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JPerf 2.0.2

The source code has been moved to the IPerf's sourceforge SVN (, but you can still download the release binaries here.

To download the latest sources, simply run: svn co

This project gives a better UI and new functionalities to the initial JPerf 1.0 project based on the iperf network bandwidth measurement tool.

This project uses the following libraries:

List of all changes on the 2.0.2 version

  • import/export feature implemented ( issue #4 )
  • WaitWindow behavior and UI improved (the one displayed when stopping iperf)
  • System Look'n feel used under windows
  • UI improvements
  • Code improvements
  • SwingX library updated to 0.9.6
  • Instructions for running and compiling added ( issue #6 )

List of all changes on the 2.0.1 version

  • UI improvements
  • It is now possible to use bits and bytes units (usefull for UDP packet size) ( issue #9 )

List of all changes on the 2.0.0 version

  • The project is compiled for the JRE 1.5, so that we have benefit of enumerations, generics, etc.
  • Complete UI refactoring
    • the iperf command-line reflecting the selected configuration is displayed and updated live while changing a parameter into the UI
    • use java libraries such as SwingX and Forms
    • network options are associated by layer
    • the new "Quick Start" panel contains all essential parameters for a quick start
    • New charts look and feel
    • real time update of JFreeChart charts
    • the output panel is scrolling automatically
    • "Load default configuration" button
  • Better management of iperf processes
  • Improvements on the "About JPerf" dialog box
  • Some bug fixes
  • Code refactoring

Screenshots of the project:

User interface in JPerf 2.0.2 on Windows

User interface in JPerf 2.0.2

The server mode

The client mode

Nicolas Richasse

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