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The following releases have been made:

2.3.1bug fix release
2.3.0includes browser side events, extended authentication, non-std app support and much more
2.2.2bug fix release
2.2.1bug fix release
2.2.0includes enhanced scripting, Zest and Plug-n-Hack support
2.1.0bug fix and minor enhancement release
2.0.0includes add-ons marketplace, replaced spider and new Ajax spider, WebSockets, quick start tab and much more
1.4.1bug fix release
1.4.0includes syntax highlighting, fuzzdb integration, enhanced XSS scanner and plugable extensions
1.3.4bug fix and usability release
1.3.3bug fix release
1.3.2bug fix release
1.3.1bug fix release
1.3.0includes fuzzing, a new API, full internationalisation and beanshell integration
1.2.0includes memory leak fixes and invoking applications
1.1.0the first OWASP branded version, and including the brute force and port scanners
1.0.0the first version

See also

Introductionthe introduction to ZAP
Paros Proxyof which ZAP is a fork

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