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Issue 594: Form fields print blank
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Reported by, Apr 20, 2011
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Generate a PDF from a HTML that contains a form with --enable-forms
2. Fill some fields in the PDF
3. Print the PDF

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
When I print the PDF, all the form fields that I filled with text are empty.

What version of wkhtmltopdf are you using?
wkhtmltopdf 0.10.0 rc2

On what operating system?
OSX10.6 & Windows 2008

I attach a sample of the generated PDF.

Thank you for this great software!

25.0 KB   Download
Apr 29, 2011
I had the same issue. But have some additional information. I tested the pdf with Adobe acrobat professional.

There I was able to change the field from "visible but not printable" to "visible". After that it printed fine. So my guess is that wkhtmltopdf should set this setting to visible from the start.

Mar 15, 2012
Did anyone find a way around this issue or know the root cause of it?  I'm going to do some investigation today but I'm guessing creating PDF's with fillable forms is something reserved for the paid Adobe products.
Mar 23, 2012
Lee, as I posted before. It has probably something to do with a setting on the field that says visible but not printable, invisible or visible.
Please do post what you find out, I could still use this.
Jul 18, 2012
I am facing same problem.. Any work around?
Nov 7, 2012
Please mark it answer helpful in stackoverflow.. find the solution to this problem here
Nov 8, 2012
It's good you found a work around with iTextSharp, this will help at lease some people. But please do take into account that not everyone runs a windows machine.

I use wkhtmltopdf on a linux server so this work around is not a solution for me. 

Nov 9, 2012
has anyone found a more general solution or workaround for this problem? seems like a pretty big blocker if you want to print pdfs ;)
Jan 10, 2013
This issue really bugs me. It is still present with current 0.11.0-rc1.

I tried to manually build the static binary from the latest git master but it still uses Debian Lenny, which is no longer available from the debian repositories. When trying to let it build for squeeze, it will only error out.

Please, fix this "unprintable" form fields or make a switch. If nescessary, I'd gladly pay for a solution with a working static binary.
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