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XCO Open Source License

The eXtensible Catalog Organization (XCO) strives to provide code that can be used as widely as possible by the greatest number of users, institutions, and developers and in as many derivative works as possible. To maximize the usefulness of our code base, the XCO releases all Java-based code under the MIT (also called the “X Window”) License.

The basic premise behind this license is that "you can do whatever you want with this code", including incorporating it in proprietary systems.

Code Contribution Information

  • Developers interested in contributing code should contact XCO staff and express their interest. If the proposed work is a fit with the project, then the developer is granted contributor access to the relevant XCO Google Code repository
  • The code contributor grants copyright for his/her contributions to the XCO by submitting an email to the XCO Announcements Mail List (sign up available at stating that is their intention. A sample of such an email:

“I, (on behalf of institution if appropriate), assign copyright to all code contributed to this site by me, to the eXtensible Catalog Organization, to be licensed under the same terms as the rest of the code.”

  • Contributed code will fall under the MIT License, as referenced above.
  • XCO staff members are the project owners of this Google Code repository.
  • Contributors are welcome to identify themselves and their contributions within their contributed code by including commented author information.
  • Contributors are welcome to notify interested parties, including mailing lists, of their code contribution.

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