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Role Project Summary
Owner atomojo An Atom Publishing Protocol Client & Server
Owner capxfer Capability Transfer Protocol and Service
Owner green-turtle An implementation of the RDFa 1.1 API for browsers.
Owner jhmm An Implementation of Hidden Markov Models & Training in Java
Owner milowski-dblib A simple database library for Java
Owner monos-algebra Monos Algebra Software
Owner poster-extension Poster Firefox Extension
Owner rdfa-in-action A collection of scripts for in-browser services that use RDFa.
Owner smallx XML Infoset & Pipeline Technology
Owner xeerkat A P2P computing framework over XMPP
Owner xml-infoset XML Infoset API for Streaming and Tree-based Manipulation
Owner xmlapp-extension Browser extensions for integrating non-intrinsic XML vocabulary support.
Owner xproclet An XProc Engine

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Type Name Summary
Project xmlcalabash XML Calabash is an implementation of XProc: An XML Pipeline Language
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