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Yahoo! Managed

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The service that Yahoo! provides to download financial, geo or weather data and search results is nice, but you have to know the right tags and symbols and how to build the URL to use it. This library will undertake this annoying task for you. Also you have a managed class environment to handle the results of queries.

For first appliance of the library look at the Code Examples

For more details of namespaces and classes look at the Object Browser

If you want to know how to use the Yahoo! Finance API directly, look at the Yahoo! Finance APIs

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  • Easy and fast usability of Web Service APIs (espiacially Yahoo!) for .NET developers
  • Strong typed code handling
  • Complete documentation and big repertoire of code examples

The library actually provides

  • Finance Service
    • ID search
    • Quotes of financial products (stocks, indices, funds, ETFs, futures)
    • Currency exchange rates
    • Historical quotes of financial products
    • Technical analysing chart images
    • Sector, industry and company informations
    • Company Statistics
    • Company Profiles
    • Up to 88 quote properties
    • Over 140 currencies
    • 5 metals
    • Informations of more than 92 stock indices
    • Informations of about 82 stock exchanges
    • Exchange rate calculator
    • Indicator calculation for:
      • Moving Average
      • Exponential Moving Average
      • Envelopes
      • Bollinger Bands
      • Moving Average Convergence Divergence
      • Standard Deviation
      • Momentum
      • Rate of Change
      • Relative Strength Index
      • Williams Percent Range
    • Stock Screener for 70 criterias
    • Bond Screener
  • Search Service
    • Yahoo! BOSS V2:
      • Web Search
      • Image Search
      • News Search
      • Spelling Suggestions
    • Related Search Suggestions
  • Geo Service
    • GeoPlanet
    • PlaceFinder
  • Weather Service
    • Weather API
  • Simple synchronous or multiple asynchronous downloading
  • Data import and export with CSV and XML
  • RSS 2.0 Feed download
  • Structured Download Process

Special Thanks to:

  • Angelo Cresta for great bug fixing/testing work
  • Zvonimir Digas for the stock exchanges timetable
  • Alain Dionne for Canadian indices information
  • All donators and supporters

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