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Zoie is a real-time search and indexing system built on Apache Lucene.

News: Zoie 2.0.0-rc3 is released (2/17/2010) - Requires Lucene 2.9.x or Lucene 3.0.

Originally developed at

Donated by on July 19, 2008.

Zoie is a mature open source project and has been deployed in a real-time large-scale consumer website: handling millions of searches as well as hundreds of thousands of updates daily.

All Zoie releases have gone through extensive functional and performance testing by LinkedIn before made public.

In a real-time search/indexing system, a document is made available as soon as it is added to the index. This functionality is especially important to time-sensitive information such as news, job openings, tweets etc.

This poses the following challenges which Zoie addresses:

  • Additions of documents must be made available to searchers immediately
  • Indexing must not affect search performance
  • Additions of documents must not fragment the index (which hurts search performance)
  • Deletes and/or updates of documents must not affect search performance.
  • ...

Additional Zoie features:

  • fast lucene docid to uid mapping
  • fast uid to lucene docid mapping (reverse id mapping)
  • Live updates
  • custom MergePolicy to handle realtime updates
  • partial delete expunge for enhancing search performance without full optimize
  • balanced index segment management
  • full jmx console for indexing management/monitoring
  • ...

Architecture Diagram:

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