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Notes concerning module i/o, etc.
Featured, Phase-Design
Updated May 28, 2008 by


This page contains notes regarding module i/o , etc.

General Notes

  • make AUI widgets optional, in preferences
  • make method to return just a frame, for embedding in other programs

Research Topics

  • Wx::memoryfilesystem
  • fast splash screen in wx


Preferences Window

  • Sections (shown as tabs in prefs window)
    • general
      • debug (bool)
      • no_update (bool)
      • prefer_bin (bool)
      • shell (str)
      • show_startup_tip (bool)
      • verbose (bool)
      • write_install_log (bool)
    • paths
      • base (dir)
      • extractdir (dir)
      • fetchdir (dir)
      • lib (dir list)
      • editor (file)
      • make (file)
      • pager (file)
      • shell (file)
      • sudo (file)
      • perlwrapper (file)
    • repositories
      • hosts (list)
    • build
      • allow_build_interactively (bool)
      • buildflags (str)
      • cpantest (bool)
      • dist_type (str) (list? see CPANPLUS::Dist->dist_types)
      • flush (bool)
      • force (bool)
      • makeflags (str)
      • makemakerflags (str)
      • md5 (bool)
      • prefer_makefile (bool)
      • prereqs (choice list)
      • signature (bool)
      • skiptest (bool)
      • storable (bool)
    • network
      • cpantest_mx (str)
      • email (str)
      • passive (bool)
      • timeout (int)


  • Keep it simple: some old versions are picky ans xrc is even more so
Comment by project member, May 8, 2008

what you mean by task bar icon?

please consider that fast splash screen (that will pop up puch earlier before the slow one) has to be harcoded into starter before configs are read from the app and therefore can not be made optional.

want we use a vertical toolbar to have more space fot the module list, even whan it has large icons?

use AUI notebook just because more shiny and not because you need the features (rearange tabs with mouse, reorder elements by drag an drop) seems to be too much.

why exactly you choose xrc? (easier localisation, or to have abstraction layer)

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