Desktop Client for Android (RDP, and hopefully VNC and NX)
Project as3gif AS3GIF lets you play and encode animated GIF's with ActionScript 3
Project gamekit A cross-platform 3D game engine using Ogre or Irrlicht and Bullet for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iPhone (moved to github at
Project core-plot Cocoa plotting framework for OS X and iOS
Project smarthosts 我是一个云Hosts文件,用来干啥你懂的
Project android-vnc-viewer VNC viewer/client for Android platform
Project icefox Fox Project
Project nehe-android A port of the NeHe tutorials for the Android platform.
Project robotium The world's leading Android™ test automation framework
Project iphoneebooks A native eBook reader for the iPhone. Capable of reading HTML and plain text stored on your iPhone.
Project android-log-collector Collects the log and sends to a developer
Project redmine-ci A Redmine clone in PHP using CodeIgniter
Project android-apktool A tool for reverse engineering Android apk files
Project protobuf Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format
Project jbox2d JBox2d - a 2d Java physics engine, a port of the C++ Box2d engine
Project opensudoku-android Sudoku for android.
Project swfobject SWFObject is an easy-to-use and standards-friendly method to embed Flash content, which utilizes one small JavaScript file
Project phpquery phpQuery - jQuery port to PHP
Project tmsvm Text Mining System based on SVM
Project protobuf-csharp-port Google's Protocol Buffers project, ported to C#
Project openslopeone OpenSlopeOne
Project android-screen-monitor Android Screen Monitor
Project microsoft-translator-java-api A Java wrapper for the Microsoft Translator API
Project chartdroid native chart engine for android
Project autoproxy-gfwlist A list for people in mainland China(PRC)
Project ipcamera-for-android Enabling your Android phone to an IP-Camera
Project buzz-sina buzz-sina
Project sipdroid Free SIP/VoIP client for Android
Project boxeeremote Android remote control for boxee/xbmc
Project panoramagl Panorama viewer library for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Project cocos2d-iphone cocos2d for iPhone: A framework for building 2D games for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac
Project andar AndAR - Android Augmented Reality
Project gerrit Gerrit Code Review
Project moonblink Android Projects by Moonblink, including shared libraries.
Project googleappengine Google App Engine
Project csipsimple SIP application for Android devices
Project rp-3d-scanner A low cost 3D laser scanner (LIDAR) project by RoboPeak team
Project video-tracker A openCV video tracker using Condensation and Kalman filter
Project httpcws HTTPCWS 是一款基于HTTP协议的开源中文分词系统。(HTTPCWS is an Chinese Word Segmentation System Based on the HTTP protocol.)
Project ehci Enhanced human computer interface through webcam image processing library
Project androidscreencast Desktop app to control an android device remotely
Project linear-book-scanner Linear Book Scanner
Project svnx An OS X open source GUI for most features of the svn client binary.
Project imsdroid High Quality Video SIP/IMS client for Google Android
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