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Owner h-jukebox Harvie's JuKe!Box - Sharing your music...

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Type Name Summary
Project svg-edit A complete vector graphics editor in the browser (in JavaScript)
Project chromium An open-source project to help move the web forward.
Project gnome-mplayer Gnome MPlayer is a GTK2/GTK3 interface for MPlayer.
Project gespeak Front End GTK para o eSpeak
Project aceracpi Hardware Control for Acer Laptops via ACPI-WMI
Project couchdb-fuse CouchDB FUSE File System
Project pam-encfs pam module for mounting encfs drives on login.
Project torchat messenger application on top of the Tor network and it's location hidden services
Project h-jukebox Harvie's JuKe!Box - Sharing your music...
Project esmska Send SMS over the Internet
Project mega-isp In System Programmer using the AVR Mega8
Project walkenfs distributed filesystem written in Erlang
Project g-sms Pidgin plugin that sends sms to your mobile
Project camelbox A build of Perl with Gtk+, packaged and ready for use on 32-bit Windows systems
Project phpvirtualbox A web-based VirtualBox front-end written in PHP.
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