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Demonstration of macros that wrap the Yahoo! UI javascript library
Updated Feb 4, 2010 by

Accordion View

[@accordion:view id="mymenu5" collapsible=false width="250px"]
	[%panel title="Item 1"]
		This is the content of panel 1
	[%panel title="Item 2"]
		This is the content of panel 2
	[%panel title="Item 3" selected=true]
		This is the content of panel 3
	[%panel title="Item 4"]
		This is the content of panel 4
	[%panel title="Item 5"]
		This is the content of panel 5

Data Table

[@data:table id="myTable" entries=people]
	[%column title="First Name" width=150]${entry.firstName}[/%column]
	[%column title="Last Name" width=150]${entry.lastName}[/%column]
	[%column title="Birthday" format="date"]${entry.birthday?jsDate}[/%column]
	[%column title="# Accounts" format="number"]${entry.numAccounts}[/%column]
	[%column title="Net Worth" format="currency"]${entry.netWorth}[/%column]
	[%column title="Some Hidden Column" hidden=true]It doesn't matter what is here[/%column]

Tab Pane

[@tab:pane id="myTab"]
	[%page label="Some Page" active=true]
		These are the contents of some page...
			Blah blah blah...
	[#while i<2]
		[%page label="Page ${i+1}"]
			This is the contents of page ${i+1}
	[#foreach item in {"A","B","C"}]
		[%page label='Page "${item}"']
			This is the contents of page "${item}"

Tree View

Notice the recursive functionality

[@tree:view id="myTree"]
	[%node id="n1" label="Label 1" href=""]
		[%node id="n1_1" label="Label 1.1"/]
		[%node id="n1_2" label="Label 1.2" tooltip="This is a tooltip"/]
		[%node id="n1_3" label="Label 1.3" tooltip="This is another tooltip"]
			[%node id="n1_3_1" label="Label 1.3.1"/]
	[%node id="n2" label="Label 2"]
		[%node id="n2_1" label="Label 2.1" href=""/]
	[%node id="n3" label="Label 3" href=""/]

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