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Role Project Summary
Owner google-mysql MySQL branch maintained and used at Google
Owner googlecloudsql Google Cloud SQL
Committer google-mysql-tools MySQL tools released by Google
Contributor webrtc Web-based real-time communication

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Type Name Summary
Project google-mysql-tools MySQL tools released by Google
Project wmii Window Manager Improved, Improved
Project inferno-rpi Port of native Inferno OS to Raspberry Pi device
Project go The Go Programming Language
Project goprotobuf Go support for Google protocol buffers
Project libixp Portable, simple C-language 9P client and server libary.
Project ken-cc Inferno and Plan 9 compiler suite
Project google-api-go-client Google APIs Client Library for Go
Project gitiles A simple JGit repository browser
Project nix-os Nix OS homepage
Project samplergrapher Tools to collect data from Linux then Visualize it over time
Project plan9port Plan 9 from User Space
Project js2-mode Enhanced JavaScript IDE Emacs Mode
Project protobuf Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format
Project plan9 Plan 9
Project plan9front the front fell off
Project freetype-go The Freetype font engine in Go
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