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  1 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   Stable numlock handling.  
  2 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   Border width and color are not configurable  
  3 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   xmonad steals input if Config.hs refers to unbound keys  
  4 Defect Started Medium ----   Separate focus for tiled and floating layers  
  5 Defect Invalid Low ----   Not able to cycle through windows when in fullscreen layout mode  
  6 Enhancement Verified Low ----   Xmonad does not respect size hints  
  7 Defect Fixed Medium ----   spawn does not properly handle certain processes  
  8 Enhancement Fixed High Release0.4   Make layout info persist across restarts  
  9 Defect Invalid Medium ----   'amarok' (KDE music program) causes reproducible failures from xmonad.   Usability  
  10 Enhancement Duplicate Medium ----   UI idea: hide 'n' windows.  
  11 Enhancement Fixed Critical Release0.4   ui idea: user-specified filters to 'manage'  
  12 Enhancement Fixed Medium ----   Support _NET_WM_STRUT property for status bar programs  
  13 Defect Verified Medium Release0.3 ----   Windows not always hidden properly  
  14 Enhancement Verified Medium Release0.3 ----   Workspace information to stdout  
  15 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   Enter one-line summary  
  16 Defect Fixed Medium Release0.3 ----   xmonad does not mark non-visible windows as iconified  
  17 Enhancement Fixed Low ----   User-definable X monad state type  
  18 Enhancement Duplicate Medium Release0.3   Support other task bar / dock properties?  
  19 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   Investigate a way to allow contrib extensions to use compositing.  
  20 Defect Verified Medium ----   xrandr to make the resolution lesser does not update the geometry  
  21 Enhancement WontFix Low Release0.3 ----   StackSet.hs does not compile with Hugs or Yhc  
  22 Defect Verified Medium ---- ----   Mod-h / mod-l shouldn't move the dividing line past the edge of the screen  
  23 Defect WontFix Low ----   Processes from .xinitrc stay around forever  
  24 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   focus moves correctly, but its visible indication is wrong  
  25 Defect Fixed Medium Release0.3   Float fixed-size windows  
  26 Defect Fixed Medium Release0.3   Make workspace switching greedy  
  27 Enhancement WontFix Medium ---- ----   Handle sticky windows  
  28 Defect Verified Medium ---- ----   status bar windows shouldn't be movable  
  29 Defect Invalid Medium ----   MergeFB "Pseudo" Xinerama not supported  
  30 Defect Fixed Medium Release0.3   Dragging windows across screens does not switch the window's workspace  
  31 Enhancement Fixed Medium Release0.3   Documentation for new features in 0.3  
  32 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   gnome-panel take focus when autohide  
  33 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   compilation failure (darcs version of July 1, 2007)  
  34 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   focusedBorderColor does not follow focus that is requested by application  
  35 Enhancement WontFix Medium ---- ----   No-mans land to send windows off to  
  36 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   compile failure due to missing instance  
  37 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   window gets focus temporarily on window change?  
  38 Enhancement Fixed Medium Release0.4 ----   Make inserting new windows configurable to left or right of current window  
  39 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   Printing to file from Thunderbird puts critical part of window off-screen  
  40 Defect Fixed Critical Release0.9   Screen focus does not follow the mouse pointer  
  41 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   Border Color is set after Layout is evaluated making custom border coloration schemes impossible.  
