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You can download xulsword installers for Windows and Linux as "MK" from IBT.

A Bible reading and study tool

This is a Bible reading and study tool which is easy and fun to use, yet very powerful at the same time. It utilizes popular Open Source technologies such as The SWORD Project and Firefox and will always be a free program. It is designed for full internationalization, including right-to-left languages. Potential users also include those who are not experienced at using a computer, those who might be new to the Bible, and those who may not have (or may not want to use) an internet connection.

xulsword has been totally refactored

Version 3.5 (1/15/2013) now has logical file organization, uses object oriented code, and makes full use of CSS for all presentation. Unlike in the past, it should now be straightforward to re-skin and develop. XULRunner's XPCOM has been replaced with Javascript ctypes, and binary dependencies on Firefox code have been removed, likely providing portability and longevity commensurate with Firefox itself.

Distinctives include:

  1. Direct text download. Allows easy download of hundreds of texts in hundreds of languages with the "Add New Module" interface (located under the File menu, or else just press F2).
  2. Single file internationalization. Simple drag-and-drop of an XSM (XulSword Module) file automatically adapts the program to a new language by installing a user interface translation, new Bible(s), glossaries, bookmarks, fonts, audio files, and more. This file (usually 1 to 6 MB in size) can be downloaded from the internet, passed from person to person, distributed on DVD/CDROM, or even emailed. RTL languages are also fully supported (the entire UI becomes RTL).
  3. Very readable texts. Texts can be nicely formatted to appear on screen the way they look in printed form. Text flows from column to column (up to three columns). Font, font size, line spacing etc are adjustable for each text.
  4. Easy Bible browsing. Go to any heading in the entire Bible with a single click using the graphical Bible navigator. This also gives a visual representation of the Bible.
  5. Print capability. A powerful print feature allows Bible texts and related information to be easily printed, and includes print preview.
  6. Integrated audio. Allows you to listen to the Bible and read along. Export audio for other uses, such as mp3 players.
  7. Text Links. Bible texts and footnotes can include quick links to associated dictionaries, which may include pictures, maps and tables.
  8. Recursive popup windows. Dictionary links, cross references, footnotes and more appear in multilevel recursive popup windows that allow instant access to a variety of information without necessitating a complex user interface layout.
  9. Powerful bookmark and personal annotation features. Annotate texts with personal notes, create and organize bookmarks, notes and verse lists. Make quality printouts of your notes and verse lists, or export them to share with other xulsword users.
  10. Secure texts. Texts can be encrypted and secured to prevent others from tampering with them. There are no encryption keys to enter or lose (or find), and users never even know that a text is encrypted.
  11. The marriage of Firefox with SWORD provides the best of both worlds by combining the power and speed of C++ in the back-end SWORD engine with the quick and easy programming of a Javascript front-end and CSS3 UI.

Plus many other features provided by the SWORD engine, such as:

  1. Compatible with a wide variety of Bibles, commentaries, glossaries, books, and devotionals which are already freely available in the SWORD standard.
  2. Powerful search capability.
  3. Parallel and interlinear version display.
  4. Much more...

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