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Role Project Summary
Owner php-yubico PHP class for Yubico authentication
Owner yforum YubiKey phpBB plugin
Owner yms YMS
Owner yubico-c YubiKey C low-level library (libyubikey)
Owner yubico-c-client Yubico C client library
Owner yubico-j Yubico Java low-level library
Owner yubico-java-client Yubico Java client library
Owner yubico-openid-server Yubico OpenID Server
Owner yubico-pam Yubico Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM)
Owner yubico-php-lib PHP implementation of basic Yubikey authentation classes
Owner yubikey-drupal YubiKey Drupal Plugin
Owner yubikey-getapikey YubiKey web service to add a new API key
Owner yubikey-ksm YubiKey Key Storage Module
Owner yubikey-mediawiki An extension for mediawiki to authenticate directly with Yubico's validation server
Owner yubikey-personalization Library and tool for personalization of Yubico's YubiKey
Owner yubikey-server-j YubiKey Validation Server in Java, Tomcat
Owner yubikey-simplesaml-admin Admin server to go with the simpleSAMLphp based YubiKey authentication server
Owner yubikey-timedelta-server-php Server implementation in PHP for utilising Yubikey timestamps for more secure logins.
Owner yubikey-val-server-php Yubikey Validation Server in PHP
Owner yubiphpbase Yubikey base libraries in PHP
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