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Role Project Summary
Owner androidcells Android Cells records cellular & wifi locations
Committer osmeditor4android Vespucci - An OpenStreetMap Editor for Android

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Type Name Summary
Project magnitudehq Magnitude, la réalité augmentée libre sur Android !
Project siphon Siphon SIP -VoIP for iPhone and iPod Touch
Project remotedroid Remote Control Your Computer With Your Phone
Project chrometophone Google Chrome to Phone Extension
Project spacey-snake My first Game i develop
Project andnav AndNav2 - Realtime Turn-By-Turn Navigation System
Project mytracks MyTracks for Android
Project osmdroid OpenStreetMap-Tools for Android
Project andrac Android coding examples and tools by rac
Project android-scripting Scripting Layer for Android brings scripting languages to Android.
Project codetastrophe Code snippets and projects from
Project sanselanandroid EXIF Reading/Writing for Android using Sanselan 0.97
Project android-multitouch-controller Simple multitouch pinch-zoom library for Android
Project secrets-for-android Secrets for Android is an application to securely store and manage passwords and secrets on your Android phone.
Project android-file-explorer An open source file explorer for Android
Project achartengine Charting library for Android
Project linux-whiteboard Linux electronic whiteboard
Project osmeditor4android Vespucci - An OpenStreetMap Editor for Android
Project android-wifi-tether Wireless Tether for Root Users
Project android-market-api Android Market for all developers !
Project droidwall DroidWall - Android Firewall
Project linux-wbfs-manager A WBFS manager for Linux using GTK+
Project openintents Make Android applications work together.
Project sipdroid Free SIP/VoIP client for Android
Project porpoise Point-of-Interest server for Layar
Project iosched Google I/O App for Android
Project opencellid Open source database of cell id
Project proxoid An http proxy for Android
Project fonmaps FON Maps and other useful FON tools on the android
Project osm-android Android application that renders OpenStreetMap maps and calculates routes
Project osmtracker-android OSM Tracker for Android™
Project apps-for-android Sample Applications for the Android platform
Project android-ui-utils DEPRECATED — see new project links
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