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Role Project Summary
Owner altcanvas SVG based GUI framework
Owner maemofof Maemo port of Frets on Fire
Owner twitspeak Android Twitter client that speaks

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Type Name Summary
Project pseudolocalization-tool Library/tools for performing þšéûðöļöçåļîžåţîöñ
Project google-reader-api Google Reader API
Project k9mail K-9 Mail is an advanced email client for Android
Project lipy LdapInitscriptsPY (LIPY) - LDAP backed initScripts in Python
Project nativeclient Native code for web apps
Project live-android A LiveCD for Android
Project cstart Collaborative Space Travel and Research Team
Project angle ANdroid GL Engine
Project maemofof Maemo port of Frets on Fire
Project twitspeak Android Twitter client that speaks
Project tapsoffire "Frets on Fire" for Android
Project google-authenticator-for-android An authenticator for getting a auth token in Android.
Project akjava-android-project my android projects
Project altcanvas SVG based GUI framework
Project gittorrent Peer-to-peer Protocol for Synchronizing of Git Repositories
Project greader-unofficial An unofficial Google Reader API for Java
Project ps3mediaserver Java Upnp Media Server, dedicated to PS3
Project mobilesynth Synthesizer for the iPhone
Project compcache Compressed Caching for Linux
Project epub-tools Collection of open source (BSD) tools for generating and managing ePub documents
Project unladen-swallow A faster implementation of Python
Project wave-protocol Google Wave Federation Protocol
Project tonika Tonika = social routing with organic security
Project cairo-for-symbian Cairo for Symbian OS
Project iphonearkit iPhone ARKit is a toolkit for Augmented Reality (AR) applications on the iPhone
Project kuda A library and editor for authoring interactive 3D content for the web
Project pylast a python interface to (and other api-compatible websites)
Project vimpdb Integrated Python debugging within Vim
Project epubcheck Validation tool for EPUB – **MOVED TO GITHUB**
Project npapi-file-io NPAPI Filesystem access for Chrome extensions
Project rokon The open source game engine for Android
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