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How to configure the Millennium connector
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The Millennium connector connects to the Millennium OPAC (HTML pages) and extracts, or scrapes, information from those pages for lookup services such as LookupItemSet, and emulates a user submitting forms for update services such as RequestItem.

Context Descriptor

This sample shows all of the properties used by the Millennium connector which a library will probably need to override in their context descriptor file millennium.xml:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>

  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.URL" value="" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.Port" value="80" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.LibraryName" value="Atkins Library" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.DefaultAgency" value="circ, gen" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.CallNoLabel" value="CALL #" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.LocationLabel" value="Location" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.LibraryHasLabel" value="Lib. Has" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.SearchScope" value="S0" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.Functions" value="Cancel, Renew, Request" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.LDAPUserVariable" value="extpatid" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.LDAPPasswordVariable" value="extpatpw" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.PatronUserVariable" value="name" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.PatronPasswordVariable" value="code" override="true"/>
  <Parameter name="MillenniumConfiguration.AuthenticationType" value="both" override="true"/>


Connector Properties

ParameterDefault valueNotes
MillenniumConfiguration.URLyour.library.urlThis is the URL of the library's OPAC, e.g. Do not include the protocol or the port, e.g. http:80//.
MillenniumConfiguration.Port80This is the port for the library's OPAC, typically 80.
MillenniumConfiguration.LibraryNameAtkins LibraryThis is your library name
MillenniumConfiguration.DefaultAgencycirc, genThis is your Agency and also pickup location
MillenniumConfiguration.CallNoLabelCall #This is the format of your library for call number
MillenniumConfiguration.LocationLabelLocationThis is the format of your library for location
MillenniumConfiguration.LibraryHasLabelLib. HasThis is the format of your library for Library Has
MillenniumConfiguration.SearchScopeS0(Zero not Capital O). This is the format of your library setup. Usually S0 or S1. If you login into your library website, you can see on the address bar: http://yourLibraryURL/patroninfo~S0/SomeNumber/top
MillenniumConfiguration.FunctionsCancel, Renew, RequestIII supports Renew Item, Request Item, Cancel Request Item. However, it depends on each library's setting; some libraries does not support renew item. You can login into your library and check what function they support.
MillenniumConfiguration.LDAPUserVariableextpatidYour Variable of LDAP User Name
MillenniumConfiguration.LDAPPasswordVariableextpatpwYour Variable of LDAP Password
MillenniumConfiguration.PatronUserVariablenameYour Variable of III Patron User Name
MillenniumConfiguration.PatronPasswordVariablecodeYour Variable of III patron User Password
MillenniumConfiguration.AuthenticationTypebothIf your Library support both LDAP and Patron Login

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