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Issue 208: Focus on mouse enter seems racy
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Reported by, Aug 29, 2008
I have a fullscreen mplayer playing on a second Xinerama head and
miscellaneous windows open on the main screen. Both heads are using a
ResizableTall layout.

It seems that if I move the pointer quickly from the main screen to the
screen with mplayer, focus stays where it was. I need to move the pointer
back, and then move it over slower, to get the focus on mplayer. It seems
reasonably hard to reproduce reliably, but has happened to me several times
within this movie.

It might be related to my main screen being 1680x1050, and the mplayer
being 1280x800. The mplayer screen is above of the main screen, so there's
an area on the right where the mouse can enter no mans land. However, even
if I move the pointer there first, the bug is only reproducible with very
fast movement.

I'm running Ubuntu Hardy's xmonad 0.7-1~hardy1, recompiled to support Xinerama.

Sep 9, 2008
I can reproduce the problem without Xinerama, with a grid layout. Something like this:


where I move the pointer quickly from 3->4->2, and the focus stays at 4.
Sep 11, 2008
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Summary: Focus on mouse enter seems racy
Nov 25, 2009
Project Member #3
I can't reproduce this (although I realize that doesn't necessarily mean there isn't
a race condition).  Can anyone else reproduce it, or does anyone with more knowledge
of how X server events are handled take a look at the code for handling enter events?
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