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Web Notes Framework

Moved to GitHub

Open Source Python + Javascript Framework

Web Notes Framework is a Python based web app framework, that helps you build database driven apps. It includes an Object-Relational Mapper and a rich admin / development web interface.

How is wnframework different from Django?

  1. It is tightly integrated with the front-end. In Django, the views are generated on the server-side but in wnframework, the views are rendered in the browser
  2. It contains a very rich development web interface and the entire application can be built from the browser
  3. It automates a lot of tasks so that you have to write minimum code
  4. Built-in Role based permission structure
  5. Built-in Report Builder with filters and column picking.

What kind of Projects have been built?

  1. A complete ERP system for Retail/Mfg/Services -
  2. MIS system for Pratham (India's largest NGO) tracking 30,000+ children
  3. Social Network (Pratham) -
  4. Comprehensive MIS system for a real estate consulting company
  5. CRMs for various companies.
  6. Web based auction system


  1. Module manager - see module repository at
  2. OpenID integration - 50% done
  3. Multi-lingual interface


Installation Guide

A nice intro to the Framework and a step-by-step instruction manual by Ranjith Kumar

More Information

  1. Website:
  2. Modules:
  3. Groups:
  4. Commercial: ERPNext / iWebNotes
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