  42 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   NoBorders and Xinerama  
  43 Defect Fixed Medium Release0.8 ----   Call setlocale at startup  
  44 Defect Fixed Medium Release0.7 ----   Support for i18n in window titles  
  45 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   xmonad should be smarter about mouse movement  
  46 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   xmonad's output (logHook) needs to be separated from output from client programs  
  47 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Allow selection of the floating layout in Config.hs  
  48 Defect Fixed Medium ----   Changing the set of workspace IDs causes unexpected behavior upon restarting  
  49 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   XMonad sometimes stops responding to alt key  
  50 Defect Duplicate Medium ---- ----   OS X + unclutter == rare "focus lock"  
  51 Defect WontFix Medium ---- ----   amsn crashes when a contact tries to open a dialog  
  52 Defect WontFix Medium ---- ----   Some apps don't read size properly when Master in Tall mode  
  53 Defect WontFix Medium ---- ----   Workspace list should be preserved  
  54 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   Composable manageHooks interface  
  55 Defect Fixed Medium Release0.4 ----   Non-core code should be sandboxed  
  56 Defect WontFix Medium ---- ----   Focus is not given to correct window when switching virtual desktops  
  57 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   Amarok OSD goes missing  
  58 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   XMonadContrib docs are broken  
  59 Defect Fixed Medium Release0.4   Style document describing conventions used for xmonad code  
  60 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   XPrompt uses 100% CPU while displayed  
  61 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   XPrompt Ctrl+keys don't work with NumLock  
  62 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   "Save Page As" in Firefox brings up float window in adjacent window in fullscreen mode  
  63 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   Control+a is lost when using controlMask for workspace switching.  
  64 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   floating windows change size after being moved.  
  65 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   mplayer window fails to be drawn  
  66 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   Component-Contrib ResizeableTile can put clients of screen and resize them bigger than screen.  
  67 Enhancement WontFix Medium ---- ----   Request: 'ratpoison -c' alike  
  68 Enhancement WontFix Medium ---- ----   Extension request: banish mouse pointer  
  69 Enhancement WontFix Medium ---- ----   Key binding improvements  
  70 Enhancement Fixed Medium ---- ----   Extension request: Command to open a temporary window manager, or replace XMonad with a different one  
  71 Defect Fixed Critical Release0.5   Problems with initial size of floating windows  
  72 Enhancement WontFix Medium ---- ----   Extension request: Display on the screen a list of currently bound keys and what they are bound to.  
  73 Defect Verified Critical Release0.5   xmonad as a library  
  74 Defect WontFix Medium ---- ----   cinellera does not launch (normally)  
  75 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   float mode and automatic workspace placement don't work together  
  76 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   broken menus in java apps  
  77 Enhancement Fixed Medium ----   web page contrib.html should be generated from haddocks/src  
  78 Enhancement Fixed Medium ----   Extension state  
  79 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   unreliable fullscreen mode for gmplayer  
  80 Defect Duplicate Medium ---- ----   xmonad 0.4 won't install with X11-1.3.0 and X11-extras-0.4 without modifying xmonad.cabal  
  81 Defect Verified Medium ---- ----   X11-1.3.0 won't build on OSX 10.4 without altering X11.cabal to point to /usr/X11R6/lib  
  82 Enhancement Verified Medium ----   Old gaps system replaced with avoidStruts  
  83 Defect Fixed Critical Release0.5   Report errors in ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs  
  84 Defect Fixed Critical Release0.5   Do our own recompilation checker  
  85 Defect Fixed High Release0.5   xmonad.hs and XMonad.hs clash on HFS filesystems  
  86 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   Occasional segfault when opening new windows  
  87 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   `configuration file' link at is broken  
  88 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   Weirdness with Firefox fullscreen mode  
  89 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   xmonad FTBFS  
  90 Defect WontFix Medium ---- ----   Restarting xmonad re-runs dzen/xmobar, which puts it at the top of the window stack  
  91 Defect Fixed Medium ----   DynamicLog causes xmonad to hang when the output pipe is full  
  92 Defect Duplicate Medium ----   DynamicLog causes xmonad to hang when the output pipe is full  
  93 Defect Duplicate Medium ---- ----   "unclean" reinstallation of xmonad fails to restart (sometimes)  
  94 Defect Fixed Medium Release0.6   Reduce required imports in xmonad.hs configuration files  
  95 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Improve floating layer usability  
  96 Defect Fixed Medium ---- ----   certain dialogs get dropped in gnucash  
  97 Defect Invalid Medium ---- ----   xmonad stops responding to keyboard input after running xscreensaver  
  98 Enhancement WontFix Medium ----   Conventional configuration strategies  
  99 Enhancement Fixed Critical Release1.0   Move XMonad.Util.Replace to core  
  100 Defect Fixed Medium ----   XMonad.Layout.ResizableTile fails if floating window present on same screen.  
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