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Ways to get involved with the XIG project for programmers and non-programmers alike.
Updated Jun 26, 2014 by

How Can I Help?

If you'd like to help the XIG grow there are many ways to get involved. You don't even have to be a programmer.

Much of the success of any open project comes from the vibrancy of its community. See below for ways you can participate!

Ways to Get Involved

Tasks for everyone:

  • Have you built something with the XIG? Make a video or blog write up and share it with us!
  • Give feedback: something missing or broken? Make certain to file an issue.
  • Clarify, edit, contribute to the UserDocumentation

Tasks for non-programmers:

  • Create an instructional how-to video on a specific feature of the XIG
  • Write a blog entry about your experience with the XIG, XBees or ConnectPort gateways
  • Tweet to the world (and mention @xigproject) that you're using the XIG
  • Share the XIG at your local hackerspace

Tasks for programmers:

  • Create issues for code that isn't well commented
  • Create new sessions (e.g. TCP, telnet, FTP, mailto)
  • Write a tutorial on how to create new sessions with the XIG
  • Share code: if you've made an object which interacts with the XIG (e.g. a cool Arduino project) share the code with the world and we'll link from it here!

Comment by, Nov 18, 2011

Help... I keep getting following errorr Xig-Error: unable to perform HTTP request '(-6, 'The name does not resolve for the supplied parameters. Neither nodename nor servname were supplied. At least one of these must be supplied.')'

I am sending simple http request to php page. It worked before I tried a Digi Dia experiment. Dia no longer run in X4 Gateway, and set to autorun. It is bringing up help screen etc, but always above error when now running. My email is Thanks.

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