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Installation instructions
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Download the one you want

It's pretty simple to install the gadgets and scripts provided by wikignpi. But there are a few flavours from which to pick:

RELEASE DATE: Sun Oct 30 19:44:10 UTC 2011

Now, if you want the development package, go look in the source area: Mercurial Source Checkout.

Installation Instructions

So you already downloaded the one you want and now you want to know how to install it. It's quite simple:

  1. First checkout your project's SVN or Mercurial wiki repository. Don't know how? Go look for the page on your project that looks like this one: Mercurial Source Checkout
  2. Now, go into the folder where your wiki was pull to:
    • In Mercurial, you should have direct access to the wiki folder. For example, for wikignpi the local wiki repository folder is called "wikignpi-wiki".
    • In Subversion, your local repository has both the development code and the wiki folder. In the base of your local repository there is a folder called "wiki".
  3. Unzip the file you downloaded into your wiki folder. It will create a folder named "gadgets" will all of the necessary stuff in it.
  4. Add, Commit and Push the changes up to your only project. Don't know how? Go learn: Working with your Source Repository.
  5. And there you go, ready to continue to either instruction pages: Gadget It and/or Print It and/or XHTML Embed It

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