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  ID Type  Status  Priority  Milestone  Owner    Summary + Labels ...
  2 Defect Deferred Medium ----   Renew All extension  
  3 Defect Accepted Medium ----   III/Oralce RIT Code: authenticating with incorrect password   IIIOracle authentication  
  4 Defect New Medium ----   III/Oralce RIT Code: authenticating with incorrect username   IIIOracle authentication  
  5 Defect New Medium ----   III/Oracle RIT code: invalid itemID in XCGetAvailability   IIIOracle xcGetItemAvailability  
  6 Defect Accepted Medium ----   III/Oracle RIT code: expected behavior in authenticating user   IIIOracle authentication  
  8 Defect Started Medium ----   monetary values improperly encoded.  
  11 Defect New Medium ----   Multiple Installs on a server  
  14 Defect NotReleased Medium ----   Data elements in LookupItemResponse service differs from NCIP Standard  
  20 Task Accepted Medium ----   Verifying all the NCIP elements in the NCIP Toolkit meet the NCIP standard  
  25 Defect Started Medium ----   XCGetAvailability - return the infomation that is found (e.g. even if no ItemID exists).  
  29 Defect Accepted Medium ----   LookupUser response does not match NCIP standard  
  32 Defect Accepted Medium ----   RequestItem response does not match NCIP standard  
  34 Defect New Medium ----   Create Voyager VXWS drivers  
  36 Defect Deferred Medium ----   Remove Availability status for an item else define and fix  
  37 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   III/Oracle - XCGetAvailability verb enhancement and bug fixes  
  39 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   III/Classic - XCGetAvailability verb enhancement and bug fixes  
  40 Defect NotReleased Medium ----   Break statement missing for Unknown in XCGetItemAvailability  
  41 Other Started Medium ----   Cannot access pdf documentation using OSX  
  42 Defect New Medium ----   Null check in NCIPItem constructor incorrect  
  43 Defect New Medium ----   Bad doctype causes internal error; user documentation includes corrupt dashes  
  44 Defect NotReleased Medium ----   SeriesTitleNumber tag may contain malformed XML.  
  46 Defect New Low ----   LookupItem returns only one Item for Voyager drivers  
  47 Enhancement New High ----   Voyager Drivers - Need performance enhancements  
  48 Defect New Medium ----   Expand on Circ status data  
  49 Defect New Medium ----   Authenetication Process - Summarize and possible additional testing  
  50 Defect New Medium ----   Examine Use of Structured vs. Unstructured Data Elements  
  51 Defect New Medium ----   Include Barcode in NCIP Item responses  
  52 Defect New Medium ----   Incorrect use of data elements - title as part of Item Description  
  53 Defect New Medium ----   Explore transport of misc. data elements  
  54 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Use Ant to build WAR file  
  55 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Configuration files should be moved outside of WAR file  
  56 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Reorganizing project directory structure  
  57 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Move driver specific implementation code out of NCIP core project  
  58 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Code reuse between XCGetAvailability and LookupItem  
  59 Defect New Medium ----   Scheme and Value Pair Review and changes needed  
  60 Defect New High ----   XCGetAvailability - need proper response when an ID is not found.  
  61 Defect New High ----   Getting TimeOuts - XCGetAvailability  
  63 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Character encoding should be set to UTF-8  
  64 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Request item not working correctly for bib Id  
  65 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Voyagaer Renew item - item not recognized as checked out  
  66 Enhancement New Medium ----   Voyager Drivers - Location Name change  
  68 Enhancement New High ----   Add Unstructured Holdings element to XCGetAvailability and LootkupItem services  
  69 Enhancement New High ----   NALIS ILS driver- incorporate changes as appropriate  
  70 Defect Accepted Medium ----   misnamed iii_oracle.jar file  
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