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Role Project Summary
Owner argot-hub A collection of metadata bundles, designed to be used together
Owner backplanebx A set of browser extensions for IE including XForms support
Owner backplanejs A JavaScript library that provides cross-browser XForms, RDFa, and SMIL support.
Owner hubbub A new way to manage your social network
Owner linked-data-platform A set of code and practices to create a generic linked data platform.
Owner rdfa-dom-api RDFa DOM API
Owner ubiquity-backplane The Ubiquity Backplane
Owner ubiquity-formsplayer A Windows/IE binding for ubiquity-xforms-cpp
Owner ubiquity-message The Ubiquity Message project
Owner ubiquity-rdfa The Ubiquity RDFa parser project
Owner ubiquity-xforms XForms in Web Browsers and presentational Ajax libraries
Owner ubiquity-xforms-cpp A generic, cross-platform, XForms processor library
Owner ubx Ubiquity Browser eXtensions
Committer linked-data-api API and formats to simplify use of linked data by web-developers
Clone markbirbeck-backplanejs Repo for contributions to backplanejs
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