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Role Project Summary
Owner anymote-protocol Anymote Protocol
Owner gdata-issues Server-side issues and feature requests
Owner gmaps-api-issues Google Maps API bug reports and feature requests
Owner gmaps-samples-v3 Google Maps API v3 Sample Code
Owner google-maps-utility-library-v3 Open source project to be a central repository of utility libraries that can be used with the Google Maps API JavaScript v3.
Owner google-tv-pairing-protocol Google TV Pairing Protocol
Owner google-tv-remote Google TV Remote
Owner googlehealth Google Health
Owner googlehealthsamples Sample applications to interact with the Google Health Data API
Owner googletv-data-sharing An open source library and sample applications that demonstrate sharing data between Google TV and other Android devices.
Owner googletv-video-player VIDEO PLAYER SAMPLE FOR GOOGLE TV
Owner kml-samples Google's KML Samples
Owner saxman Various Code Samples
Committer google-api-java-client Google APIs Client Library for Java
Committer google-gdata .NET library for the Google Data API
Committer nhin-d-rest Collaboration area for RESTful implementation of NHIN Direct
Contributor webrtc Web-based real-time communication
Clone saxman-bconnected-gtv Dev Clone of bConnected app for Google TV
Clone saxman-google-api-java-client Development clone of google-api-java-client trunk
Clone saxman-google-api-java-client-samples Development clone of
Clone saxman-mytracks Clone for My Tracks development
Clone saxman-nhin-d Direct Project development clone

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Type Name Summary
Project googletv-android-samples Google TV Android Samples
Project google-maps-api-slides various google maps api slide decks
Project calendar-scheduler-android An Android app to schedule a meeting with multiple people. Finds a common free time on their calendar.
Project androidscreencast Desktop app to control an android device remotely
Project mytracks MyTracks for Android
Project google-maven-repository google-maven-repository
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