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Issue 189: Conflict with WordPress SEO plugin
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Status:  Fixed
Owner:  fireproofsocks
Closed:  Oct 2011

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Project Member Reported by fireproofsocks, Oct 2, 2011
What functionality do you want to see?

The CCTM plugin appears to be incompatible with the WordPress SEO plugin ( )

To repeat the behavior, first deactivate the CCTM plugin, then:

1. Install the WordPress SEO plugin
2. Use its dashboard to set it up
3. Generate an XML sitemap:  (the page should show a list of posts and pages).
4. Activate the CCTM plugin and refresh the sitemap page -- it gets a 404 error.

Oct 2, 2011
Project Member #4 fireproofsocks
There seems to be a caching-type of bug with the WordPress SEO plugin -- I've filed a bug there:

This definitely has something to do with the flushing of permalink rules.  If you open up the includes/CCTM.php and you comment out the following 2 lines:

		global $wp_rewrite;

Then the WP SEO XML site map page works.  But why does this built-in WP function conflict with the SEO plugin?  
Oct 2, 2011
Project Member #5 fireproofsocks
Interesting: the priority of the action will change the behavior here.

Edit the includes/loader.php file.  Change the following line:

	add_action('init', 'CCTM::register_custom_post_types', 1 );

So it uses a priority of something GREATER than the default 10, e.g.:

	add_action('init', 'CCTM::register_custom_post_types', 11 );

That fixes this particular problem.  I don't honestly know what affect the priority has on other plugins etc... maybe it's better for the CCTM to register post-types after other plugins instead of before.  

This fix will be included in 0.9.4.
Status: Fixed
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